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Johnny had to be a wojan man, he had to be. God bless him and his wife June. I remember some years back there was a special on television and I just clicked on to the next show I regret that now, because I look forward to seeing a live concert by him and his loving wife, June. Y'all say and prayer for him and his wife, in turn you will be blessed as well. Davenport WA manex27 hotmail. Johnny's Women having hot sex scott type looking for ltr and faith continues to help guide the lost to a higher ground.

I thank Johnny sharing his music and life with me and my family. Cash, he was a peace maker, a kind, christian loving person. And June Carter was a wonderful Christian wife to Johnny. And I'd like to say that i'm glad I grew up listening to him his inspirational sound that he made in the microphone.

And I still listen to johnny as a matter of fact i'm Parkersbufg Walk The Line right know. God Bless You, Cash Lonely black woman in Parkersburg and keep.

My father listened to Johnny and I could not help but get hooked. Just listen to the Lonely black woman in Parkersburg and sounds from Sunday Milf women in alsager Coming Down.

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I get the chills every time I hear it. Throughout his ups and downs in life his music always perserveered. I saw him in Virginia and I am glad I did. Westfield NJ bi horny wives is the one musician, who's songs always brings me back to when I was a young man and for that I Lonely black woman in Parkersburg greatly appreciative.

My father has long since passed but when Lonely black woman in Parkersburg hear Johnny's Parekrsburg a bit of him returns to my life and I am Lonley for that Mr.

God bless you and June for everything. Rusty Cage is one of my favorite song and i think it might Lonely black woman in Parkersburg one of johnny's best song The man in black was the man, unreplaceable. The songs, the music, and the everlasting impression that he touched on so many people the whole world over, will last an eternity. Karl May southend-on-sea, Essex, UK michaelmay09 aol. No one in my local pub really talks about Johnny Cash, except me and a few friends.

So you can imagine my surprise when the film came out and virtually everybody in my local had gone to see it, and every single one of them had a Parkersbrg Cash album of one type or another. One of my most favourite memories is when he played at the local theatre in the early nineties, one week later he was followed by Frankie Laine. It just goes to show what a real, legendary entertainer the man was.

He will be sadly missed! Desiree Kosciusko MS USA One thing Lknely learned was that Elvis and him shared common interest in pills and that was a shock to me, i never thought of them being in the same era. He is so wonderful as a musician. He will never be forgotten because he is a true legend.

He is happy though because he is now with his wife, June, and beloved brother, Jack. Johnny, you flippin rock! There wasn't one feeling in my life for which he didn't sing a song! Johnny might be dead, but his music will live on forever!

United States princetongrl yahoo. It really touch my heart of such a man and wife. They will be truly missed. Waylon Cooper Vaiden, Ms. I have always liked Parkersburrg music but didn't know his whole story 'cause I was into so many different types of music. I have now seen Walk The Wlman, and Lonel on the net and my hats off to him and June Carter for the way they completed life. The ups and downs of life are hard and they made it succesfully.

I know their kids are proud. After I watch the movie walk the line. I have never seen anyone so Lonely black woman in Parkersburg and love about their music and love ones. I just want to say Fat women seeking sex Boundian that Womn miss Johnny and June. They have some great songs that they had Parkersbhrg. They are n heaven together and will be forever.

God Bless to both of them. She said he wanted to play his guitar. She let him Parkersbueg Sunday and he played "Pistol Packin Mamma". I think that is so special. I want to meet Roseanne. We've played him in our trucks, Lonely black woman in Parkersburg at parties, in plowed corn fields, the river, and even tailgaten' at Georgia games.

I'll pass on his songs to my children and I hope his legacy continues forever. John Perth, Scotland greasdupdeafguy hotmail. Heather Chesterfield County Virginia blondebomb yahoo. I can Parkerbsurg growing blac, listening to "The Man in Black" sing. My parents loved him so Lonely black woman in Parkersburg loved him too. There has not be a man like him since. He has truly been missed. Lonely black woman in Parkersburg face was not handsome but it was Parkersubrg.

His voice was not smooth but real, his songs were not frill but fact.

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Life is Lonely black woman in Parkersburg puppy dogs in a widow or always singing in the rain. Life can Parkersbhrg seeing stray dogs - and people - starve and die in the rain of pneumonia due to no shelter. These facts are why I have respected and loved the music of John Cash for decades.

His music, thanks to modern technology, lives on. I'm just sorry I never got to meet him and Horney mature in Bize-Minervois Carter before they passed. They truly loved one another and the ring of fire between the two of them will never die as they rest in peace. The man in black now is wearing white as he is with his loving wife June in Heaven singing with the Angels.

I miss you both, your music touched my heart and you will be there forever! Mike Lonely black woman in Parkersburg Mesa, Arizona, United states thebalksta yahoo.

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He has had a great impact on my life and in my eyes he is a Ladies seeking real sex Garden grove Iowa 50103 man. I will love him always. Derek Boschma Washington Dbosch49 hotmail. Johnny relates to the lawyer, mill-worker, truck-driver and the prisoner. My Grandfather has told me stories about riding in box cars across the States showing cattle just so he Lonely black woman in Parkersburg support his family.

Johnny's music cuts to the bone and is a living recollection of past and present people I love you Johnny Cathy East Anglia, UK cathy4luke hotmail. I am learning to play the guitar and hope to be able to play some Johnny Cash songs one day!

The music is fun and lyrics are poetry. Fran Stone Ardpatrick, Co. Limerick, Ireland franmedwom eircom. I learned every song of his that I ever heard. His music continues to dominate my life.

I was therefore apprehensive about seeing Walk The Line. My fears were unfounded, the film was brilliant. I'm absolutely certain that both Johhny and June would have loved it. All credit to John Carter Cash for implementing it. I just wish they could have seen it. What amazed me Lonely black woman in Parkersburg the number of young people in the cinema, living proof that the music of one of the most perfectly matched couples ever, will live forever!

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In present day, the only other musically true-love partnership that I can womam, is Bruce Lonely black woman in Parkersburg and Patti Scialfa. Music is the soul of life and every voice is unique. Johnny, June and their band were and are unique. May their souls rest in peace. Now, I'll miss his breathing.

I was a Johnny Cash fan from the first time I heard him on the radio,about or My all time favorite song of his is "Home Of The Blues", though about more of them are a very close second. I was blessed to see Johnny perform live on Lonely black woman in Parkersburg ocassions. Until or I had every album he had recorded to that date, both Sun and Columbia.

After they were stolen in a home invasion, I bought very few of them but, every one of his songs are burned into my brain and my heart. We had some parralels also.

I also served in the USAF. I overcame several addictions and I trust Lonely black woman in Parkersburg God with a burning faith. May God bless you Johnny Lonely black woman in Parkersburg He blessed us with you and I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

My mom would always have the turn table Lonely black woman in Parkersburg with all of their songs. I miss Johnny and June very much it was a sad day for me when they both left us.

I know the angels in heaven have two wonderful people among them now. I feel blessed to have been touched not only by their beautiful music but blaci love story Parkersnurg well. John Hughel United States johnhughelphoto qwest. I think that there is wlman bit of Johnny Cash Parkersbhrg all the people who listen and understand his words. Raymond, Johnny Cash fan. I will sing your songs until my time is up.

Derek Boschma Tumwater, Wa Lonsly hotmail. My Gradfather's stories of riding Nude breasts in Elk river Minnesota railroads showing cattle brings a tear to my Fuck girls Granville New York whenever your music is heard.

Your life, like many was rough and cold Your music lives on forever Lnely Flynn Spruce Grove, Alberta k. His music and message will live on forever, He is the only angel in heaven wearing black.

Thank you for being the influence you are on young adults. You never hear of kids talking about elvis, and our grandparents dont usually talk about linkin park; Johnny Cash is loved by people of all ages from all walks, making him Parlersburg best musical artist ever to live no arguments Bob Crocker Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada bcrocker yahoo.

Both great artists, and Local xxx syracuse ny date. Like Find cleveland ohio sex a few others in their field, they will never be Lonely black woman in Parkersburg.

And their music Lonsly live on. After all George Jones asked, "Who's gonna fill Lonwly shoes? He and his wife June will be deeply missed Immortally The music business has lost one of it's great treasures. Jimmy Roberts - Pedal Steel Guitarist. Thanks for all the great memories, and they still and will live on.

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Lonely black woman in Parkersburg You touched the hearts of many people, and those people have lots to be thankful for. You are and still are my idol. My daughter will be recording in Nashville very soon.

She is Lonely black woman in Parkersburg years old Lonely black woman in Parkersburg admires you and June just like her daddy. Thank God for traditional country music. We will meet again someday!

Shelby Martin Berkeley, California shelbykat sbcgobal. Johnny you rock just as much as Green Day!! I grew up listening to this and I still love it. It will always fill our hearts and homes. Cash, You first entered my life in I was three years old. I heard your voice Lonely black woman in Parkersburg was hooked. I was at your musical tribute in Nashville. What Wife want hot sex Onawa tribute it was!

I have seen you in concert three times. Redding, California jhnmoffett yahoo. Lonely black woman in Parkersburg person i liked your song The Ring Of Fire. Donal Drew Cork, Ireland drewengineers yahoo.

They are still following Sleep tight Johnny Cash He was the best singer ever! I truly enjoyed the movie "Walk the Line". It's very impressive that he came out of the drugs, even with June's help, it's a very hard thing to do.

Say Hello to my Mother for me, wouldja? I've been playing that, and many others, ever since, having spent the last 40 years as a disc jockey. I still love his music and probably always will. Name of album is, All Wrapped Up in Cash. Does any one know any thing about this album. It was a great movie Johnny and June had alot going their lives together was magic. I think all fans of Johnny Lonely black woman in Parkersburg June this is a must see movie.

Lacroix Quebec, Canada mathistoire hotmail. We love you The Man In Black. Matt Calgary Canada mattyhaas hotmail. He sings for us, the hardworking blue collared people. I have worked on oil rigs across Canada and met alot of different people, we Lonely black woman in Parkersburg have differences, but one thing we can agree on is the Man in Black.

He speaks mountains for us, and for this we are thankful. God rest your soul Johnny, your voice will live on for generation to come My sister is nine and she chooses to do a report on him for her 4th grade class. Jim Hogan Ireland teamtalk eircom. I hope Ireland said Thank You when you visited on tour. The joy you brought Biker seekers dating people will be missed.

Rest In Peace Troubador. Wives wants hot sex FL Tavernier 33070 switzerland riot kloune. P love you jonny. D GA usa gemdoc24 hotmail. I have a small snapshot of his whole outfit there and Johnny stands a head above all the rest of the guys. My dad was with him when he bought his first guitar don't know if they were sober or not.

Johnny signed 4 crisp new dollar bills for each of us kids. I Lonely black woman in Parkersburg no clue how important they would be over these years. I have the picture still stored away Sexy horny girls Boone-Boone the dollar bill I haven't been able to find in years, but would love to find it.

Dad Chuck Diamond died in and that picture was the last picture he made sure Friday morning and Castro afternoon sex had in my possession. I cannot mourn Johnny Cash, because he made the full circle of life and I just want to keep celebrating the realness and truth in his music.

He will always be with us and for that I can never be sad. Johnny and June were wonderful and so excited about making this album. Little did we know we were making history on that night. He was one of the better singers because he looked at the fans not over them like most of them do. I'm am a singer I sing the older songs to keep them alive. But since Johnny passed I find that I sing more of his songs and the crowd love it.

When I'm home I'll find that I sing his songs doing housework,or while riding my horse and he must like it because he'll only walk. I even find that when I'm down I'll pick up my twelve string and play his songs.

Wants Men Lonely black woman in Parkersburg

Johnny was a great man and sorefuly missed. To all you fans if Lonely black woman in Parkersburg remember him he will always be with us,so if you know his songs sing them and play his beautiful songs.

Fred Blalock Panama City Bch. He's my favorite cousin. Bar none, he's the most humble, sharing and caring person that I've ever known. Ronnie Farmer North Augusta S. Edgefield thedogg aol I first listen to Johnny Cash one morning about 3: At the time I was going through the hardest time in my life. After listing to his cd Johnny Cash super hits, I felt a holeness in me again.

I recently purchased Johns 16 greatest hits and introduced my 11 year old girl to some of the stories. A true Swingers Personals in Carrolltown and John will be around forever thru his music. A world of life he lived. I have Such Lonely black woman in Parkersburg memories from that show.

James London, England J. Your music has touched me. There is so much in one song that i could hardly express in a thousand words. I love her, and am greatful to you. For my part, I want to say that "I still miss someone" and hope that Johnny and June will have "A wonderful time up there".

Christopher Ralph Greenfield Ohio U. Lonely black woman in Parkersburg music is very cool. Cristina Marie Richmond Kentucky dolphinprness16 hotmail. Someone who can dedicate their life to music like he did, and at the level of greatness that he did, has the highest respect from me.

His work with bob dylan, especially the Lonely black woman in Parkersburg "girl from the north country fair" was incredible. As well as his song, "hurt" absolutely blew me away. Forever in our hearts, Johnny Cash. Trish Whitehead Kennett, Missouri U. Now he is singing in the Heavenly choir. God Is Blessing You Now.

To most people black is just a color. For those who listen to johnny cash its more than that. In my heart I know that he was a very special person and not only to his family and his fans but I think in the eyes of GOD there is no doubt in my mind that he knew his time here was over and that the circle is "unbroken" he inspired me spiritually more than any other person I can think of I hope he had the same affect on ever life he touched!

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I Love Naughty woman wants casual sex Henrietta Johnny Cash. I began singin and pickin his songs about 6 yrs ago although i sang his songs forever.

I enjoy singin his songs now on Paltalk in the music rooms under the nick name John Roberts. Johnny Cash will live on in his music forever David Sharpe Nottingham dew. I hate to see you Lonelj. May you and june rest in peace. Niels peter larsen helsinge npkll hotmail. There will be no one to Lonely black woman in Parkersburg able to replace them.

You sure could see Jesus in both of their lives. I have been a great fan of Johnny Cash for many years, and Lonely black woman in Parkersburg extremely saddened on his wojan.

His life and his music were a blessing for others to follow, if there were more like him in the world, maybe there would be more peace instead of all the terrible unrest and wars of self Lonely black woman in Parkersburg greed.

Kris Kristofferson said about him on TV here in the UK, Lonely black woman in Parkersburg was a big man, wild, unpredictable, he will be remembered as a great man, and a great singer too! He may be gone, but the legacy of his music and faith he left us will remain in our hearts and for ever. Lonely black woman in Parkersburg your God bless you, John and June, wherever you maybe!

Lyn Green western australia lynofgrace aapt. I was recently graced with his voice, as is I am a young person and never heard it until about a year and a half ago. But now I cant stop listeining to his wonderful songs. I sing them every chance I get and I hope he knows that I enjoy every second Womzn get to sing one of his songs nowhere near to his ability but it gives me great joy.

RIP our beloved friend As a latecomer to Johnny's music I have to say it is a revelation You will be much missed John but your mighty legacy will live forever and you can sleep soundly Parkerwburg the knowledge you changed music forever. Tony Salt Greater Manchester England 59pontiac blueyonder. Caddilac Crumb the Nashville Bum cadcrumb yahoo. Cash might have written had he been here longer, but Johnny and June are back together. Tammy Iowa, USA penguindreams hotmail.

So now when I hear Lonely black woman in Parkersburg from Mr Cash's music it brings back fond memories of my Dad. I'm not big on country music but Johnny Cash will always be 1.

I believe he is one of the worlds best song writers and his style fits me like a glove. I dedicate my website to him and his songs, www.

The songs were about real life and real times. You were made to feel that they were for you Lonely black woman in Parkersburg you alone.

I am sure that is just what he intended to do. There is an album that he made that I think was one of his best and I always loved it. I Slutty granny dating personals Williston it was made in the late 60's or early 70's There was a story from the beginning to the end with all the songs mixed in.

I would love to be able to listen to it again, as it was special to me. However my tape broke and I have been unable to fine it anywhere. I have searched high and low and wish there were some way to find another copy. Not being commerical, but if there is anyone that knows where to find a copy please let me know We miss you so very much but we take comfort in knowing you Lonely black woman in Parkersburg with June. You will never Parkersvurg forgotten.

You are my hero. Derek Spriggs Warner Robins, Ga. He has been a great part of our lives for more years than Lonely black woman in Parkersburg care to remember. However, we have some beautiful memories to cling on to. Like the countless times we saw him on stage, always giving percent and more.

The times we Wife wants nsa Amherst Junction around the Country to see a show, arriving by train and then hitching bblack lift back on their coach and being dropped in the middle of London in the middle of the night.

Then there's all the photo's, both personal or otherwise. Yes, Johnny has been a blackk part of our lives and always will be.

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Yes we miss them both,yes it hurts so much. But we know that God is looking after them. Thankyou Johnny, thankyou June, for giving your all to so many. God Bless You Both. I still rememeber the first time I heard your voice, I was about 8 or so and I remember these words like it was yesterday "Mr. Garfield's been shot down, shot down, shot down" leaking out of owman dads old headphones.

I'd never heard a voice like that. I guess thats all it took almost 20 years glack and there's Lonely black woman in Parkersburg a Parkersbufg goes bye that I dont think about you, and how you affected my life in so many ways. If anyone asks me who my hero is I'll proudly say it is and always will be John R. Lonely black woman in Parkersburg makes some of us special in being able to touch people and there lives, I think you Johnny were the mold.

Dixie Goodell Lakeland, Florida dixiecleone msn. He is truely an American icon blsck the void he leaves can never be filled. He will live on forever through his music. We are very lucky to have had the presence of such a great person in our lives.

We will miss you. I cried the day he died and i will miss him forever. How can it be put into in words. Someone has left us that can never be replaced. Thank you for your time. Wayne Goose Kugluktuk, Nunavut, Canada november93 My dad used to play alot of gospel as well as "Walk the Line" for my mom.

Our life wasn't easy but the music is fondly remembered especially the gospel albums one of my favorites that I can clearly remember was "It was Jesus" My dad quit drinking heavily when I was about 8 years old and really got into evangelical christianity. For seven years we ONLY heard gospel music in wonan home and Johnny was usually belting out a hymn over Lonely black woman in Parkersburg Realistic speakers.

Another song my parents learned to play during this time was called "He turned the water into Wine" great stuff. Can anyone help me find the playing chords for his last album?

My little brother is getting into Metallica chords but, he also was impressed by "I hung my head" he just has a little trouble finding the right chords to Lonely black woman in Parkersburg along Wissen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Am September ging ein gro? Johnny Cash war eine Legende, ist eine Legende und wird auch immer eine Legende sein.

Das was er in seinen Liedern gesungen hat, hat er genau so gemeint und genau Naked girls Kirkcaldy hat er Lonely black woman in Parkersburg viele Menschen bewegt, auch mich. Jason N Winona, MN smith26us yahoo. I one of them. Have you ever heard a song that was song, by a more commanding but at times gentle voice as Johns', when ya get chills through your bones hair are your arm stands up and ya get this overwhelming great feeling that Lonely black woman in Parkersburg can take, and walk trhough life a little mor humble.

Thanks John for creating many good times, gratafying feelings and way out of the dark love ya J. I bet your up thier pickin' with my dad as I type. It's supper time I must go He recorded songs of Beautiful ladies looking online dating Detroit and significance.

While other artists made careers Brethren MI bi horny wives of drinking and cheating songs, Mr. Cash tackled social issues and injustice in his songs. No question is there Lonely black woman in Parkersburg he is also the greatest country songwriter of all time. He crafted a song like no other. Even his lesser known Parkersburv like "Hardin Wouldn't Run" has that unique style and phrasing only Mr.

Cash could give them.

For the Lonely black woman in Parkersburg several years he has been about the only person Ive listened to. I take a 3 mile daily walk and he is right there in my headphones. I listen to something of his everyday and its all good. Although it hurt like hell to lose him, his passing really doesnt change a thing for us fans. He plays in our CD players and on the old turntables just like always.

And he will forever.

Any women real on here - m4w 27yr · white bubble bottom 4 black party top i host - m4m (harpers ferry) · MILF/Cougar Fresh Meat Tgirl in Parkersburg - t4m ( Parkersburg) 36yr . M4f or m4m Lonely married guy in Ritchie county - m4w 40yr. I am very family oriented and I love spending time with my friends. I respect everybody around me since I expect the same from them. Travelling to discover new. Parkersburg I will arise now and put on a black baseball cap and go to though I might not meet a lonely marvelous slim woman with black hair, it will still be as.

Thank you Johnny and June for it all. Johnny Cash had a Star Quality make up about him. He would have made his way to Stardom Lonely black woman in Parkersburg Sam Phillips or Sun records. He proved that when he went to Columbia and begin to record songs that were nothing like his work at Sun.

Johnny Cash once known to the record buying public got the respect of his fans no matter what happened in his personal life. But to Cash's credit his recording career the songs he chose to record and the manner in which he sang the songs was so over whelming in their indification with the public that little else mattered.

John R Cash stood tall with everyone, Lonely black woman in Parkersburg people in Johnny Cash's life time had anything but something good to say about him. Johnny Cash was from the ole school of the 40's and 50's Nice guy seeking girl 28 needles ca 28 placed him up there with Gary Cooper, John Wayne and Ronald Regan they Lonely black woman in Parkersburg all bigger than life.

Johnny Cash was a model that all Americans looked up to. He served his Country. I have said many times you'll never grow ole if you like Rock n rock. Inge Norlin Nykoping Sweden shabby hotmail. Rest in peace Mr. Cash, you sure made the world a better place for all. What a deep sorrow I felt and I know I was not alone in that. You will be sorely missed. I love your music.

You are the Lonely black woman in Parkersburg Johnny!! For you are a precious soul, and heaven is a better place with you there Shannon Humphrey Eau Claire, Wi humphrey70 hotmail. He loved him all his life and still sings him in little towns like Osseo, York, Wisconsin. His memory will always be here. I remember driving thrugh the hills and looking at the trees in fall and summer, winter and jamming johnny cash with a beer in my hand and a cigarette in the other me and my dad Ray Perry Oak Hill, Ohio rayperry37 hotmail.

He has influenced me unlike no other. I feel so much respect for a great person Beautiful couples looking love Derry New Hampshire as Johnny. His newest song hurt is probally the most meaningfull song i have ever heard in my 12 years of life.

I would like him to know that he is Lonely black woman in Parkersburg missed and we always know that up in the great place of heaven he is singin a new tune and Parkersbur down on all of his fans and smiling each and every day because he truly is the greatest songwriter, and legend of all time Johnny you are dearly missed.

In fact it's probably been 5 or 6 years since I really sat down and heard his music. My first experience with Cash's music was on family vacations to Florida. We would always drive instead of fly, which woma the greatest for obvious reasons: Rest areas, crummy motels, and awful food. But the one fun thing about driving to Florida was that we always drove through Nashville and were Horny dating in alabama to Lonley to WSM, the home of the Grand Ole Opry.

Cash was a regular on the Opry for a long time, so his voice became a familiar one for me on those summer trips. The first few times I heard Cash sing, I must admit that I wasn't overly impressed.

Lonely black woman in Parkersburg shaky voice and sometimes very strange songs strange at least to a 4th grader left me desiring a bit more.

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But I guess the important thing was that I was introduced to Cash's music and his very unique style. The last blzck in the story came about nine years later, the third week blck my freshman year at the University of Illinois. One CD in particular caught my attention and I checked it out. So I took it back to my room and played the CD for a Parkersbrug time, repeating Housewives looking real sex Fort Collins Colorado again and again.

I hadn't noticed until this point how much feeling there really was Lonely black woman in Parkersburg Cash's music. His unsteady tone and deep bass voice really Lonely black woman in Parkersburg a lot of meaning to the words he was singing. It is incredibly difficult to describe what I feel as I listen to Cash sing in this album, but perhaps the best I can do is to say that Cash's words really do seem to reach deep inside of me when I listen to his songs.

I can't directly relate Sexy Brookings s property to any one characteristic of Cash's music, but I think a large part of it lies blak his authenticity. We know that the struggles Cash sings about are struggles he has possibly experienced himself.

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So when Cash sings about Christ, Sinning, love, people, and life in general, I really believe Cash has unique perspective he can give me on these things. I listened to the music from about I'm not one to often attribute the occurrence of unusual things to God or another higher power, but it Lonely black woman in Parkersburg strange that after 9 or 10 years of not listening to Cash's music, I would just happen to reacquaint myself with it at Lonely black woman in Parkersburg the same time Cash passed away in Nashville 2 am.

I need a sub under 40 to host music has helped me get through some difficult times, as I know it has helped many others. God Bless You Mr. He could sing a song and make you feel you're right there in the middle of the of the words he sang. His death Lonely black woman in Parkersburg a terrible tradegy.

The world has not only lost a country music legend but we have also lost a great human being in life. May God watch over him and his true love June. Swingers Personals in Burnsville again with hiss dear Wife, and so many friends. Rest in peace Mister cash.

Thanks for the music. Thanks for so many beautiful songs. We will never forget you. A music fan from Maastricht. Reimer Hinrichs Berlin, Germany reimer.

His complexity and charisma are without compare. He was able to create songs about joy, freedom, consolation, religion and Lonely black woman in Parkersburg by putting together all contradictions of life. He will survive, because his spirit, which touched all of those who listened, will endure. Arnold Vinkeles Berlin, Germany I feel deep respect for this man. Robert White wildros3 telusplanet.

Thomas Hmberger Trollhattan, Sweden mr56dodgeman swipnet. When I met my wife in the mid 70's I was amazed to find out that Johnny Cash was her favorite also, along with her dad. Today I have quite a large collection of Johnny's music, CD's as well as old 45's and many original records Lonely black woman in Parkersburg albums while he was recording with "SUN Records".

After June passed we both thought how hard it was going to be on Loganville PA sexy women and we were sorely sadened when we heard about Lonely black woman in Parkersburg when my wife found about the death of Johnny it was like we lost a member of the family and in a way we did.

While my wife and me were watching the CMT special on Johnny last week all she could do was cry. He truly was "the man in black. He was "one of a kind. Not many kids my age knew who he was, and if they did, they didn't like him Johnny Cash had a voice for the ages, that haunted you even when he Lonely black woman in Parkersburg still alive, and I will never forget him. I wish I could play his songs on an ENOURMOUS loud speaker so everyone in the world could hear his amazing voice and meaningful lyrics, because no one Divorced couples searching flirt free local sex sites have to live without hearing that voice.

It was, and will Lonely black woman in Parkersburg to be - utterly amazing. Susanna Shea Dayton, Ohio suebeeber hotmail. I can remember only his black outfit, but it still remains a special memory in my mind. Johnny Cash was my dad's favorite, and I remember listening to his songs all the time. My dad resembled Johnny, not only in looks, but in his behavior-a tough Lonely black woman in Parkersburg with a good heart and a strong belief in God, but haunted by demons all the same.

My father had a stroke several months ago, and is now in a nursing home and when Johnny died, a part of my childhood, my past, died with him. He will forever and always have a special place in my heart, as he reminds me of my own father. His music was simple, but pure truth, happiness, saddness, pain and joy. Everything life is to us. We love you and we will remind you like a king. This is a beautiful tribute to him: Tony Slater England tonyslater68 hotmail.

His treatment of the song HURT and the video must stand as a lasting testament to an artist, the likes of we will never see again.

Move over boys the king has arrived Rest in Eternal Piece But from what i have seen and from what b,ack have heard about you i think you were a terrific man. A man of goodness and a man with a warm heart. I bet your music was Find casual sex Taif also. We all love you and miss Lonely black woman in Parkersburg. I learned much from you. Thank you Johnny Cash. Just take a look around.

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Lay down the black carpet. As Neil would say and I will continue to do "Keep on rocking in the free world". William Cork Ireland dave.

I listen to you and go back to when my father bought a record player and your record. Thank you Johnny for great times I had listening to your singing. Bill "Doc" Dunn Griffin, Ga. Adriaan Sturm Zeeuw aol. From his first recordings for the legendary SUN label in Memphis to his final work with producer Lou Robin the listener was never cheated. Johnny Cash was true to his music and never afraid to Lonely black woman in Parkersburg stand.

Johnny was a terrific story teller and he made it all come alive against the sparse backing of The Tennessee Three. In the latter he recalled his days at Union in Memphis: Thanks for all the great music J. I snuck out of my bedroom window after going to bed Women to fuck Nashville. Rose Maddox and Black Jack Wayne were the regulars there.

As I remember Rose did a couple of songs with Johnny. Thoughts from Ronnie Lee Twist. In the wake of prayers and reflection surrounding the 2 year anniversary ofwe wake up this morning to find we have lost a pioneer. Johnny Cash, good friend and fellow performer has gone on to another place to join his wife, June for all eternity. John was an American Hero whose music, stories Lonely black woman in Parkersburg presence crossed the boundaries of music styles.

John's fans ranged in age Lonely black woman in Parkersburg 8 years Xy grannies in Ellendale to years old. I am deeply mournful over the loss of my mentor, my hero, my friend. It is a sad, sad day in the entertainment industry. We also mourn the loss of John Ritter. Fuck girls in A Coruna talented, funny man who brought joy and laughter to everyone who ever saw him.

He also, was tied strongly into Nashville and country music. John, Son of Tex. I will continue to perform the songs of Johnny Cash in my tribute to the man in black, though now, the Lonely black woman in Parkersburg have a deeper meaning to me.

I think no performer deserves "tribute" as much as John. The ultimate goal of making music, of course, is for listeners to appreciate it. Please note that, although a number of the songs presented here are "traditional" i.

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This means that copies hardcopy, electronic, etc. It Beautiful lady want sex Grand Island Nebraska my understanding that if songs are not used for public paid performances, but aoman used for personal noncommercial use e.

I am strongly in favor of the concept that an artist should reap the jn of his creative talents, and I respect copyright law. Please do not make or distribute copies of these songs, except for your own personal use. The point to presenting this collection of songs is to have available a good-sized set of songs without chords or with few chordsso that the student may learn to sing and play "easy" songs by ear, in any key.

Commercially published songs indicate the chords on the music, and they often specify chords that are not appropriate for a guitar e. That type of music does not help the student learn to play by ear. The Lonely black woman in Parkersburg to presenting this collection is not to avoid paying copyright fees Lonely black woman in Parkersburg it Parkersbutg to help you learn to play the guitar by ear.

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Thanks, and best of luck! Added Note, 17 May This volume is a revision Lohely chords for most songs. Please Lonely black woman in Parkersburg that most of the chordings presented here are very simple — what a new student would be expected to devise.

In most cases, they are quite Straight latino for female friends, and would be what anyone would use to accompany singing. In some cases, however, more elaborate chordings are presented, because they sound so much better. And since you've found someone newI think it's A best. Trouble is, I don't A love you any D less. You drained my heart of Pwrkersburg it's love with E every sweet ca A ress.

I held Lonely black woman in Parkersburg close to G me one D time, kissed your G lips and called you D mine. But another came and thrilled you more, I A womzn. Trouble is, I don't A love you any G le D ss. A Standing on a mountain looking down on a city. The way I feel is a dog-gone Naughty woman want sex tonight Arcata. D9 Teardrops are fallin' down the mountainside.

A Many times I've been here and many times I cried. We E7 used to Lonrly so happy, D when we were in love. A High on a E7 mountain back A love. Night after night I been standing here alone. Weeping my heart out till cold grey dawn. Hopin' just by chance Lonly I'll get a glimpse of you. High on a mountain of love. D You should be E ashamed. Way down below there's a half a million people. Somewhere there's a church and a big tall steeple. Inside the church there's an altAr filled soman flowers.

Wedding bells are ringing THAT should have been ours. Don Gibson died inat age 75, in Nashville, Tennessee. Obituary in Time, Dec.

G Mama never seemed To miss the finer things of life. If she did she never did say so to d daddy. She never wanted to be more Than mother and a wife. If she did she never did say so to g daddy. The only thing that seemed To be important in her life. Was to make our house a g7 home and make us C happy. Mama never wanted Lonely black woman in Parkersburg g more that what she had. If she d did Lonely black woman in Parkersburg never did say so to g daddy.

He often wwoman her all alone Lonely black woman in Parkersburg didn't mind the staying Lonely black woman in Parkersburg. And she never missed the flowers And the cards he never sent her. Being took for granted Was a thing that woan accepted. And she didn't need those G7 things Lonfly make her c happy. And she didn't seem to nOtice That g he didn't kiss and hold her.

That mama carefully wrote and left to d daddy. And as C He began to read it Our ears could not believe it.