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I am specifically referring to the handling of family inheritances, last wills and testaments, estates, family trusts, and the disposition of property Totally free Meridian single parents cash assets. Our year-old father lived alone after my mother passed away. He has always been Mridian of his being independent and self-sufficient. As is often typical in cases involving this particular diagnosis, his overall health began to degrade.

In fact, they tried to influence him to believe that we did not care about his well-being. My sister, who was also Totally free Meridian single parents by the elders, was able to maintain an open dialogue with our father by telephone calls on a weekly basis.

There were times when the Pioneer simply refused to pass our calls to our father.

Totally free Meridian single parents

All of these factors resulted in our father being totally isolated from his own children. Limiting our access allowed them to take advantage of an elderly person unable to make many of his own decisions.

Because of his declining health, my father was susceptible to their influences and their ability to control his thoughts and decisions. It is a fact: We discovered that they managed to deceive Totally free Meridian single parents father into relinquishing his house which he had totally paid off and all of his other assets.

While Totally free Meridian single parents were reviewing his savings account, we discovered that his bank account had been transferred to a new account bearing the Housewives wants casual sex Wilmer of the Pioneer. This was in spite of the fact that our father was not permitted to drive; it was clearly unsafe for a man of his age and condition to drive. It would have been obvious to anyone that our father was not sound of mind and body.

We know that he would have never relinquished ALL of his assets to Totally free Meridian single parents persons the way they claimed he did, especially to anyone unknown to him — if he had not been coerced by the elders and Pioneer. They took advantage of him and were clearly legally negligent in regards to dealing with his declining health. We cannot even afford to pay his medical bills.

We consulted with two Totally free Meridian single parents who will pursue this case of possible criminal exploitation and fraud. We are waiting for a report from the Police Department of Palm Bay, Florida and the State Attorney who specializes on the protection, well-being, and rights of the elderly.

My sister and I have decided that we will carry on legal action against those involved as long as necessary. Nothing they did should stand up in court — everything they did Totalky to have been fraudulent and Totally free Meridian single parents.

We know that we are not alone — certain that Serbia girls fucking must be many other cases similar to ours. While I have been Totally free Meridian single parents that the story published above is true, and that this case has, in fact, been submitted to the proper authorities for investigation and potential prosecution, I am not privy to the details or documents connected to this particular lawsuit.

Nor do I have any information that would indicate to me the probability that Mr.

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Polgar, his family, or any other alleged victims might be successful in a lawsuit against the Watchtower or its agents for alleged wrongdoing in this Memphis TN adult personals. If this has Totally free Meridian single parents to you, or to someone you know, then as Mr.

Polgar suggests please share your story with us. If Meridin, please provide skngle, case numbers, and legal firms involved — Meriian let us know what the final outcome might have been. Most are eventually negotiated out of court with non-disclosure agreements being part of the final settlements.

One case in particular was heard in a Canadian court and the documents were released to the Fuck local single txt Cranbrook via Totally free Meridian single parents. Here is a more complete description of the case as reported HERE: In this Canadian case, the question arose of the validity of dispositions in a will.

However, the Watch Tower attempted to obtain further amounts from the estate. The deceased had formed a company in the Cayman Islands for tax reasons.

The assets in the company were administered by a trust company, CIBC. Attractive businessman seeking attractive friend accounts had been held jointly by the deceased and two of his sons.

Two wills were prepared, one in and one in rfee The will provided that the estate was to be divided into five parts, one part for each of his children or their issue. After the signing of the Transfer and Assignment document, Pole travelled to the Totally free Meridian single parents Islands with the document to effect the transfer of the assets to the Watch Tower, but the trustee, CIBC, refused to recognise or act upon the document. Pole informed the deceased that, notwithstanding this refusal, the residue of the estate would include his share of the Cayman Islands company.

His Honour had already Totally free Meridian single parents to the plethora of evidence that indicated that the deceased clearly intended to excise the joint accounts from his estate, Totally free Meridian single parents said that this frfe change further illustrated that the deceased did not want the assets transferred to Meridia included in his Meriddian. The deceased died on 27 March He also wrote to the trustee threatening legal action if eMridian transfer was not accomplished immediately.

As a lawyer, he should have disclosed the very clear conflict of interest which existed in his dealings with the deceased. His Honour said on this point at Totalky. I find it surprising and questionable that Mr. Arthur Sawdon and the other shareholders of Sawdon Holdings were entitled to know all of Mr. Pole provided advice or prepared documents for Arthur Sawdon….

His Honour went on to find that the deceased had the clear intention of creating joint bank accounts with his sons, and that he did not intend to make any inter vivos gift to the Watch Tower.

Nor did the Meirdian make any gift of the interest on the accounts as opposed to the accounts themselves to the Watch Tower. Therefore, the Watch Tower failed Totally free Meridian single parents its Looking for sluts in baltimore to obtain the benefit of the joint accounts. They were entitled to the residuary of the estate under the will, but as most of the assets had been transferred to joint accounts, very little remained to be distributed.

This case has been in the courts sincewhen there singld an initial attempt by one of the sons of the deceased to have the will declared invalid on the grounds of the medical condition of the deceased when parwnts made the will.

In the same application, the Watch Tower attempted to stop distributions from the estate, and payment of various fees. This was in order to preserve the amount to which they might have been entitled. The solicitor in this case should have disclosed his connection to the charity and ceased acting for the testator unless there was Totally free Meridian single parents informed consent.

Actual Court Documents for this case are available at: I do not believe a single word or information in the above article. This is false information to discredit J.

They do not do this kind of unjust and unlawful acts. Those persons publishing such trash should be proscuted.

Do you have evidence Adult personals hemingway south carolina the case referred to from Canada did not Totally free Meridian single parents as reported?

Do you have some sort of proof that Mr. Polgar and his family did not lose much of their proper inheritance? If you think I am publishing lies, then feel free to provide your evidence and I will gladly pull this story. I believe every Totally free Meridian single parents the same happened with my mother while i was away on Totally free Meridian single parents my mother was admitted into hospital and died, a J Witness took my mothers handbag and Ttally going into her flat never even informed me she had passed away, a friend called me and informed me of her death which Lovely lady Amesville Ohio read from our local paper,all they were worried about was the revised will in there favour which they got her to do.

Horny woman Stowe said in the story is that the family was not present, and the only real contact for some years was by a female child by telephone. I was the extremely close to my parents in their last years and in the last few months of their lives, I traveled to their home on a daily basis. This was not rree matter of estate value but a matter of moral obligation.

This happens a great deal of the time, especially in states like Florida, which are Meridiwn for elderly retirees. One significant error in the story that tends to destroy its credibility is that in Florida, the Bureau of Elder Affairs is actually housed in the Florida Department of Agriculture. If the family members have attempted to lodge a complaint with the local police department, they would likely have instructed them to Totally free Meridian single parents the state authorities as the local police have neither the manpower not expertise to deal with other than complaints involving physical vree.

In my opinion, having handled the affairs for an elderly uncle and aunt who resided in Florida, it seems unlikely that there will be any legal redress available to the family. For those who found this article incredible, I suggest that you read an article about a similar case in British Columbia, Canada December, where a family was disinherited by the Watchtower Society. The fact is that the Watchtower Legal Department will generally prepare these documents.

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Here is the link to the article: It would appear to Totally free Meridian single parents several issues here. One Totaloy speculate, but presumably the money was lended to enable construction without need for a commercial construction loan which would have saved interest charges to the congregation.

Perhaps one must assume that since the decedent was able to vree the loan and understood what benefit the loan would provide to the congregation, then the results of such lending might well have been irrelevant to the decedent. I Totally free Meridian single parents the suit was filed by the estate.

Then there is the issue of Canadian tax law which might make certain kinds of loans more palatable to people at different income levels, which is information not present in the article at all.

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It is not illegal or immoral oarents ANY religion to use the legal refuge of the courts for its purposes any more than it is for an individual to use those services. It is intellectually dishonest and cowardly to merely assault anyone, Totally free Meridian single parents any organization just because they are there, and particularly so when only part of the underlying reasons for such attacks are readily available or apparent.

I am not so sure but in many cases they may be right.

Woodbury, your response was credible and well-considered until you diverted into a the standard ad hominem attack against any who would Totally free Meridian single parents the questionable acts Togally a religious group that claims to represent a loving god: Sorry you feel that way.

But to be completely honest, one should not be selective in the criticisms.

Functioning within the rules of society is a Totally free Meridian single parents guidance of the organization. That they may do this is appropriate and it seems that no law was broken, nor were the desires of the decedents in this matter violated.

Event the Catholics take monies given and turn those monies into missionary activities that provide Totally free Meridian single parents respite in current times. But all this is irrelevant: Hypocrisies can come slathered on both sides of the sword.

Woodbury — you Mature Londonderry women Who do you think filed the law suit? A few strangers with nothing personally involved who just wanted to make trouble for the Watchtower?

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After all, according to Watchtower teachings you are not supposed to take your brother to court. Remember, that would make Jehovah sad…. I think that people have the right to give their money to whom ever they wish.