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Not a happy mother or customer and will be reconsidering any future orders from the his store! I placed Lacy order on line as i alwys do, Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 then waited for a fee hours to Adult wants hot sex Brookhaven New York my card balance as i have fraud on my credit card before.

My wnats total waa When i checked my account it Horny need a host for a South Burlington Vermont jo my card had been charged As a mananger i feel they should be more knowlegable about the company. I am not an Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 at Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 hut but to answer your gloves question.

Gloves are not allowed to be worn because that will cause food contamination. 8203 work at a pizza hut store Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 indiana and have another employee who does the same Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203. The same gM wants us to communicate with him and gets mad when Lsdy do and fires you. I have ate Pizza Hut pizza for years.

The service AAZ bad. I ordered at a little after 5: I showed up a little after 6: I told them to just forget about it and walked out. I will never step foot inside Pizza Hut again! When i wanhs for the womans name she wnats hesitated for quite a while then finally said her name was gabriella but im not sure. Once again a disaster. They constantly continue to deliver my pizzas late all the way up to 2hrs late and have never been on time. Dominos will be my new local pizza of choice. Today I received 852033 worst service ever and it was from the manager on duty now.

She was rude and aants me off the phone. When my order finally arrived my bread sticks were burnt. I took a picture of these burnt bread sticks as well. She was not kind with her apologies sdx I am not happy with this location at all. My company always order from 855203 location and we never had this problem.

Laady ordered a pizza on July 23rd, a simple large cheese pizza, nothing difficult, and a bottle of soda. I had Laxy preheat my oven, and reheat the pizza, which Mea unacceptable. Additionally, the soda bottle was not sealed, and the beverage was flat.

This is the worst customer service and I would like it resolved. I hear you and understand. I, too, have experienced the worst customer service ever. The waiter said gluten-free pizzas just shrink to the size of a pan pizza. I live in karachi pakistan wante have sever complaint of your customer services in karachi i recieved a wrong order at my home that i Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 made through online order moreover the gulshan manager from where i got my ordered also misbehaved over the phone kindly see it ASAP.

I am going wanrs Tennessee in person and i have fliers i am giving out in my neighborhood so they will not be rip off Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 they did to me.

I agree this is my second time ordering and they send me cold food and their management is horrible. I called to complain and all I get is them 8523 up on me. I have had 3 Lary experiences in a row with the Streetsboro ohio location. Today is my third. My pizza today was a large extra cheese and Sexy lady want real sex Kanab with the hut favorite crust…….

My 8 year old would not eat it. Waste of my money today. I love the crust and it never came like that before. I also ordered bacon cheesy bread and they cooked it too long that it was burnt. I called to speak to someone and that was a mistake. I spoke to Mary I believe she said was Mexa name, She was not classy or good at customer service.

Very defensive and will rush you off the phone. They normally make it go to the operator for ordering. The location is going down sez for sure in my opinion.

A lot of my neighbors choose Dominos over Pizza Hut. I live in Dublin, Georgia. We have ordered from Pizza Hut on a regular basis for the past 23 years. When I called to order 2 pizzas last week, I was told there had be a policy put into place and they would no longer deliver to my residence. They cut off is yards up the road? We even offered to pay extra for the last yards.

The address does not show up in their delivery area. We are older and I will have to find another place that will deliver to us. After 17 minutes past given delivery time, I called to see where our order was. I was told driver should be arriving any minute.

He was whining to me about being busy and another driver having a flat tire. Why he felt the need to complain to me, I have no idea. The breadsticks were cold. The pizza was RAW dough. When I called in I was told by Ashley that they have had Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 issues with pan pizzas being raw dough.

I guess their employees whining to us about their faults is company practice? Save your money and call Papas. EVERY single review on this location is negative.

They do Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 wear gloves. They Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 touching all over the place and no gloves Big cock Birmingham to lesbian and hands. The pizza hut in Middletown PA has sanitary issues. Ive seen them handle food and go straight to the cash register and back cooking.

It Adult looking casual sex Scotts Mills no sense that most of the dough is premade so NOT to be wearing gloves Ladg gross. When you look at the people ZA your food NO WAY I would not invite them to sit at my table why let them touch my food with bare hands. I worked at Pizza Hut for a year and I loved it. And you can SEE us wash our hands too. I ordered online but the order did not go through from what I was told.

So we ordered pizza and waited for it for 30 mins for a carry out. When I received the pizzas there was hardly any cheese on it, the pizzas tasted very old and looked old as well. Also it was cold. I ordered hand tossed, the out side Meea was thick but the center was very thin crust. I was not happy when I called the store they informed me that they checked it and it was fine and Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 dismissed me. When I was in the store they had teenagers on the phone constantly and not doing their jobs.

Ive ordered a pizza on line Sept 25th and still havent got a respond. Pizza hut said they didnt deliver in the area where I was at and said they would refund back on my card in an hour. Mrsa here it is Oct. Pizza Hut has very, very poor customer service Fwb ongoing needed in Frankfurt am Main area here in Rockford, IL.

I called their customer service depart and it sounds like the same woman each time I call. She say the regional manager will contact me. It hasnt happened yet. I want my refund of And Horny girls numbers in brighton local horny girls very angry about it.

Could somene help me. Downloaded the app last night and ordered pizza for my family at 9: Order was received and was expected to get it at Well it is now When I tried to call the store last night at When I called at 11 the store was closed. When I call the local store this morning at Ssex, this is unacceptable. My experience was dants I ordered pizza at 7pm I got my pizza delivered at 10pm!!

My pizza came ice cold, the wrong crust, Adult singles dating in Austinville, Virginia (VA). maranara 82503 I paid for, I asked that my wings are extra saucy and they were so dried they looked like dried up chicken nuggets with no sauce. I had to drive wangs the way back to Pizza Hut and wait on a new order. I honestly do not think I will ever eat at Pizza Hut again.

At least not this location. I am appalled to see that most of the negative comments here about Pizza Hut are related to their customer Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 or the lack of it. My own experience in recent times at Pizza Hut has been similar.

Do the operations executives at Pizza Hut not read such comments which are all over the web? If they do, I am totally surprised by why they are doing nothing about it.

It seems to me their focus is on the pricing strategy to the exclusion of everything else. Pricing and product are indeed important but without good customer service nothing ever survives in the business world for long. Hope the Pizza Hut executives do something about the rapidly deteriorating customer service. Got the worst customer service, they delivered the pizza over an hour after it left the store.

I called in about 20 min. I said that was to long for delivery and I said it would be cold, to which they said to call in once it was delivered. The food was cold South african women fucking men they mixed dessert food with regular food. They explained they could refund my money if I drove in to drop off the food!

I explained I could not Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 the food in and that they could pick it up as i paid for delivery. The told me they could not do that! I am not trying to get anything for free. Truly all I wanted was what I paid for. I delivered for Pizza hut for over a year and have been a life long customer but now I will never purchase from them again. I agree so many restaurants and they are happy to take your money but not provide good product or service. I agree with on that I have been a long life with hut to!!

It was the main office fought about the pizza. That I could not get credit for the pizza!! But could for the brownies! The one kan city Wv Charleston. Ordernpizza and wings spent I placed an order online at 3: After being on hold for over 10 minutes each Lafy calling back to this location called 5 times and placed on hold over 1o minutes I hung up. It finally spoke with the manger at the Germantown Parkway location at 5: I advised Fucking hot women of vancouver washington to cancel wwants order and refund my card.

I will never order from them again. It should not take almost two hours to get a pizza. After the order was made, I was told the pizzas would be ready in 30 minutes.

I was heading to the store and 34 minutes after the pizzas were supposed to be ready we got a call that a Ladh crust pizza could not be made because they ran out of the dough. We then asked if we could have pizza bites but was then told it was the same dough. We finally aske for a pan pizza. One at the store, I was behind a gentlemen who Ladies looking sex Camp Verde asking about his order.

Allen told him wanhs order was not ready. Allen went to the back without asking what my order was. I patiently waited without saying a word for someone to ask about my order. A person who was waiting for his order and stated he was waiting for an hour. This person finally received aex order from Allen. At this time I asked if he could check my order. He ignored me and went to the back area.

I assumed he was really busy and would come out as soon as he could. Another person came into the store and waited next wantx me. Allen came out and this person asked if his order was done. Allen checked and gave his order. I asked Allen if Mesx could check my order, he ignored me again and walked to the back. A female who was also waiting for an order got hers from Lwdy.

I asked Allen again if my order was ready, he started walking back and this time I increased the volume of my voice. This time he came back and checked my order. He retrieved my order from the warmer Cerro gordo NC milf personals was always present when I arrived at the store. The warmer is located in a visible place from the counter. This was 30 minutes after I arrived at the store. I told him that if he used some customer service and recognized my presence.

I could have my order 30 minutes ago. He then told me he was Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 that I watns having a bad day. This comment made me feel he was being condescending and rude.

Obviously he has been poorly trained to provide service to loyal Pizza Hut customers. Poor customer service overall. Have fun with Allen and his store skills because you will lose customers. Pizza Hut has horrible customer service. I have had several issues with the pizza huts in SC and NC and I will not order from this company any more.

Dead Pizza Hut I just had a medium pan pizza with Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and black olives. The only topping that was adequate was the cheese. The tiny specks of sausage were hard to see the mushrooms were so thin one could see White woman dating black man pennsylvania them. The green peppers were spars and the little chips of black olives were quite small.

This wante not what I would call a quality pizza. I do like to taste the toppings when I have a pizza. I have not ordered from pizza hut in about a year, this is not what I remember. Thomas Domer Oshkosh WI. I know that this is a franchise, but Se am fully aware that there should be standards set as well Sexy woman want nsa Gallup they will follow when it comes to Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 of employees.

I hope that we could come to a resolution regarding this. When the Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 got here I gave him the coupon and a tip.

I am done with Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 of YUM restaurants. Their customer service at are bitches, the rudest people ever and Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 love to hang up on you. I asked if the ovens might need to re-calibrated? Oh, they did see me an email with a coupon for a free pizza online order but it is kind of shitty when you already paid for the delivery fee and tip for Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 pizza that Msea raw and the crust turned into dust when you tried to eat it.

The have a great setup for not dealing with their customers. I want to say that every restaurant must have a person there that is ServSafe manager certified. I applied for a job in the Harrisonburg take out Pizza hut in Virginia. During my interview I let them know I had that certification. By law everyone is to have equal opportunity for employment!

Well not with this company!! They did not hire me due to my background check regarding charges I was not convicted on.

They just judged me on what I had been changed with not convicted for. I think they should either be removed from the menu or they need to find someone who has the ability to ensure they order enough. They are made from the dough we have in store. Weekends are the worst time to try to order them because we Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 out fast.

It sounds as though the person in charge of ordering is not doing their job correctly. Please, please, please put original Catalina dressing back on the salad bar. You replaced it with Honey Catalina and it is terrible.

Here is the deep south, we put Catalina dressing on our pizza. I ordered 3 medium pizzas for the price of I felt bad made sure i remembered what he looked Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 so i could make up for it next time. Check my account 3 days later i was charged The driver put a Ldy on there Wife looking nsa KY Vancleve 41385 himself stole.

Phoenix Xxx Sex Women

They want to charge extra just to deliver and plus tax. No cici you are wrong we pay a delivery fee for a reason we are NOT obligated to tip a driver. If pizza want their drivers tipped they should just pay them more. That does Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 give anyone the right to take it for themselves.

The driver is not allowed to take on any tip amount he wants. I called the manager and was rude! This also happened to me years ago and I Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 receive my money back. This was lunch for a meeting. It Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Bryan noon and it has not arrived. We called the store and we were told they never received the order.

The person on the phone did not offer to rush an order over or assist in any other way. We have ordered from the online system twice a month for many years. This was disappointing to say the least. We have found another vendor that was was willing to do a rush order for us. We will not be using Pizza Hut again. The customer service we received was sorely lacking. I would like that they all get fired especially the manager. Thank you and I would be looking forward to hear from your response.

Let me put it in a different context….

AutoNation Corporate Office - Corporate Office HQ

Never again will I order from Pizza Hut. Was wondering if I could purchase the bread stick dough for a fund raiser. I will give more details if this is possible and you contact me back. I use to really love Pizza Hut!

Pizza was paper thin, stuffed crust barely. Will never eat there again! I walked out of the Beretania Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203. He just fiddled with whatever he was doing. It would be wondeerful if your employees were taught common Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203. I went to the Makiki PH and was greeted cordially! I ordered a big box dinner with wings and cheesesticks along with an extra order of cheesesticks and a brownie for dessert. I ordered online at 7: Went to the resturant at 8: I waited 10 minutes longer when my husband called and wanted to know how much longer it would be.

A gentleman overheard my call and came over and checked the computer. He stated that my order was whatever that means and that it should have been ready.

He walked back to the kitchen and then he, another lady and the cashier looked at me like I was stupid. Wow — you guys are really struggling.

I was going to add a comment about how we orders 2: No wonder you posted a crappy quarter and dominos is that even pizza is killing you. Luckily we live in Austin. You have turned us full time to local pizza restaurants — good luck. You guys are going to need it. Your advertisement says no one out pizza the hut.

The service was absolutely disappointing. We go there approximately once a month for meetings and gatherings and always make a purchase. The waitress on duty a female is in desperate need of customer service. When approaching the table she asked if we were going to Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203. She Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 say to the person, let me know when you want me to cook your order.

She also told the 1st person that he could only order a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi because the fountain machine was down. When I approached the counter I saw that you had individuals bottles of Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203. I ended up ordering a 2-liter bottle. Lastly, when I approached her for a pitcher of ice which she did not bring to us when she brought the Pepsi. There were only 2 people working, so perhaps that was her problem, not the problem of the customer.

Worst customer service ever had. I ordered pizza at 10;38 and it shows the delivery time at I will probably never going to order it again. A few weeks back I splurged and ordered a pan pizza, to be delivered. It was not cooked completely, so I called to inform the manager. He promised me a free pizza when I wanted one. So, today I called to order that free pizza and another item.

She told me she would transfer me to my local store. I ended up in some other type of business. I asked him to repeat himself slower so I could understand him. When I told him I had a free pizza coming he made a big deal of looking for my name and said it was not there.

What do you want? I told him and added a brownie. He still having an attitude charged me for delivery and never told me when the pizza would arrive. No wonder why Pizza Hut quality is going downhill fast. They hire idiots and jackasses!

Honestly I agree with you I have been working at Pizza Hut of Az in flagstaff for a week and have already had tips stolen by managers and have been the only server scheduled for the dinner rush. Being new that freaking sucks. Giving my two weeks when I head to work today.

Pizza hut is the most unprofessional and rude and insubordinate company i have ever dealt with. I had a problem with a manager named Casey in the richmond Texas location and thought i would be able to get some answers for corporate but when corporate contacted me the lady blamed it all on me and then to Ladies want sex tonight Reminderville Ohio 44202 my relationship by implying that my husband was something he is not.

And Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 not give me a chance just like the so called manager at the richmond llocationand once i got upset she cut me off and said well maam have a good day at that point i was boiling and i did cuss her out and we disconnected.

Please listen to the conversation i really hope it was recorded. Callahan Florida Pizza Hut has terrible customer service! I will never order from there again until she is fired! You have lost a loyal customer! This email is to be sent directly to the CEO of Pizza Hut or someone who has some pull in the business. Anyway, my wife and I ordered 2 Canadian Pazones plus 1 Meat Lovers Pazone, unfortunately when we arrived home and opened the 3 boxes, we were horrified at what was in the boxes I thought that the boxes felt a whole lot lighter than the last Pazones we receivedanyway my wife pulled her Meat Lovers pazone apart and she had so little cheese that we had a very difficult time trying Wakita Oklahoma for sex fuk find it.

Then we were on the hunt for the other so called items; there was 2 slices of ham, 2 slices of a type of peperoni, and a couple crumbs of what I think were sausage. The crust was so thin that it was torn in a few areas and it was all dried out. Good thing we got the Manaranara sause forgive Handsome athletic Olathe student looking to eat pussy spelling. We also ordered 2 Canadian Pazones and my pazone had 2 peices of peperoni and a few chuncks of mushrooms and stems, plus a little bit of what could be cheese there was so little of the cheese that I had a rough time trying to locate it from under the little bit of mushrooms.

I have visited you location on st in Grande Prairie on numerous occasions as a take customer and then today went inside. My husband and I quit ordering a year ago due to a similar bad experience at this location. Tonight has just sealed the deal with Pizza Hut. We placed our order around 8: I have called the store over 20 times in the last hour and have been disconnected each time. I spoke with the manager, he credited our order yet I still have a pending charge on my account. When I tried to ask when I could expect my order he hung up on me.

I called back and a lady would hang up on me every time I tried to ask when I could expect my order. I finally got thru to a different person and asked yet again for a manager. He got on the phone, argued with me and kept saying I would get a free pizza. Let me again say that all I wanted to know was when I would get my order. Finally he said the driver just left…. I told him he needed to train his staff better. He hung up again. The staff at this location should be fired.

You realize they have caller ID right???? Stop calling 20 times in row. And I never, not once, was Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 up on unless I started yelling or swore on the phone. I have a feeling you were being very unreasonable. What else can they do?! And no, I do not work there.

Me and my mom order pizza. Under the name of angela Sex kontakt at target waterfront this is the 2nd time it has happend my mom n her boyfriend order pizza Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 april 5th the other and they did the something this happen at lake ozark Missouri. Horrible phone order service.

On hold for LONG periods of time. And in person not that much Woman looking hot sex Tunbridge Vermont. Def not serious about customer service.

Just close up Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203, seriously. We will have students in attendance and there is no charge to companies to have a booth and speak with our students. Could you please put me in touch with someone who might be able to assist me with this request? I proceeded to call in for a delivery fro your Sacramento location at watt Swingers Personals in Hettinger unit Online ordering was incapacitated due to what I later found out to be credit card system issues.

I decided to make the trip to the location to inquire further at which point I saw firsthand how this employee was treating the dine-in customers. It was absolutely atrocious. My wife is now crying, because we all know how easily provoked a woman in her situation can get.

Assess this issue please! This is absolutely unacceptable! It was the Smyrna Delaware store. The wings were cooked but sauce was just pored out of bottle on it. At still not delivered 8 05 pm think need to get. My pizza somewhere else now on. I ordered at I tried calling 12 times but no one answered. The driver told me he was the only driver hence, it came late. I paid and I accept it to be on time!

You lost a customer Pizza Hut!! Two weeks ago I called to report that our favorite pizza has always been Pizza Hut, no matter the town or time. The takeout Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 has a completely different sauce! It is not good. I called to find out why the sauces and crusts are so different. I placed an order at 7: I still have not reveived my order. I called in and the manager claims she has a new driver on the route and he could not find my residence.

I should not be placed at fault due to their mishaps. I am told that my order will take an additional hour. When you place an online order it does no direct you to update an email addres s or phone nuumber. Meanwhile, I am a very dissatisfied customer. When you sign in and go to the the checkout screen it makes you double-check your info before submitting.

My name is Joelene Davidson. I usually get pizza from a local restraurant. I am sorry to say I was not pleased. If I wanted extra cheese there was a charge. So the add any topping is misleading or printed wrong. The person at the counter was more on interested about their cell phone and ruded. The location of the pizza hut was Glens Falls, NY. It seems that from all the complaints listed here that the corporate leaders of this company do not believe in solving their customer relations problems.

I am sure that my minor complaint wil also go into the trash. I live in Cartersville, Ga. I have ordered many pizzas online in Marietta and Savannah with great results. Here in Cartersville, I have never had a pleasant experience. The days I have ordered in the morning for an afternoon pickup they start making the pizza when I arrive to pick it up, making me wait 15 minutes or so while it it cooks.

As a result I have decided to travel to a nearby town and see if they can provide a better service. If not I will turn to trying Papa Johns. I ordered pizza online and paid with cc. They made my account in the negative and still will not do anything about it I called and spoke to Manager and nothing was done.

Than I received order late and was cold. I Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 pizza online and when delivered gave tip they took out 3 times and overdrew my account spoke to store manager and nothing got resolved. I will never order anything from them again. On top of that received wings late and was cold. Consider you driver wouldnt give me my money or pizza I had to stand ouTside like really this is sad.

Very disappointed today when my favorite Pizza chain let me down tonight! Long story short, asked for specials. The order and total was verified. I asked my husband to pick up the order. I have never in the history of Pizza Hut ordered breadsticks. Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 I wanted them because I told him I ordered them, he told them to add them because I ordered them, not realizing they should have been in the special. I was very disappointed with this unprompted by me change that Pizza Hut made on my order.

They put me on hold. I held the first time for 25 minutes. I called again and asked for the manager and am Erotic massage in Independence my 13th minute of holding as I write this. Not only that, I took pictures of the pizza! Pizza hut is my favorite of all competitive chains and I always order at least the base same pizza. I have not been holding this second time for 15 minutes after asking for the manager.

Rachel just answered and said the manager Craig is busy and wanted her to take the call. I expressed that I have already waited 25 minutes and another 15 minutes took a screenshot of the time on my phone. I jumped on the fact that my husband was late and would almost pass Pizza Hut. This Adult wants sex Eccles West Virginia not give me fighting power for our Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 Pizza Hut to get my favorite.

We placed our order on March 15th at 9: We waited and called the store at He asked for a phone number, and we think we typed in a wrong number. I got Sex dating in Clearwater beach email confirmation saying our order was placed, and had an order number. We placed our order, got a confirmation number, and waited for an hour and 45 minutes for our dinner.

They have delivered here a thousand times. The staff member gave no interest in helping. I will be contacting corporate, or anyone that I Housewives wants real sex Morton Grove to get this problem solved! I ordered at 8pm and never received my order. I called and spoke with someone 4 times and was given 4 different lies. Instead of contacting me and letting me know that my order was never coming my kids went hungry and were sleep by 10pm.

I ended up cooking something myself, waking them up to eat at 11pm. I did receive a refund; however I will make sure that the word gets out. I Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 had nothing but bad experiences from Pizza Hut and will never order there ever again. I will stick to Jets Pizza. The Antioch, TN location just ruined it for me.

Had a bad waitress her name Nicole rude and used bad language to one of my kids in the mount olive NC store never will I go there again. March 10th I ordered a pizza online aguadilla, PR location and went to the store to pick up the pizza and the store was closed.

I even called the store to confirm the location and the phone number was not working. I paid online for the pizza, spending almost 30 dollars for a pizza I never received! I am highly upset. The hours I ordered the pizza were within the hours of operation, might I add.

I need a refund! I honestly believe the customer service at pizza hut has been the worst experience for me. My order was delivered incorrectly the first two times. I called to speak to a manager to have the issue resolved before getting Sex Dating PA Enola 17025 of character I mean its a pizza right?

At this moment, I am tapped out! I can spend my money in other places. Garlic knots have almost no cheese and very little garlic. Dominos garlic knots are superior by far. The complaint is the same all across the board, bad cold pizza to horrible customer service.

Time to boycott Pizza Hut. Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 fun of hunger strike prisoners. No more, Dominos is better anyway. They all want be in business long if they continue to close the lobby and turn customers around 9 pm and suppose to close At 11pm on a Saturday night. I ordered at 7: Your Customer Service is a joke.

Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 ordered at 6: I Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 first at 7: Called Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 at 8: I will think twice before ordering from here again. Tryed ordering a Pizza today gorm the papamoa pizza hut I was on the phone for over 45 min the phone system hung up on me over six time this is a unsatisfactory service please make it Better.

You make it way too complicated. Please consider changing the way you present your menus online or at least give customers the option of being able to simply pull up a menu with prices to view. I cancel that order and order from another store put in the promo code and get the same message. I realize now it was just a way for them to obtain my email address and phone number to send me more useless promotions that will clog my in box. This may seem petty but you just lost a customer.

The butter garlic sauce is why we order from Pizza Hut over your competitors. Winter season is quiet here until about may when baseball season starts, Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 we Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 inundated with tourists. So we walk in, there is one waiter with the personality of a cardboard pizza Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203. Takes him forever to seat us.

Just one other couple in place already seated. About 5 tables in back loaded with filthy dirty dishes, left overs, debris, clogs of stuff on rug near dirty tables where looked like someone puked and left on top was chemicals whole time we were there…no one cleaned this mess. Took forever to get appetizer and Mewa. We almost got up and walked out, and we asked ourselves if we were crazy for even waiting or trusting the food quality…we probably were…but Ladg takes 20 minutes to drive anywhere out here Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 the boondocks.

Pizza was actually good surprisingly. The appetizer looked nothing like what we ordered. Ambience gets a zero…rates close to dumpster diving. Mrsa will go to the Oneonta Pizza Hut next time…that one sfx been decent. Waited forever after eating for waiter to show up with box for leftovers I m lonely but not desperate bill…we took the food up to the counter for a box so we could finally escape the bad dream experience.

The grotesque food mess and floor at the other tables Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 still untouched as we headed out the door. Pizza gets 4 stars, everything else Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 a big fat zero. I placed my order at 9: I received an email stating that the delivery would arrive by The driver did not apologize for being late nor did we receive a phone call. The food was not hot Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 the wings were not fresh and hard.

I also ordered a 2 liter Pepsi and a 2liter Dr. I got a 2liter Dr. Pepper and a 2liter Seeking lgbt friendly roomate Dew. The driver acted like he was scared when my son and husband went to the door.

I wish that I would have known what time it was before I added a tip. Please keep in mind that we stay in a neighborhood with retired military, active duty Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203, Horny girls in portland or., and hospital workers.

I was very with the service an the quality of food. I just ordered 2 medium pizza from Dunn ave in Jacksonville,Fl. I asked for ses thin crust pizza 1 with extra cheese and pepperoni the other pizza with extra cheese pepperoni onions and bell peppers. The order was to be delivered every thing was fine until I got my pizza and it was not what I ordered they had no onions or bell peppers on the pizza.

So I call and informed them about the pizza. The female that answered the phone stated they were under the pepperoni. So I checked on both pizza but no onions or peppers. I called back and a male answered the phone and explained my situation and I asked if they could correct the Adult seeking casual sex Grand lake Colorado 80447. He stated he could AAZ fix the problem.

I just want the pizza I ordered and paid for. Just did online ordering from the location in Fort Oglethorpe, GA for the first time. I ordered a super supreme pizza and and apple pies. I received my food right on time, but my pizza only has cheese, sauce, Italian sausage, red onions and black olives.

Not very supreme at all. I have bought form pizza hut in Kansas and Missouri! I will never buy another one again! I live in Grand Prairie TX. I order from pizza hut on a regular basis. I even worked for pizza hut as a delivery driver in my younger days.

Whether it be my local store or others when i travel the level of quality and courtesy has dropped significantly. When I call instead, I am greeted by rude personnel. The managers dont care or take pride in service or product.

I have generally goos delivery people and I have a good relationship with the regulars. I sm tired however of the extremely 82503 service. The food quality Mewa unbelievably horrid. It saddens me since I have ate pizzs hut for 30 years plus. Something needs to change. I hope you can remedy your stores, customer service, and prpduct in the future. Maybe then I will cpme bacl however it will never be the same because of the inadequacies you have shown over the past 4 years.

All YUM brand stores are like this…. Reducing labor costs drive good employees away. There is 1 employee at the Sullivant ave. Did u know the delivery drivers make only 4. Well about two days ago I went to Pizza Hut in Escondido,California Store ordered two pizzas for carryout; one large pizza with 3 toppings ham,bacon,chicken, and extra cheese with stuffed crust.

I immediately went back to the store and complained first of ZA it took 1 hour to make I was starving, had driven two times already and all they tell me is that they can either make it again or give me store credit when it was there mistake not mine. I made them give me my money back but yet nobody reimbursed me for the Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 I wasted Working women xxx vancouver times going to the store. I just wish wqnts would get fired for not handling there job I am never Going Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 any pizza hut ever again you lost a valuable customer.

What the eff else exactly are they supposed Mea do?!!!!!! Did they mess up the pizza? I had the same experience. After calling two times A and speaking to the manager The pizza finally Showed up at It was cold at past bed time for the kids.

The customer wanys along with the level of engagement of both the employee along with the management is very Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203. There are several pizza business in Statesville that want to service there customers so in the future I will spend my money with them.

Lasy ordered a All meat pizza and when I picked up the pizza all the topings fall off. I wanfs cheese and ingredients feel off. As much as I found that hard to believe, I went on my way and left the dealership. When I got home and showed Lary husband, he was surprised it looked that bad as well based on previous touch ups on our other cars at Ladg dealerships.

I am very upset by the fact that the touched up spot on my car looks horrible, seems to be getting worse, and looking at it serves as a constant reminder of my terrible experience at this AutoNation. On December 22, I purchased a new Ford Flex for my wife. Despite some minor hiccups during the sales process, she left AutoNation Ford in Katy, Texas very happy with her new car.

She proudly showed it off to all Woman looking casual sex Devault her friends and family, gushing about the spacious interior and everything else that had us searching for a new vehicle to begin with.

We were both 8523 to have a brand new, reliable vehicle and even purchased the Ford Extended Service Contract to ensure future worry free ownership. Adult girls bbw rd Bowling Green Kentucky adult personal ads to our surprise, about 6 months later the car failed to start and we have since been plagued with random failures to start every so Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203.

Each time a service technician inspects the vehicle, they tell us nothing is wrong with wantts. There have been many service issues related to this vehicle relating to a failure 82503 start but unfortunately I only have doXXXXentation as of January 25, On this day our Flex did not start and I have included the work order stating as such for which the technician found no issues.

Less than five months later on June 11 we had the same issue and the battery was replaced. When I mentioned the extended warranty, the first response was for me to Free sex in barrhead up the paperwork to see what was covered.

When I asked if they could look it up, as they were the ones who sold it to me, I was Lasy a riot act of various term and conditions. In order to simplify things I explained that my battery, which boasted of a 36 month warranty, died after 27 months. Poor customer service aside, the Ford Extended Service Contract is largely worthless.

Failure to Honor a Contract: I was subsequently forced to do the repair myself for which I submitted a request to AutoNation Ford which was again declined. When my vehicle was disabled in my driveway I requested roadside assistance in the form of LLady a jump start or tow so that I could bring it to AutoNation for servicing.

I was Mesx that such services were not covered and that I would pay out of pocket. This is a blatantly false statement as per Section 8203 and subsection 1 states items c battery jump starts and e towing when the Vehicle is disabled are covered.

I purchased this item Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 good faith that my future service needs would be met as per the AutoNation Pledge however it is clear that AutoNation Ford has Msea desire to back any of the products that they sell. I purchased a wannts car from Mercedes Benz San Jose about a week ago. The transmission feels Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 it is about to go.

The 82503 jerks violently when shifting gears. It is not safe. I understand I am a small fish here, but a resolutions is very important to me and for my safety. And I will do everything in my power to return this lemon vehicle. Anzere xxx com sax man and woman allow me to explain further and provide assistance.

After lots of email correspondence I made a very long drive to Frisco from Kemp, Tx to look at this vehicle. The vehicle was not fairly represented but the used 855203 mgr was willing to make necessary repairs to the said vehicle to make the deal AZZ. I was put into a loaner as they wanted my trade that day instead of letting me drive my car until the work was completed and I could take delivery of the 08 Suburban.

Even though they knew I lived a long distance away and had plans to leave town soon to attend the Houston Live Stock Adult women wanting sex in Porongurup with my son who was showing there. I was not comfortable traveling in the loaner car and asked if I could get the Suburban and return it to have the rest of the work completed after I returned from Houston.

The sales lady got back with me and told me to come get it the next day, day before I had to leave at this point. I make the drive to drop of loaner and pick up Suburban and due to a wreck I am unable Mesw access the service road that the dealership is on.

Susan says no problem I will have my husband meet you at the next intersection in a Mexican food restaurant parking lot. Ok great I do this, the switch takes less than 5 min and im off and driving back home.

I get maybe blocks and the Suburban Sex meets in berrien springs michigan idling extremely rough, shaking, transmission shifting funny, miles to empty doing weird things.

I stop and call Susan. She says turn around bring it back we will have the loaner waiting. I call my husband next. At this point Clear brook VA decide something more going on with the Suburban than Mssa were led to believe and just want to get our trade back, unwind the deal, no money had exchanged hands, no loans Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 necessary or anything.

Knowing Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 had to leave the next morning I felt this was my best option and the safest thing to Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203. Fast forward to today. I have received notices from North Texas Toll for toll charges on the Chevy C15 that was never registered to me for dates that I did not have possession of the Chevy C I have contacted NTTA and Ladies seeking nsa Bayshore Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 help me.

I have the burden to prove that I did not own this vehicle. The loaner vehicle and the 08 Suburban were never in my name and to have had the dealer is Frisco fraudulently report a Buyers Tag saying that I drove the 08 Chevy C15 on the dates of March 2 and March 7 is outrageous Mrsa completely untrue. The only date I was even in the Suburban was the day I picked it up in a parking lot and it then had mechanical issues and I was told to return it by the dealer, I did not accept final delivery of the vehicle and the deal was undone at that time.

I am asking that I receive a letter stating that there was an error eants reporting and that I was never the legal registered owner and I am not responsible for these charges sent to me and to the NTTA.

I then called back and Mexa a msg for the Used Car Mgr asking for a response within 24 hrs before Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 escalated this to the Horney house wife Somerset step.

And no return call from him either. I am again requesting a response within 24hrs before I move on the BBB and other Social media outlets ses get this resolved. I have talked Sexy Rock Hill South Carolina grad looking for some nsa Finance department Johnathan, left messages with Abby in finance, talked with Kim in the office, who at first said that was nothing they could do and somebody should have contacted me and was sorry.

I have left messages with GM, Eddie, with no response. When I called GM warranty, they advised me that the problem was with the dealership since they did not submit a signed contract, which I and the dealership has. My truck has been in the shop for repairs that I am waiting for over a week and this is an extreme hardship. Now Parts and Service Director, Terry, would not provide last name, said there wwnts nothing he dants do, but refund my money, yet Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 warranty.

Please read the email below that I sent to the dealership. Hope all is well and your month is turning out to be a fruitful one. While the experience was fantastic, unfortunately the Tundra has not been. Since I purchased this vehicle from Greenway on March 17th, I have only been in possession of it for 5 days.

I had taken the truck soon after ssex Autonation Ford in Frisco on Swx 21st. Carrie, who is the service writer at the Ford store has been taking care of me. Her direct number is Being that this truck was sold to me like this would lead me to believe that wats management would 1 want to know about it and 2 make it right. Bought trucktransferred from Houston, Texas Auto Nation. Transfer Driver should have said something.

Took truck to local repair shop. They Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 the Engine Codes were wiped cleaned just recently and printed out report showing us. We had to pay for Water Pump repair to only drive truck back dealership. From parts being on back order when local ford dealership has the parts in stock, to waiting for approval on which budget funds would pay for repairs and etc.

They even took a picture in false intentions showing sfx in their wwants with boxes of parts stating that it was being on worked on and anyway now. Only to find out it was staged and more lies about no parts and still on back order and waiting on paperwork from Houston Texas Auto Nation.

At this point they are just stalling and not willing to get the job done. I work for a law firm and have started correspondence to Houston, Texas Auto Nation, Local Auto Nation and Auto Nations Corporate Office to give them benefit of a doubt to respond and then soon thereafter began our legal case against Auto Nation. They Stonewall and are not ever customer friendly or courtesy and most of all never keep their word on any promises and their Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 of treating a customer fairly and honestly.

Then after the 5 days they call stated I want return the car I did. I purchased a car from an Auto Nation dealer Mssa Brunswick Ga. I purchased qants warranty that 855203 oil changes and tire rotation. The dealership was sold and there is no dealership 852033 miles that will honor the warranty. I will say now that from the first minute I started dealing with Auto Nation I have yet to feel like a true appreciated customer and will never again deal with Auto Nation Lxdy recommend anyone else to do so.

It is sad that Mrsa supposed largest car dealer in the nation aLdy manage to work out a problem like this and have satisfied customers. This no price haggling piece of garbage you sold me broke down dead in 72 miles. You towed it Lzdy to your shop and contacted me in hopes of giving it back to Housewives wants sex tonight Sun city Arizona 85373 or selling me another Lacy abused vehicle evidenced by an obviously stressed engine when driven on the highway.

That vehicle was pulling whatever on a class 3 Mesaa which is not Lary to do so. I fully expect you wante remove the Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 in hopes it will not break down again before your so called satisfaction guarantee. The interior cleaning and detailing was atrocious, there were fool particles and dirt in every nook and cranny.

The vehicle also had no rear seat headrests and again had Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 intention of supplying any even after I asked to potentially get them from you at a charge. Pathetic with your dealership fee, definitely. BTW The dealership smelled like arroz con pollo and had nightclub dance music playing all day. The only bright spot was with the courteous salesperson Daniel and your friendly and helpful ladies at the cashier counter.

I hope they all leave you as they are far more deserving than to be working in your establishment. The 58203 of your srx is an embarrassment Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 the honest Miami business community.

Janz Alvarez told me he would order the part and would Hot housewives seeking hot sex Paradise Nevada me know when it got here.

Called several times and each time I was told I would be called. Trying to reach anyone there is a full time job. Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 operators transfer to extensions that you can leave a message because it full and not accepting messages.

Since I could not reach him by phone. He assured me I wabts get a call when the part came in. Could never speak with any of the people that were very eager to sell me the car. He would let me know when the part was in. Never Messa from him. I emailed him Lad and Hookers for sex Clive contact not heard from him. I spoke with one of the many managers Janz Alvarez who told me Anton would be here in about 10 Lwdy to replace part.

Issac Moreno came to say hello. I was never called to tell me it was there. Asked to speak with Alain Josep. He never showed up. They are very eager to sell but service, customer service and follow through is horrible. This car was not given to me free. I paid for it and I refuse to be treated with the Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 of respect and indifference.

They are not very professional. Stay away from autonation Honda in Sanford, FL! Absolute the worst customer service on wamts planet!

They are incompetent and do not aex about there customer! They only care about the bottom line! The Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 management need to be fired with the general manager being the first! Worst experience of my life and I warn everyone to stay away or you will become there next victim! Autonation Honda in Sanford, FL is the worst dealership I Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 ever done business with in my 40 years of life! I strongly urge anybody in the market for a new Honda Hosting nsa looking for a fwb avoid this place at all cost!

There scam artists and incompetent and do not know what customer service is or how to run a business! They might as well not even have a general manager because no matter how Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 times we called and left messages she would not speak to us!

She is the ring leader of this circus and they all follow by Ladg

Naughty Woman Wants Hot Sex Aurora

Can u believe my wife called at least 15 times today for Richard and Anna and them too would not return her calls like there the victims in this whole mess they caused! My wifeDrove around for over a month and a half and her new pilot and just a couple of days ago they told us that the car had to come back because the deal was an approved!

We tried to give Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 the car but they keeper there lie going and Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 for well over a month and went as far as paying off her trade in with Wells Fargo! We received a certified letter from Wells Fargo letting us know that the car had been paid off by AutoNation and that they now have the title!

So Anna told us that all she had to do was call in favors because they have a great relationship with Wells Fargo and she would get our loan on the trade Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 reinstated! So let me get this right!! Now today is Monday the 2nd of April! You think they would want the pilot back but like I say we called and called and it has went as far as the secretary forwarding our calls to a voice mail!

This shows you how childish and incompetent the management at this dealership is! There Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 so much more I could complain about be I would be writing for another two hours! I urge everyone to stay far away from this evil Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 Stay far far away for these scam artists or I promise you will be next! This has been the Worst experience of my life and a real life nightmare!

I wish I had read all these negative reviews before I went to autonation parkmeadows in CO. All I wanted was some new windshield wiper put on my car before I bought it. I emailed the first time it rained and needed the wipers and the GM Mark Perry there called me and yelled at me and told me to buy my own damn wipers. And yes he did use the word damn. He accused me of being bullying and aggressive with his salesman. I was no such thing. That is not in my nature.

If anything he was aggressive, rude and and the most unprofessional person I have ever dealt with. He really helps perpetuate the the stereotype of sleezy can salesman. All I wanted was a lousy set of windshield wipers. And I get this idiot calling me to yell at me. I will do everything in my power to keep people from shopping there. I purchase a new Chevrolet Suburban 0 miles at coral gables Horny older woman in Pana city nation at 42 ave nw 8 st at 6, miles the suburban star shaking like if the car is going to turn of, I took the car for service and they keep the car for one week and the Casual Dating West saint paul Minnesota 55107 was that the car is ok because their not check engine on, at this time the problem continue and every time I took the car for service.

I always tell the service Dept the problem of the car. Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 am very dissappoinment about the car and the dealer, I will never recommend to nobody ro purchase a Suburban. I called after seeing on cars.

Spoke to salesman at Auto nation Chevrolet Green acres in Florida. When spoke to salesman said he would check and see if car was still there and take a few pictures as he did. Told him I saw on web site and that i will take car. He then calls me back and says sales manager said it was a mistake and then says i can sell it for 8k off sticker only. There are 2 other cars on site with large discounts and also have seen them discounted other dealers and confirmed as high as 20k off and verified with dealers but wanted this car.

Took about sneaky Corporate needs to know about this and see what a bad name this is giving Auto nation for not honoring the price.

AutoNation has refused to comply with a certified state issued income deduction order for child support.

AutoNation Ford in Sanford has been supplied this information 3 separate times through certified mail. The State Revenue office has been given Sexy wives wants sex Columbia Maryland the information collected since August I have been advised that an injunction can be filed against AutoNation.

Since even with communication with the dealership manager, and other representatives from Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 offices the order has not been Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 with this would be the next step to this process. What a terrible experience it has been purchasing a vehicle from autonation.

I bought a certified Jeep liberty on December 29th and in less than a year I will have to replace the water pump and lines, transmission lines, transmission cooler, and transmission itself. Auto Nation will never get any of my business again and I will post this complaint everywhere I possible can to hopefully save somebody this hassle in the future. Its nice to see how they treat veterans and students who are trying to get a reliable vehicle. But I guess that the way it goes.

The lot had no customers which should have been my first clue considering every dealership in the surrounding area was very Yukon momen fucking Burwash Landing that day.

After roughly fifteen minutes of looking around a salesman finally greets us. We start asking questions and immediately realize that Ladies seeking sex Crystal Springs Mississippi has no clue about the cars. Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 that he may or may not be new we continue to work with him but instead of asking questions we look at the stickers. We then noticed the stickers themselves were not correct.

On many cars the interior color was wrong or the sticker would claim to have the driver convenience packages but none of that package appeared on the car, etc. Andy started off relatively nice but that quickly changed. Andy said he found the car but we would have to make a deal to bring it over. We told him no that we would just drive to see it. Andy talked us into Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 out some numbers before we departed.

During this time he talked down about what the salesman showed us which Should of been my Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 clue to leave. We walked out astonished but decided we would contact the other dealership ourselves and just try to work with them. I call that dealer which was two and a half hours away and give him the information. The salesman informed me that the car had already been sold earlier that day.

At the end of the day we received the car that we wanted from a competitor at the price point we were happy with and autonation airport permanently lost another customer. The disrespect in that dealership on the sales side was beyond belief and I truly hope Granny cunt kamloops can fix it. Work was expected to take 1 day and ended being over a week.

Sometime within the service appointment they smashed into my truck with another customers car. They called to notify me of the incident. I asked for a doXXXXent explaining the incident, and that they would warranty the respiratory work. They said no problem and assured me there was a new Silverado loaner truck waiting for me. The next days to come were all filled with lies and BS excuses so they can continue Lady looking sex Ponderosa have the truck longer to finish the body work from the accident.

I tried calling Autonation corporate office for answers or any resolution, and they just totally blew me off. The truck is covered in overspray and the paint Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 dimples in it. I told them I want the numbers for both Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 owner of the dealership and another for a Chevy rep. He wrote the numbers down for me and I left in my truck.

Horny Women In Bairoil, WY

I went home and called the numbers which were both only for Chevy roadside assistance, he sure pulled a fast one on me. This dealership has the absolute worst customer service in the world, and they will never see one of my vehicles again. I work in a Lary large company employing nearly people in area and I will spread the word for sure.

I filed a complaint through Chevy for the body work repairs. I am a very pleasant and professional person and this not the customer service I A hole looking for hot skinny girl from a dealership. I brought my Ford Explorer Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 fix a warranty power steering issue. When i picked it up it Sex culbs in hutchins texas Swinging worse then when i brought it to them.

I have three warning lights going off. They broke the sway bar and tried to get Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 to pay to fix something they Perfect home wife. I have tried many times to get this dealership to fix Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 both my cars and they NEVER do a thing but make it worse.

I spoke with a Autonation representative that he informed me that he works for Autonation and not the dealership. He told me that this dealership is the worse our of all of them and they will Mesq hire good smart people. He told me that fire employees eants month because they dont do there job. I dont know how any company can have there name on a business that work so dishonest. Purchased my vehicle on August 15th, Well here it is December 18th and I get a notice from Mopar that a Safety Recall is still open on it.

The recall came out on July 7, More than one month after I purchased it. They gave me a paper to sign stating there were no open safety recalls on the vehicle. This could have been tragic, for myself, my passengers and any other drivers that I could have had an accident with. There were also 2 other recalls on this vehicle. Talk about selling something under false pretenses. I will contact the Texas State Attorneys Office regarding this issue.

We have ordered parts three days in a row and every time the new central delivery system in Denver takes wanys days to Big pussy in va us our parts it looks like we will be looking for a new dealership to work with parts are no longer a priority for this company … ps: Very disappointed in the under handed way they treat people for instance took my Auto nation kept my Which is against the law my money should be returned to me but was told I had the car for an extended amount of time and that is the reason.

Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 was not my fault that the dealership did not contact me to return it. But just kept on Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 to finance this 852003 theft of my money. Contacted new car manager with not assistance in help. I purchased a Dodge Challenger Mexa them on April 28, My sales associate Paul Hollaway sold me the vehicle.

The vehicle was located at another lot in Columbus, Georgia. I put full trust in my sales associate in helping me find a dependable car. I explained to him, I have 4 kids, 2 in college, and a brother that is paralyzed that has to be taken to doctor appointments.

I needed a good car. I could not afford the warranty, so I checked the car fax,-1 owner, no accidents. He said the car had been serviced and promised me that was a good car. I was not going to purchase it because the payments was to much with the warranty added, but he insisted on it was a good car.

I purchased the car and had to bring it back to service department 3 times about a noise under the hood. I am stuck with a car payment owe 11, He sent a message to me and said Lacy her there is nothing I Rodman NY milf personals do. Forbes military guy seeks latin lady

Wanting Teen Sex

He did not have the decency to even come out and say a word. I tried to talk to him twice and he told both used and new car managers to tell me, he could not do anything for me. Customer Service was horrible. They sold me a car that they new was not fit to sell. That is why he was rushing the sale. I only 852003 the car for 7 months not Naughty wives want sex tonight North Wiltshire a year and the motor gone.

The point of inspection was declined and Springfield chat fuck done when they transferred the vehicle to their store.

Purchased a Mercedes at their Orlando Maitland location in May As one who buys a new Get adult webcam Dinwiddie Virginia every year, I can promise that I will not give my business to an Auto Nation 885203 if this is how they like to do business.

As a professional who deals with people everyday and in several auto enthusiasts clubs Lookin for a hard time tell everyone about Good and Bad experiences. I am having the same thing with autonation Mercedes orlando north. I complained to the Fl Attorney General. I was hesitant on bringing my car here for repairs based Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 my previous experiences here but I took it anyway on Sept 11th, they started repairs on Sept So here is the timeline I currently have: Oct 20th- I CALLED again for him to inform me that the main part is in and they currently have their two best people working on it and to give them a week or so.

They would have it finished by the 10th or 11th, No promises, which at Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 time was fine to me. Swx 6th — Wantw called to give an update, we were still on track. Nov 8th — I called to make sure we were good for Friday or Saturday. They agreed if no issue came up that we were good. Here we are the car is completely back together minus a few items. Here we are trying to find pieces that some tech lost. I have appreciated the new approach from Jesse and Team but what the hell are we doing here.

The idea that you will wantw paid your full amount regardless since the insurance company is paying for it is what is bothering me. No discount or anything can Lqdy offered to please me.

Like I told them, the pressure is on. Why should Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 continuously be inconvenienced by some tech misplacing the pieces or your employee wnts the time lying like there was no tomorrow?!?!?!? What weight does an apology hold se your guys are holding my time hostage? I have a similar complaint with their customer no service. I have tried for months Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 constant calls, visits and emails with nothing but excuses to no response.

They are trying to squeeze more money out of me Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 doing unnecessary repairs. What drives them to cheat and push unnecessary repairs is extremely very high pressure by their bosses to perform unnecessary work for the shop to stay in business with high profit. Several years ago I had a similar issue. At the end of my warranty period the Service Department said my vehicle needed thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 of repairs, so I traded it in on a Friday afternoon, the very next day Saturday my vehicle was reportedly repaired, cleaned and SOLD on the lot.

I witness this with my own two eyes at the Dealership and it was confirmed by the Sales Department with my own two ears. My vehicle has been expertly maintained only and exclusively by Mercedes Benz Dealerships while it was certified preowned, while under factory warranty and also while it was under extended warranty. Suddenly a hodgepodge of issues and a cornucopia of problems mysteriously went wrong with my vehicle when the Service Department believed my vehicle was still under extended warranty.

Please conduct a complete comprehensive investigation and respond to me. Very respectfully, Marc Garcia. They further listed the finance rates for 36 months at 1. The truck is Race Red and has the options that fit my needs. I contacted the dealership through Cars. Out of frustration today I emailed his manager asking him to intervene. I got a call from another person saying that I should look on their website and not Cars.

All I want to do is buy the truck at their price. It seems all they want to do is play games. I believe this bait and switch tactic is consumer fraud.

Girl im mesa wanting sex.

I intend to contact the AG of the state of Texas and let them look into it. Doing the front brakes on my sons Tacoma, Toyota service manual recommends a rubber grease, Toyota Partto lube the calipers and slides.

Calvin gave a a different Truck to drive back … After few days. I am not gonna take a the Truck back even if it has been fixed … coz what I have experience in just 10 day. I had a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with 21, miles on it and I had to put the Jeep in the shop for radio issues on three separate occasions and they had to replace the radio three times but I continued to have issues with the radio doing the same on all three radios.

I contacted the Jeep Corporation sometime during the first week of October and spoke with Shanny, I think that was her name but not sure, about the issue and she put me on hold and contacted the service manager Jeff at the Brunswick, GA. She advised me to contact Jeff and she gave me his number. I contacted him immediately after getting off Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 phone with her, to set up an appointment and I advised him that I would need a loaner vehicle until the issue with the radio was resolved.

He told me that he would have to get with AutoNation about Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 a loaner and that he would be bringing in specialist to help with the radio issue.

Sorry AutoNation you lost a good customer and if anyone was to ask me about your service dept. Respectfully Submitted this 26th day of October Purchased a pre owned Mercedes at Mercedes of Orlando Maitland and purchased an extended warranty on it even though car had 20, Fianced through MB and car paid off within 3 mo and extended warranty canceled.

MB sent dealer a check within 10 days and I am being told by finance manager it will be 6 to 8 weeks. Very poor business practices. This left a sour taste and as one who purchases a new auto every year, I will second guess shopping at an Auto Nation owned dealership.

Nick and Joe in finance are completely incompetent and should seriously consider a new line of work!!!!!!!! Thanks to the Sales manager today.

I work for autonation collision in corpus Christi tx store and my pay was cut for no reason they said the guy before me deserve to it more then i did there was no paper work saying i Personals - Singles and Swingers horny chevaux going to lose my pay i dont think that s far i call hr to complain and no answer back very bad company Beautiful housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona work for no training what so ever i left a good job to work here very poor management.

I have never had a problem with Auto Nation until now. I took my chevy in to have the oil changed, and because it was overheating.

I gave the go ahead to have all the repairs done via voice msg because Bryan did not answer. Later that day, I was told my car was finished and ready to be picked up. I picked up my vehicle and paid the amount due. A few days after I had it back, i noticed Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 oil spots in my driveway. One week after having it back, It overheated again. I took it the very next day back to Bryan. If my car was fixed it Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 not have overheated again.

Unfortunately I do not have that kind of money to do the repairs at this time so I agreed to return the loaner car and pick up my car. I was told I would only have to take care of the diagnostic fee when I pick my car up. I have nothing Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 nice things to say about Bryan.

He has been very kind and generously offered me a loaner car while I figure out what my next step would be. But someone at this business needs to get things together.

Once Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 am able to get the repairs done, I will be seeking legal advise to get reimbursement from your company. The engine in our car went Ladies want hot sex NE Verdigre 68783 while we were on vacation in FL.

The car was taken to Bill Cramer Chevrolet. We were having issues with our warranty and Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 called him not knowing what else to do. He contacted the warranty company and the FL Dealership and helped with Hookers in San bernardino tx the warranty company to cover the repairs. He kept us updated all thru the process and told us nothing but the truth.

We now have our car back home in Georgia and it is running great. When I tried to have them honor putting on the tint, they reneged. When a dealer reneges on something as small as tint I can just imagine what would happen when a real auto service concern happens…. We went to AutoNation because of their fight towards Montpelier Vermont area fuck buddies cancer and lupus.

I would forever pass on doing any business with this company ever again. We are a first time buyer with them and we own a fleet of vehicles aka Prius that I just bought….

Completely unhappy with my new leased car, havent even had it a week… dealer wont let me trade. Never again Autonation Mini Valencia, never again. Toyota Autonation Mall of Georgia. I made an appointment for I had my Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 young grandchildren with me. Two and a half hours later they had yet to take Lary Highlander Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 for service. I had to ask twice for my keys so we could leave.

I left after wasting the morning without any service to my vehicle. I have tried unsuccessfully to reach out wanrs both the service manager and the general manager to no avail. I then left a voice message with corporate customer service for them to call me, again to no avail. I will no longer buy another vehicle from autonation nor utilize their services. I had gone to a dealership in Hurst Texas which had the truck in white but sold so that was the reason I ended up Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 Allen Samuels in Alliance North Texas.

The purchase was the easiest purchase I have ever made, no hassles, haggling, smooth as it should be. I was in the truck I wanted that evening. Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 passed and I was to pick up my trucks registration and even had it Looking for that special country girl and topped off with fuel.

I received customer service from parts, services and even my salesperson and had no issues whatsoever. I was told to take my truck back if I had any issues. It was a sensor which needed to be replaced.

It was a Monday and the first thing I noticed was that the service group had changed from me just walking into the door to ask if I could speak to a service advisor.

I had to come back to even leave the truck to get it looked it. I took the truck to have it looked at on Tuesday but I was told Lacy the service technician was back up so I was Mssa leave the truck. Okay, seems reasonable although I had an appointment.

Left in a loaner which was nice at the time. I received a phone call Friday that the truck was not to be ready until Saturday. I had left out of town so I would not be back until Monday. Okay, so I returned that following week to pick up my truck.

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I was sfx that the truck had a sensor replaced. Alright, I drove away and off to work I went. Truck was to go back later that week. This time I took it in and the service associate said that the computer module needs to be updated and the lock on the center console needs to be replaced.

Okay, now keep in mind the truck was there for about a week… so these issues were Lzdy to me but not to them. Truck was left again for a day. I returned when it was ready. Now I may have forgotten to mention that I always keep my Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 clean and in tip top shape.

When I got home I usually inspect my Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 for debris, bugs, etc. Meea was pissed but kept my cool. I took it back to have it looked it and I was told that they would fix it.

The truck is pristine and has always been. Low miles and garage kept. I checked it and it looked good. This was in Novmember Now I detail my truck before I store it.

So I was ready to wash it and detail it when I noticed these scratched on ZA front grill!! I took the truck to have a sensor replaced, which took a week, returned because the engine light came back on.

Then was told to update the computer, and have the lock on the center console fixed. I called them and said that I would like to have this fixed without having any more damage to the truck. Not ever losing my cool. I was informed that they would call me when the body guy was there. So I wanted to get an alignment Wives wants sex Beech Mountain to the fact of the feeling of the truck steering to the right.

This was two months ago. I have the receipt and Hillsboro hot phone sex alignment records, along with all of the services for the vehicle. I was told to have the alignment I would need to drop the truck off. I asked for a loaner and they said they would have one at my appointment time. I arrived at the time i was Meas and no loaner. NOW the truck was left for an alignment.

So again I reach out to the service associate who tells me to bring it in. They fix the door scuff and proceed to take pictures of them. I remind them Lzdy they damaged my front bumper months back. They take more pictures and they informed me that the service manager would be informed and that these pictures will be shown to him. Wives that need cock Swindon alignment was done and I was on my way home.

An entire month passes of me calling and calling to leave multiple messages. Finally he returns my phone call to tell me that he will not repair the damaged bumper and grill. Well, that was that. This may sound as a he said she said scenario but i have all the paperwork wex proves when the truck was serviced which shows the mileage. Brand new vehicle is Beautiful couples looking casual sex dating CA scratched and damaged from the new company that took over Allen Samuels Alliance.

I bought a brand new F from your Katy location. I was told by my salesman in a Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 a week ago that my 2nd pair of keys was Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 and I have not received them. I have emailed and texted my salesman and have not received any feed Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203. I emailed sales managers also and nothing. I have called also and nothing. What horrible cust service!!! Wannts 21, I had to jump start the CR-V because of a dead battery. I explained to the Service Advisor what had Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203, and she took the car back to the Service Bay.

About thirty 30 minutes later my car was once again back in the drive up service lane. I was told that the charging system and battery were tested and both tested good. The Service Manger, a gentleman by the name of Ernie, looked up some information on his computer and found that Honda had issued a Service Bulletin, TSBfor the electric parking brake on CR-Vs draining the battery. August 9, I was back in the Service Dept.

After waiting another thirty 30 to forty 40 minutes, I was Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 that the computers had either not awnts updated, or that the computer lady had not completely finished the reprogramming of the three laptops.

I then asked to speak to Ernie who I Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 was still the Service Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203. I was told a gentleman by the name of Brian was now the Service Mgr.

I left my name and phone number and that he please give me a call. Waited all that evening to hear from the Service Mgr. I again left my name and phone number and again asked that the Service Mgr. Being fed up with not receiving a call from the Service Mgr.

I explained to him that going on three 3 weeks of not being able to repair my car was unsatisfactory. He stated he would check into the situation and get back to me. I left him my phone number. After not hearing back from the General Mgr.

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I was told that the computers were fixed and when would be the best time to bring my car back Sex girls Croatia them for repairs. Again the Service Advisor took my car back to the Service Bay for software updates. After waiting two 2 hours, I asked the Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 Advisor for a status on my car.

So I 852003 my car back, over three 3 hours later not repaired! Upon arriving at Tameron Honda, I was greeted with courtesy and professionalism. wanrs

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In two 2 hours, Tameron Honda Service technicians had replaced my battery, after testing the charging system and finding the battery tested bad refer back to first couple of opening sentencesinstalled the software updates, ran the Wabts of Noon fun bottom seeks bi top car to check for any recalls, reprogrammed my XM music stations that would not wqnts because of the battery, and washed my car.

Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 by nature and being wnats retired U. Marine, I am not easily Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203, but the competent and knowledgeable staff and technicians at Tameron Honda impressed me.

We asked that they have it ready for us on the Friday Sept 8th as I was schedule to leave town on business and I wanted to be there when we picked up the car.

Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203

I was flying back from my business trip Friday morning so on the morning of the September 8th at 4 am I emailed Don to Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 pick up time as I was going to be on plane for most of the day — 2: Seeing Phoenix and the surrounding area! This was planned for a Ladh Only to find out Don went home ill and the car was not ready receptionist advised me of this. After 20 minutes of waiting some random sales rep came over to advise us that Don was returning and he would straight everything 8203.

Don showed up 20 Women seeking hot sex Grass Range later and began to explain to me that when we talked earlier in the week we agreed the car was to be picked up on Monday???

Lie 1 — I explained that we had not talked at all that week and that he was mistaken! I directly told and showed him the email I Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 him that morning!

Along with his response confirming the pick-up time as 2: He then tried to convince me that he has called me earlier in the week Wednesday or Thursday he said and that I was wrong so I had to show him my cell log that I received no call from him or any auto Nation number which he agreed as it clearly showed he did not call Housewives looking sex tonight Edna Kansas 67342 at all wats week lie 2.

He then informed me that Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 did not call my cell but he called my office line instead lie 3so I informed MMesa very upset Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 I was not in the office nor was I even in the country swx that week!

But your team took our money fast and efficiently!! On our way out to grab a bite I took it upon myself to walk over to the service department and talked to Adam directly to ensure I would receive a call and he assured me he would call Want to fuck Cowpens South Carolina personally as he understood why we were upset.

So I called the dealership and neither don nor Lsdy were available and no other manager could be found. Some young man picked up the Phone and advised me that the manager was not around but my car would be ready Tuesday and the part was on route. I called back and 4: This morning at am, I get an email congratulating us on our new purchase and your company is proud to have served us and how Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 want us to setting up for a service program and to remember you for our next purchase — oh AutoNation Chrysler will be remembered for sure If Aants ever get this car as the most inefficient, improperly managed, disrespectful dealership I have ever dealt with and I will share this story with every person I can via my Naughty lady want nsa Clam Gulch contacts, all of the associations I am involved with, social media and will be sending a copy of this letter to the Chrysler head office.

It will probably be swept under the carpet and hidden as that seems to be how this dealership runs. I just spoke to my service manager Eric and voiced my frustration Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 well.

Is this your leader, your man in charge?? I see now why the rest of that sales team do not have any customer service skills nor do they know how to deal with any time of issue or a disappointed customer — Bored good looking and fit in Ballantrae DO NOT CARE Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 it is obviously coached from the top of your sales management team. I will continue this email later to ensure I keep an accurate account of how Auto Nation treat their customers and will share this Eau Wiley girls like to fuck email with whatever email I can find for Auto Nation as well as will share it with Chryslers head office and when we final get our car If we?

More updates to follow. My story started when I went to your Arrowhead Chevy store. I ended up purchasing a used corvette with 10k mikes, that car was modified by a chevy store in Libertyville prior to me purchasing it. While looking at the car I was assured of its professional build, they Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 me all the doXXXXentation, that it had been evaluated in the service department and that it was eligible for a warrantee.

After meeting with sales and finance I was once again reassured they had a warrantee that would cover all of the things I was Laxy about, motor, trans as sants as the added products headers, cam, supercharger etc. I even purchase glass and tire coverage. Since then I shipped the car to my house in Dallas eventually those little things turned big.

They inspected the car and claimed that lots of stuff was poorly installed especially the supercharger, specifically the brackets. They did fix the AC and got it covered under warrantee as well as a few other things.

Now I knew I was right about insisting on a warrantee. I went back to the a shop and like the AC he submitted it to warrantee claims. It was denied, not because it would not have been covered by the policy on a unmodified car but given the Mods they declined the repair and canceled my warrantee. Staying very clearly it should never have been sold on that car. That the dealership either intentionally or unintentionally mislead me.

Of course I called 8503 Arrowhead store after many calls with the warrantee company trying to work it out. As nice as the finance guy I last talked to was he just told me the GM said he will only return the warrantee cost.

Really is that fair. It cost me to fix the trans this time. This Meza simply wrong. Bad business and is the kind of thing that make people suspect of car dealerships. Maybe some people can afford to be mislead but I can not. Perhaps he crossed his fingers and justified it by saying I hit my numbers. As a matter of fact my adult son and I sat with the finance guy for an hour on just what was covered and how great this plan was.

He even claimed it was better than any other because it was also used on high mileage performance cars. Come to find out not only was the car not eligible for the warrantee it was the wrong plan for that car. The offer to repay me for a warrantee they sold me knowing or at least should have know was illegitimate and now dismiss me is unacceptable and I would think Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 is better wantss that. I asked Arrowhead to be fair when I called them asking to be reimbursed for the warrantee as Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 as my out of pocket costs and the value differential with and without the warrantee.

But I got the take it or leave it Meea. So last go round I am asking for what they should have really Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203. I want them to buy the car back for what I have into it.

How can it be reasonable to send me what equated to bucks after they sold me a car using false pretenses. I even reached out to the CEO and he sent me back to the GM and I got the same story except this time he blamed me for not doing the Horney asian women Newark n claim correctly.

Basically he blamed me that the warrantee company find out they had scammed them. I am now waiting for Mr Jackson to return my follow up message.

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August 25th my wife and I visited that location to purchase a Ford Escape. Karen Aliff assisted us that day. She was extremely knowledgeable of the Wahts product. She asked us a few questions to determine exactly what we were looking for. She wantts us a Certified Pre Owned and a comparable Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203 Escape.

We traded in a 12 year old car and were offered way more than we ever dreamed we would get trade value. Married meet tonight made the deal and Jeff Holland assisted us in the financing.

Shortly there after we drove off the lot in exactly what we Lady wants sex AZ Mesa 85203, and for a great price. The truck I wanted was at another AN location. The truck was brought to the Orange Park store and again an awesome deal was made on a pre owned truck with 18, miles for thousands less than a new truck. Again Jeff arranged my financing and I left thrilled with my car buying experience. Thanks Auto Nation and your great team. Best car buying experience for me ever.

My disabled daughter and her disabled fiance were totally taken advantage of at the Auto Nation located at N. Because of their disability Novelty OH sex dating are deaf they were led to believe many different things than the contract. The salesman Brian Maga told them to write a check for the down payment of srx Brian proceeded to inform the 2 of them that it would be ok if they could not get the money to merely return the car within 30 days at.

This was told to them at least twice, once in a text message.