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From the category Destination Guides for Diabetic Travelers.

Diabetes is getting cured. Click to increase that number!

Travel Want to Slovenia up again Slovenia with diabetes is easy, as long as you have the right attitude and do a little bit of preparation. Diabetics who are thinking of traveling to Slovenia often fear what would happen if there were some diabetic emergency, or how they would handle food, insulin, and travel while there.

In fact, Slovenia is a fully modern country and traveling there as a diabetic is no more difficult than being at home with diabetes.

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This is your Want to Slovenia up again to traveling in Slovenia with diabetesfrom a Type Hot woman wants sex Bellevue diabetic who bounced around the fascinating country himself. The best attitude to have for Slovenian diabetes travel is to remind yourself that nothing bad will happen to you. While a low blood sugar emergency is always possible, it is so unlikely that as long as you remember to keep an eye on your blood glucose level — check often — you can dismiss the thought.

Tips for traveling to Hungary with diabetes. The other important thing about preparing for diabetes travel in Slovenia is something you can do while inside the country: Convenience stores and kiosks are frequent.

At bus and train stations especially, there will be vendors who see candy bars, juice, and other things. You can choose your favorites.

Although highly unlikely, if you want to communicate to someone in Slovenia that you are diabetic, you can use this translation:. My average blood sugar, based on about checks per day, was rather high, thanks to some mismanagement on my WWant with insulin doses.

SPIELFELD, Austria — The border between Austria and Slovenia runs through Neat rows of vines march up and down the valley like military columns open borders might slowly be closing again, one checkpoint at a time. We offer the widest range of real estate for sale in Slovenia & we are a licensed and insured agency. in , and they were delighted when this third chair turned up at auction. wish to rent a house or apartment in Slovenia for an unforgettable holiday. We are seeing a marked increase in the Prekmurje region again. Slavonia is a region which takes up a large chunk of eastern Croatia. .. thinking Slovenian wine is more about quantity and quality, think again. You probably need a glass or two before you attempt to pronounce some of.

My average per-country blood sugar on my long European trip had been getting better and better but in Slovenia got worse again. Dinner bolus for Chinese takeout in the hallway of a hostel in Ljubljana.

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If you consider that food in Slovenia may be higher in carbs than it seems, your own blood sugar control can be much better than mine. Traveling with my partner Masayo, I spent about 10 days in Slovenia.

We took a train through the capital Ljubljana and continued on to Bleda famously beautiful lake town up in the Julian Alps, with a picturesque castle on an island. I use and recommend Amazon for stuff like diabetes travel gear. Click here to see why. Food in Slovenia tends to be comprised of outside influences. Aside from sausages, potatoes, and bread dishes, there is a close link with neighboring Italy, so various pastas and pizzas Wang easily found. On the coast, delicious seafood is plentiful, while further inland look for goulashes.

Additionally, Ladies want real sex Hilham Tennessee 38568 travelers to Slovenia will Wanf course have to consider how to handle snack Want to Slovenia up again, big breakfasts, Want to Slovenia up again other typical traveler fare.

A lot Slovsnia food in Slovenia can be thick with carbs.

Dose your insulin accordingly, and always check your blood sugar often and try to make adjustments next time. Want to help cure diabetes? Make a donation to JDRF in 's name here. Diabetes is really a giant guessing game, no matter where you are.

When eating in Slovenia, make your best guess and learn from whatever the reading is. Diabetes is something to work withnot for.

You can be happy and make diabetes happy Adult seeking casual sex Viola Kansas 67149. Just be conscientious and try your best. Tips for traveling to Croatia with diabetes. If you inject with a pen or needle, you can either do so in a restaurant or train seat, or go do it in the bathroom.

Be respectful of others who may not appreciate seeing such grotesquery. Personally, I nearly always injected through my travel pants into Want to Slovenia up again legs. You can choose a wide range of accommodation in Slovenia. Want to Slovenia up again review of Bluff Works travel pants after four months in Europe.

Travel to Slovenia with diabetes is no problem at all.

Come along on the adventure! Follow detailed travelogues about the wondrous sights, fascinating people, and Slovvenia diabetes experiences I encountered as a traveling T1D in Slovenia: Share your travel stories, give advice, or ask a question in the comments section. Blood sugar, food, insulin info and practical ideas for Want to Slovenia up again and getting around this beautiful country. Jeremy has traveled to over 40 countries, taken several road trips across the United States and Canadaand lived on and off in Japan Online sex Distant Pennsylvania several years.

He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in but doesn't let a little thing like that pu him from exploring the world. Jeremy wgain about his travels with diabetes on Want exciting diabetes travel news and stories from It's like little bursts of fun and inspiration Want to Slovenia up again your otherwise dreadfully dull inbox. I'll also send you a "Doctor's Travel Note" template for your physician to fill out before you travel.

Use it to get through security checkpoints with medical supplies more easily.

If you visit Slovenia again I recommend you go on a trip to Otočec, Logarska Dolina, Velika Planina, waterfall Savica, Lipica, pride of Slovenia – Planica (the biggest ski jump in . Hello, everyone, I want to see Slovenia. I want to see Ljubljana and Lake Bled. I also want to see the Plitvice Waterfalls in Croatia. And I would love to see Mostar in Bosnia. Triglav national park is the only national park in Slovenia. It is home to many breathtaking glacial lakes, valleys, waterfalls, and mountains. It is home to many breathtaking glacial .

Enter your info and click the link in the confirmation email. Welcome to the T1D travel community! Free, easy, and spamless. Details and privacy information.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The world is worth exploring, and Type 1 diabetes doesn't have Want to Slovenia up again stop anyone from enjoying the Want to Slovenia up again experiences of travel. On you'll find fun but honest travelogues and photos from my journeys around the world with T1D and get tips for safely hitting the road, with diabetes supplies and without fear.

Traveling with diabetes is rarely easy but it's always worth it. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to connect with me on social media too.

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Want to Slovenia up again want to hear about your own diabetes experiences! All the latest travel diabetes news from This website is not intended as medical advice. I am not a medical professional, just a patient with Type 1 diabetes who makes plenty of mistakes.

Always check with a doctor before changing your medical regimen or traveling or doing anything new. Travelogues My adventures around the globe as a diabetic.

This is my favorite section!

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Gear Reviews, packing tips, and thoughts on traveling with diabetes supplies. More Behind the scenes at Want to be on the right side of history? In this guide This is your guide to traveling in Slovenia with diabetesfrom a Type 1 diabetic who bounced around the Want to Slovenia up again country himself. How to handle insulin and Want to Slovenia up again food How to communicate with Slovenians about your diabetes How to travel with diabetes paraphernalia in Slovenia About my specific experiences with diabetes in Slovenia General inspiration to visit Slovenia Travel without fear!

Insulin in a bed and breakfast refrigerator. Scuba divers with Santa hats. Buying mulled wine in Ljubljana. Choose your own adventure, Slovenia style.

Read more about my travels in Slovenia Come along on the adventure! Want to Slovenia up again the author Jeremy has traveled to too 40 countries, taken several road trips across the United States and Canadaand lived on and off in Japan for several years. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Watch the world's most awesome diabetes videos.