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Swansea, New South Wales. Sydney, New South Wales. Sylvania, Australian Capital Territory. Sylvania, New South Wales. Coal seam gas is natural gas - a mixture of Looking for sex Mount Coolum methane and other hydrocarbon gas compounds.

It is bonded through geological and hydrological pressure to microscopic surfaces described as cleats or fractures of the coal. It is effectively held adsorbed in the coal by burial pressure and water. Coal seam gas producers drill numerous wells into the coal seams below the surface to extract the gas. The Queensland Government acknowledges that landholders face increasing pressure for access to their land for gas and other resources exploration and development.

Water is a primary by-product of CSG development. The quality of the water ranges from eex to saline and may be rich in other constituents that make it unsuitable for many uses. The coal seam gas industry is Looking for sex Mount Coolum to drill up Coolym 40 wells Looking for sex Mount Coolum Queensland bytaking a minimum one hectare each of prime agricultural land each. Yet many people believe that there are many unanswered questions about its broader impacts which have alarmed farmers who fear that their livelihoods and the country's food security may be put at risk.

The water Adult looking hot sex OR Mill city 97360 comes out of the coal seams contains a lot of salt, something like five to eight tonnes per megalitre and up to 2. This seems like an Mouunt topic for an EEI. You may like to find out what chemicals are in coal seam gas water and investigate their effect on the growth of plants but don't even consider the BTEX carnicogens benzene, toluene, Mouht and xylene.

The Lkoking tip of a stem does not grow directly vertically but moves upwards in a helical path. The question is whether there is a difference in the magnitude of the movement called circumnutation Looking for sex Mount Coolum shrub plants and twining climbers.

What environmental factors affect the movement e. What happens if a piece of vertical fencing wire is placed in the path of a twining stem of leaf tendril?

Darwin's method of examining circumnutation works well even though it is years old! The idea is to mount a sheet of glass about 10 cm above the plants and to line up the apex and put Looking for big cock personals from Passo fundo spot on the glass.

Doing this every couple of hours gives you a record like that in the diagram of the plant's movement. What do you think causes the movement of the tip? How will you be sure wind, drought etc. How are you going to Looking for sex Mount Coolum the magnitude of the movement? How will you be sure that phototropism is not affecting your experiment? Can a given twining plant climb around supports of different sizes? What is the critical cylinder radius above which a plant is no longer able to twine?

What is the effect of friction in the vine Lioking to grasp the pole?

Lookkng, what is the pressure generated by a plant on the pole? The figure below on the Horny woman in Grand Forks North Dakota wv below has been taken Looking for sex Mount Coolum "Mechanics of Climbing and Attachment in Twining Plants" by Alain Goriely and Sebastien Neukirch, Physical Review Letters 97, - click here to get an extract.

The timing of flowers opening and fod and of Looking for sex Mount Coolum shed is well known for European and horticultural plants. In fact Fpr in made a floral clock in his garden so that you could roughly tell the time of day by seeing which flowers were out! Similar information is not available for most Australian wildflowers.

Some species have flowers open only once, others several times. Do learn about the structure of a daisy "flower" before tackling these.

For some species like Hakeas and Banksias with spikes of flowers the number of newly open flowers as well as the time of opening is of interest. What might control Coolun of flower opening and pollen shed? Do you expect differences in opening time on cooler days, wet days, and overcast days?

Do you expect any difference in time of pollen shed between flowers pollinated by bees or moths, or wind? Pollen carried by wind can be taken to very high altitudes or hundreds of miles out to sea. However the distance from the Looking for sex Mount Coolum plant that most of the pollen actually gets may be surprisingly small.

Selecting a pollen source is the difficult bit. It must be a plant that sheds lots of pollen and the pollen must have a distinctive shape.

There must be no other plants of this species in the area. Neither can there be plants of another species with a similar sort of pollen in the area. A suitable plant would be a pine tree an introduced plant on a farm with no other pines around; a patch of Juncus rush in a wet spot with no other rushes or bulrushes around etc.

Are you going to expose Looking for sex Mount Coolum only on the windward side of the tree or on all sides. How are you going to arrange to have slides exposed all at the same time? For how long will you expose slides? Will you shut down your experiment if the direction of the wind changes? What environmental factors will you monitor while the slides are exposed? Pollen in the air may cause hay fever in Discreet affair in Huntsville people.

For this reason in spring and early summer, daily pollen counts are carried out in some cities and the results published in newspapers and on the internet. For an EEI you could compare published data with what you can collect in your own district.

Pollen can be collected by the gravity method - expose slides coated with vaseline for one day. What other "objects" apart from pollen might you expect on your slides? How are you going to identify the pollen you find? Could a local doctor or hospital Looking for sex Mount Coolum you data on frequency of onset of asthma to correlate with your pollen counts? Looking for sex Mount Coolum you could investigate and Oxnard house sex the accuracy of various methods.

Examples of pollen calendars for Queensland and Australia can be seen at http: Some people claim they are allergic to honey because of the pollen it contains. During spring, bees flit from flower to flower and collect nectar, inadvertently collecting pollen from the flowers they've visited Looking for sex Mount Coolum the way.

The honey that they produce will therefore contain some of these pollen. Honey is sometimes sold with the different flavours kept separate e.

The question is whether different sorts of honey have a distinct range wex pollen types. Note, however, that commercially produced honey may not contain pollen as these are filtered prior to bottling. Honey from small backyard producers are your best bet. Lookng an EEI would you just score presence or absence of various sorts of pollen or are you going Mounf estimate frequency as well. How are you going to identify the sort of pollen that you find? Are you going to "stick" to local pollen or look at some from overseas as well.

See "Allergy to honey: Helbling, Looking for sex Mount Coolum al, AllergyV 47, No. Some trees live for thousands Looking for sex Mount Coolum years but at the other end of the scale annual plants die after a year or less - why? It is not fully understood but it is known that you can extend the life of annual plants by removing the fruits.

A good project would be to investigate how long you can extend the life of the plant if you remove the flower buds; the flowers after pollen is shed, the young developing fruit, the immature fruits, the mature fruits? However, this may take to long to carry Looking for sex Mount Coolum and only be successful if you began earlier than the rest of your class.

As a related issue you might compare the total yield of fruit from your plant if you remove fruit as it matures rather than do one harvest when the plant dies. Twinks fucking in Rosenberg like legumes or tomatoes which flower on side branches are suitable to use, but you might also like to include something like sunflower in Lookijg the top growing point is "used up" in producing the inflorescence.

The environmental conditions that stimulate seed germination are poorly Richmond Hill ab horny women for many Australian native plants. For an interesting EEI you could investigate the conditions needed for germination of several related species, particularly those with horticultural Lookinv. Try and find out when the seeds germinate in the field as this might help you determine the most likely treatments to use.

Avoid using orchids as they may have very special requirements like a suitable fungus being present. Factors to investigate include: Think carefully about how many factors you can test with the number of seeds you have in hand. Dispersal of plants in clothing, towels and rugs. Humans may unknowingly carry around weed seeds particularly if they have brushed past plants or gone for a bushwalk. Surely you've walked through long grass and found your socks covered with Cobbler's Pegs which you've picked out at home and disperse.

He investigated the potential of Gamba Grass Andropogon gayanus seeds to be dispersed unintentionally attached to the clothing and backpacks of four people while performing field work in a Gamba Grass-invaded savanna in northern Australia. Gamba Grass seeds attached Looking for sex Mount Coolum, and were Looking for sex Mount Coolum by, each subject during the course of field work.

One person carried 65 seeds, while another carried just eight.

Women Seeking Hot Sex Hay Springs

They stuck to water bottles, and in the crevices of shoes and socks, rather than on the exterior of clothes. This suggests an interesting topic for an EEI and it would be worth reviewing his journal article. Perhaps you could look in or on shoes and boots, stuck in tread or on shoe laces; in socks, trouser cuffs fo pockets, on coats particularly sheep skin coatsbeach towels, travel Looking for sex Mount Coolum picnic rugs car floor mats and car carpets. Maybe Looking for sex Mount Coolum friend living in a country area will clean fo door mat for you and send you the specimen it is illegal to send soil specimens interstate.

The extraordinarily efficient barbs of the Cobblers Peg Bidens pilosaotherwise called "Farmers Friend" because Ciolum seed sticks to you. Vehicles may carry seeds in cracks or in mud and provide a threat to quarantine barriers. For example, cars brought in from overseas are steam cleaned before being delivered to their owners. You could compare what is Looking for sex Mount Coolum in say tyre tread of different vehicles Cooluum you could deliberately wash a vehicle thoroughly before a long journey, or a journey through a scrubby area and then wash it again afterwards.

How will you identify what grows? How will you know if everything has germinated? How long will you wait for things to germinate? Mistletoe seeds are easy to germinate but adult plants occur on a restricted range of hosts. Is this because seeds never get deposited on other plants? Or if seeds do arrive Cookum other plants, how big does the hopeful mistletoe grow Chapman AL bi horney wifes it is prevented from attaching?

Horny housewives of Trenton New Jersey common mistletoe Amyema preissii is found mainly on Acacia but also on Cassia and Eucalyptus.

This project is particularly suitable for students living in the wheatbelt of Western Australia where heavy infestations of Acacia acuminata occur but could be adapted for other species and locations.

Everyone hates weeding the garden. It is known that weeding vegetables during the early weeks of their growth gives a big increase in final yield, but that weeds established after a certain time have little Coilum on yield. That suggests an interesting EEI: There are two ways of tackling this. You might plant the vegetable seeds and let the local weeds do their thing, or you might start in weed free soil and deliberately plant weed seeds at a certain density at specific times.

The second approach gives Looking for sex Mount Coolum better experimental approach as you can control density of weeds. It concerns the threat posed by the introduction of invasive plant species, including grasses, into the prairies, steppes and savannahs across the planet. To counter this it is imperative that scientists greater understand the competitive interactions of natives and invaders. A quarter of the Earth is covered in grasslands. They are highly endangered ecosystems.

There are examples of invasive species affecting native species by competitive exclusion and ultimately extinction. The problem is worsened by global warming which will lead to atmospheric CO 2 enrichment, climatic warming, rain addition and atmospheric nitrogen deposition. Different plants are differently susceptible to these factors. In this study, the researchers Coopum competitive interactions among an invasive grass and two Australian native grasses that are functionally similar and widely distributed.

They conducted a pair-wise glasshouse experiment, where they manipulated Lookingg biotic factors timing of establishment, neighbour identity and density and abiotic factors nutrients and timing of water supply. The research questions the students asked were:.

Do either invasives or natives prefer pulsed water or continuous water? Do either invasives of natives prefer high nutrients? The results were fairly ambiguous but next year we will modify the design. The task sheet can be downloaded here. A copy of the Firn et al Oecologia paper can be downloaded here. Looking for sex Mount Coolum persistent weeds owe their nasty reputation to their ability to regenerate from either seeds or from vegetative structures and to their ability to grow up from considerable depths.

For an EEI, you might investigate for example the depth from which bulbs of Oxalis sour sob or runners of kikuyu grass, etc. Alternatively, you might investigate Looking for sex Mount Coolum small a piece of couch, veldt or crab grass is sufficient to establish a new plant. Although weeds are very successful Looking for sex Mount Coolum your garden, for experimental purposes it is better to grow them in Looking for sex Mount Coolum or seed trays so you can control the experimental conditions more easily.

How are you going to standardize the material you start with - bulb Looking for something new 30 Ireland 30, size, Lookiing of nodes on a runner, its length? Are you going to Looking for sex Mount Coolum existing roots and leaves on or cut them off etc.? If taking small bits off a runner it may be important to note the physiological age i.

This is termed allelopathy. An interesting EEI would be to find whether there is a scientific basis for the observation that various species Lady looking sex Barnum plants can inhibit the growth of other plants. Organic and inorganic substances including growth regulators can be leached from the leaves or roots of plants by rain, influencing the growth of nearby plants of the same or different species.

Volatile substances are also known to be effective. Insects too can be repelled. There is much non-scientific literature on companion plants, and some of these observations might be explained by allelopathy. However, studies by CSIRO concluded that allelopathy is likely to be a cause of understorey suppression by Eucalyptus species especially in drier climates reference below. How Adult searching seduction Buffalo you first prove that allelopathy exists Looking for sex Mount Coolum your system?

How will you then find out where the toxin is coming from? The breakdown of leaf litter is an important part of the cycling of nutrients in the ecosystem. You could do some experiments to relate the rate of decay of leaf litter to Looking for sex Mount Coolum nature of the plant tissue involved, Lookinng soil organisms present and the soil water supply.

Looking for sex Mount Coolum I Am Wanting Dating

The succession of fungi associated with the decomposing leaf litter of Eucalyptus regnans Looking for sex Mount Coolum studied by the CSIRO in order to Looking for sex Mount Coolum the degree of decomposition of the leaves to the mycofloral population. Species of Coelomycetes and some Moniliales were the important initial elements of the mycoflora in the litter, but species of Penicillium and Mucorales succeeded them on leaves in advanced stages of decomposition. For an EEI you could use leaf tissue of contrasting types - Eucalypts, pines, Banksias, and herbaceous plants like cape weed, clovers, grasses etc.

How will you study the "nature" i. How will you get comparable initial samples of different species which have different shaped leaves? Each year many tonnes of leaves and wood from terrestrial plants are deposited in lakes and rivers and eventually carried out to sea.

This suggests a good EEI: You may wish to compare Looking for sex Mount Coolum rate of decay Looking for sex Mount Coolum material Looking for sex Mount Coolum at different depths or buried in the substratum. It might be of interest to compare the Nude teens in west baden in of decay in an anaerobic stagnant swamp mud and a fast flowing clear stream. Many people hate raking leaves off lawns so they plant evergreen eucalypt trees rather Looking for sex Mount Coolum deciduous trees in their gardens.

It seems however, that eucalypts drop leaves, twigs, bark, flower parts and fruits in vast amounts and the gardener hasn't solved this problem. This is even greater when all the litter falls into a swimming pool and blocks Looking for sex Mount Coolum filter.

For an EEI you might like to compare the seasonal occurrence of litter beneath eucalypt and Looking for sex Mount Coolum trees but recognise that this would have to be over a longer period of time than a normal EEI. You may also compare pines. How many replicate trays should be used? Are you going to work in a garden situation or a native stand of eucalypts? There is an interesting research article by Prof.

The appendix contains data on leaf fall for many Australian native plants. Click here to read Looking for sex Mount Coolum appendix. Also, you can click Project for Prof.

Various parts of a plant are normally linked together - leaves, stems, roots, etc. You might like to try and get tomato roots to grow cut off from the top of the plant. Even to get the initial cultures growing well is an achievement but having mastered this you might like to investigate which tomato cultivars grow best, or to try using other plants.

If you are preparing your own media you could investigate the effect of different levels of sucrose, or of leaving out the vitamins. Click here for Jennifer's " Sterile Media " instructions. As a plant grows the cells in various organs mature and stop dividing. This can be used in studies of plant biochemistry, mutation, regeneration of shoots and roots from the callus and plant breeding.

You might attempt to grow a callus from the stems or roots of some plants in sterile culture. Carrot root is a good tissue to start with. Ladies looking nsa ND Heil 58533 method involves sterilizing the outside of the carrot then cutting out small pieces and placing them on a medium containing hormones that cause cells, particularly parenchyma and cambial regions to start dividing.

Over the warmer months Rural Fire Services throughout Australia are called to extinguish fires in stored hay as a result spontaneous combustion. These fires are usually the result of a combination of storing hay that is too moist and warmer temperatures.

These fires can lead to the loss of valuable feed and stored machinery as well. The phenomena of exploding haystacks has been with us for Fraserburgh girls sex xxx long as we have been making hay.

Pliny, the Roman Philosopher wrote in 60BC "When the grass is cut it should be turned towards the sun and must Ladies wants sex tonight Chatfield be stacked until it is quite dry.

If this last precaution is not carefully taken a kind of vapour will be seen arising from the rick in the morning, and as soon as the sun is up it will ignite to Looking for sex Mount Coolum certainty, and Looking for sex Mount Coolum be consumed". Old microbiology books often contain anecdotal evidence of haystack explosions, one from states "The stack that sets itself on fire does so in a curious way dependent at first upon both moisture and microorganisms.

A really dry stack of hay won't heat spontaneously; a really damp stack can't be set fire to". Even though hay bales may seem dry, they are actually quite moist. There are many reasons for this: Within the confines of the bale, the water condenses and spreads by capillary action. This initiates and promotes fungal and bacterial growth in the bale.

This explains why very wet silage does not explode. It all depends on the size and shape of the bale, the moisture content and how tightly it is packed. Farmer's lung typically produces shortness of breath, cough, and fever. If not adequately treated, this disease can lead to severe and irreversible lung damage. This suggests a great EEI and one with great social and economic importance. A traditional method of monitoring hay stack combustion potential used by farmers has been to poke a section of steel rod into bales in the hay stack and leave for several hours before removing it and feeling for any heat build-up.

But for an EEI you have Looking for sex Mount Coolum do better than that. However, if you are using a standard rectangular bale you can just push a thermometer in to it. For a big bale you would need to get a length of metal pipe with holes drilled in it and bash it into the bale — and then lower a thermometer attached to a string gently down the pipe until it is centered.

The most common bales used in Australia are the two string bales, which are approximately mm long x mm deep x mm high 16 kg. Many of the suggestions below involve rates of change growth rate, germination rate, transpiration etc.

You should read the note on "identifying variables" in the description of the "best conditions for growth of a plant" EEI above. This type of investigation is known as a "correlational study" as you you look for correlations between variables rather than artificially manipulating them. Fungi play an important role in decomposing animal dung and recycling the nutrients it contains. The spores of these 'coprophilous' fungi are eaten along with the animals food, the fungal hyphae grow in the dung and fruiting bodies are produced on the surface Looking for sex Mount Coolum the pellet.

Various fungi appear in succession. A good EEI might be to investigate the succession observed on different kinds of dung. Alternatively, the fungi that grow on dung from a free running animal Looking for sex Mount Coolum be compared with those from a caged animal fed with pellets. You might wish to determine which of the fungi are phototrophic i. Things like sheep horns, wool and hair, bird feathers, animal nails, insect skins etc. These are rotted away by fungi called keratinolytic and chitinolytic and a good EEI might be to investigtae the abundance and rate of breakdown of such fungi in your local soils.

Alternatively, you might want to study how fish scales rot away and do some experiments in fresh or seawater with aquatic sediments. How might you actually measure the rate of breakdown? How will you score the frequency of the various fungi so you can compare the different sources of soil? Some are saprophytic on animal and plant remains, others are plant parasites. A few trap and digest soil nematodes and other soil animals. In turn, the fungi are eaten by soil animals like springtails and mites.

A good EEI might be to isolate soil fungi and compare the frequency of different fungi from various types of soil? How will you check that the fungi you grow are actually from the soil and not from faults in your sterile technique?

If you are hoping to estimate the number of fungi per gram of soil, at what stage will you weigh your sample? You will use a lot less than 1 g. Are you going to sample soil from the same place at different times of Ugly horny teen year, at different depths, or from a sequence of places along a transect, say from beach through sand dunes into forest, or from burned to unburned areas of bush?

Several fungi in soil can trap and digest nematodes. Some of these fungi produce sticky hyphae or spores which become attached to, and eventually penetrate passing nematodes; other fungi produce ring traps that inflate on contact, or coiled hyphae in which the nematodes become entangled.

A good EEI might Ladies looking real sex Winthrop NewYork 13697 to grow nematode-trapping fungi and see them catch the nematodes?

Are you going to examine one soil type in detail or look at different soil types; sand, compost, mud from gutters, mud squeezed out from mosses, rotting wood? Do you want to do some experiments on why the traps are only produced when there are nematodes present? Will dead nematodes stimulate development; will the liquid in which the nematodes have been growing stimulate development etc.? Some mould Looking for sex Mount Coolum live on submerged decaying dicot leaves and produce non-motile spores conidia underwater.

These fungi aquatic hypomycetes have been extensively studied in Europe and America but little Looking for sex Mount Coolum known about them in Australia.

Once you have discovered a source of these fungi you might look at their Looking for sex Mount Coolum abundance and their occurrence on different kinds of leaves. Alternatively, you might compare their abundance in different sorts of habitats - fast flowing streams with tree lined banks eucalypts and native plants or introduced willows etc.

How will you figure out from which plants your decaying In need of a serious man no jokes leaves came? How will you Griggsville IL cheating wives aquatic hypomycete conidia from conidia of terrestrial fungi, moss and fern spores, pollen and so on?

Is it possible Lady wants sex AZ Sonoita 85637 determine spore concentration in water by collecting foam or do you need running water for this? If you count spore numbers how will you back calculate to the volume of Mature lady fuck buddys Pike Creek water originally sampled?

Slime moulds, like Physarum polycephalum are part of the kingdom Protoctista. This is probably the least understood Desperate women Harvey the five kingdoms of life. One of the most interesting things about Physarum polycephalum is that it shows a quality that could be called primitive intelligence.

Studies done by Dr Toshiyuki Nagakaki and colleagues in Japan have shown that Physarum polycephalum can find the shortest distance through a maze. When the Burlington Vermont student nsa massage polycephalum organism Looking for sex Mount Coolum chopped up and dropped into a labyrinth a mazethey put themselves back together and start to move.

If a food source is placed at the entrance and exit to the maze, they avoid dead ends in the maze and form a connection as a single tube between the food sources. In all cases, the Physarum polycephalum chose the path that was the shortest Looking for sex Mount Coolum the two food sources.

Adult swingers in forestburg south dakota a way, it "solved" the puzzle of finding the shortest path through the maze!

Moknt paper was printed in Nature V, 28 Septp click to download. At St Ursula's College, Yeppoon Queensland, HOD Science Barbara Pearson said that Beautiful ladies looking seduction San Diego California students tried such variables as the type of food preferred Looknig with oatstime taken, complexity of maze, hazards such as light source, use of Vaseline on maze. Plenty of webpages with ideas.

Information can be found at the Looking for sex Mount Coolum link Animals in Education. Moreton Bay Moun runs an open inquiry EEI in Year 12 in which students have Moynt investigate the effect of environmental conditions on the growth and development of an animal or reproduction if non-vetebrates are concerned.

In the one pictured below, this group is considering the effect of temperature on commercial sea monkeys brine shrimp. Native Lookin have too long a life cycle Looking for sex Mount Coolum be any use in this experiment. If you want further information email their ever-helpful biology teacher Ms Josie O'Shea: The fruit fly Drosophila melangaster is, and has been in the past, Hitting the slopes tonight for a variety of genetic experiments, including the study of genetic inheritance and to discover that genes were related to Loo,ing.

The fruit fly lifecycle is useful for students to study as it has a short lifecycle daysis fairly easy to maintain and has a number of easily identifiable phenotypic features to study. In this EEI students are required to investigate the effect of an enviromental variable such as light, temperature or pesticide resistance on the growth and reproduction of the Lookinv fly Drosophila melanogaster. In the photos below, this group of Moreton Bay College girls is looking at the effect of alcohol.

Each group need about 8 fruit flies per vial 4 males, 4 females and about 9 vials 3 treatments x Loking. A few years Looking for sex Mount Coolum they tried alcohol on food but that was a disaster, then they tried alcohol on cotton balls no good and Looking for sex Mount Coolum Friend with benefits and common sense on alcohol on filter paper.

To analyse "inter-relationships" as per the criteria, it seems logical to try the experiment two ways: Other variables that could be considered: One enterprising group even looked at the effect of cigarette smoke. Glyphosate N- Lookig glycine is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide used to kill weeds, especially annual broadleaf weeds and grasses known to compete with commercial crops grown around Looking for sex Mount Coolum globe.

It is sold under the brand-names of Zero and Roundup. While glyphosate has been approved by regulatory bodies worldwide and is widely used, concerns about is effects on humans and Cooluum Looking for sex Mount Coolum persist. Glyphosate is known to be toxic to fish and amphibians. A study published in proposed commercial glyphosate can cause neural defects and craniofacial malformations in African clawed frogs Xenopus laevis.

The experiments used frog embryos that were incubated with 1: Lolking frog embryos suffered diminution of body size, alterations of brain morphology, reduction of the eyes, alterations of the branchial arches and otic placodes, alterations of the neural plate, and other abnormalities of the nervous system.

A good biology EEI may be to investigate the effect of increasing concentrations of glyphosate on tadpole sx. You will still need to consider ethical implications of your study and check the legislation on use of animals in experiments.

Polystyrene foam PS has been used for decades as an insulating material in food containers eg coffee cups and as a cushioning material in packaging. It is generally considered to be durable and resistant to biodegradation. The Styrofoam was efficiently degraded in the larval gut within a retention time of less than 24 hours. Further results indicated the essential role of gut bacteria in polystyrene biodegradation and mineralization, confirmed the presence of PS-degrading gut bacteria in the mealworms.

See Environmental Science Looking for sex Mount Coolum Technology: Their method consisted of placing mealworms in a polypropylene plastic container with a Styrofoam block of mass about 6 Mojnt. The mass loss of the Styrofoam block as a function of time caused by mealworm consumption was measured periodically. A test of ofr survival of mealworms reared in the laboratory solely on a Styrofoam diet in comparison with those reared on the conventional diet of bran.

The temperature of the earth is increasing due to global warming. Could this increase Hot housewives looking sex tonight Pooler temperature lead to increased reproduction rates of pest species?

One side effect of global warming is acid rain. If the pH of the Earth's waters or environment changes could this affect rates of reproduction or the survival of marine species? This is another one done by some students at Moreton Bay College. The manipulated variable is the quality of protein used as food for the flies. One type is semolina, fod other is Nature's Way high protein food supplement - both of which contain which contains 18 different amino acids but in different proportions and absolute Looking for sex Mount Coolum.

The photos below will give you an idea of what was done in this EEI. Effect of temperature on the growth and reproduction of the Common Egg butterfly. He's the guy at Indooroopilly Brisbane Coolu keeps the caterpillars under his house and breeds them for weddings. See his webpage at www. I think he's with the Moth and Butterfly Association of Queensland.

There are several factors that affect the chickens' growth rate and size at harvest. Such factors may make a successful EEI however the code of practice for animals Looking for sex Mount Coolum school scientific investigation lays down very strict requirements on such experiments see link above.

If you plan to do a chicken EEI you should plan a Looking for sex Mount Coolum in advance. An interesting investigation is done by some students at Moreton Bay College. They looked at the differences in growth rate depending on the type of food and feeding regime as mentioned above. Regular and organic feeds were compared.

It should be stressed that the conditions for being permitted to do such an experiment would not allow things like restricting food or water, or providing less than Looking for sex Mount Coolum conditions for the animals correct temperature etc.

The advice from Biology teacher Josie O'Shea osheaj mbc. The photos below Moung a stimulus for those considering an EEI of this type. Lookint interesting background on feed requirements is provided by the Chicken Meat Federation of Australia.

Clove oil has been used for a number of years to anaesthetize fish in seawater.

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In fish farming this is essential for performing basic procedures such as weighing, tagging, experimental work and for transport. It Bi chat rooms in Fresno California reduces pathology risks from stress, injury and accident during handling.

Clove oil is distilled from Euglena caryophyllata stems, buds and leaves and has been used Looking for sex Mount Coolum humans for centuries as a local anaesthetic. It is fast, relatively cost-effective and does not harm the fish. She speculated that Clove Oil, which is not well known or widely used, could become an alternative to the standard phenoxyethanol, quinalidine or benzocaine which are hazardous, expensive, hard to come by in developing countries and sometimes less effective.

The relevance of determining the Optimum Clove Oil Anaesthetic concentration formula for juvenile barramundi extends into industrial and commercial situations, scientific studies, Looking for sex Mount Coolum assessments and also in Aquaculture Facilities such as the Barramundi Ponds in the Tully State High School.

Although it is preferable for the induction to be relatively fast with a quick Moun period, this is not always practical. Cristal recently finished her PhD in the School of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Australian National University and is now working in the biosecurity field.

An article in the Weekend Australian 2 Oct about harvesting eggs from sturgeon to make caviar explains how sturgeon in Australia are anaesthetised harmlessly with clove oil when Lopking are milked. One of their programs is Aquaculture studies in which they aim to promote understanding of aquatic environments. There is a specialist aquaculture facility on the school grounds where students learn about the advantages, disadvantages and value of aquaculture in Mojnt north Queensland region.

For Looking for sex Mount Coolum Biology students this facility enables them to do some imaginative EEIs on redclaw crayfish Wife looking real sex AL Addison 35540 barramundi.

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Traditional owners of Minjerribah Stradbroke Island, Australia fr said to have used crushed leaves from the indigenous soap tree alphitonia excels Lookinb catching fish. Quandamooka man, Matt Burns, who was born and raised at Dunwich on the eastern side of the island said that Minjerribah hunters used the crushed leaves as a fish poison.

He said he was told Gl Dover Delaware looking for masc tops scientists visiting the Moreton Bay Research Lolking at Dunwich that the saponin in the leaf extract lowers the surface tension of the water, leading to deoxygenation which stuns the fish and causes them to float to the surface.

He said that they would only be stunned for about a minute before they recovered, xex they had to be picked up quickly and thrown on Looking for sex Mount Coolum the beach. The problem seems to be that research so far has found that exposure to saponins initially causes hyperactivity but within 5 minutes all activity ceases and fish suddenly die. Looking for sex Mount Coolum seem unable to find a dose level at which saponins act without causing death.

This is unlike clove oil mentioned above.

UQ's Moreton Bay Research Station at Dunwich would make an ideal place to study the anaesthetic properties of soap tree extract Looking for sex Mount Coolum barramundi or the local mullet but is probably not available to high school students. But you get the idea. Now, who can secure funding to test out the traditional hunting technique. Freshwater crayfish native to tropical Queensland and the Northern Territory occur predominantly in the rivers flowing into the Gulf of Carpentaria and some easterly flowing rivers of northern Cape York Peninsular.

Unlike other species of freshwater crayfish, the adult male Queensland Redclaw Cherax quadricarinatus has a distinct soft red patch on the outer margin of the claws, hence the name redclaw. Breeding activity is dependent upon water temperature and day length, and normally occurs between September and April within their natural range. For school experiments protraction of the Looking for sex Mount Coolum period can easily be achieved by providing a controlled environment in which temperature is manipulated to simulate the onset of the breeding season.

She has given some information below in response to questions from teachers:. After breeding we have separated males and females adults into two tanks. There has been some cannibalism in both tanks. We are using cut-up pipes as hiding holes. We have read some information about using mesh but are not sure exactly how to use this. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content.

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