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I dislike smart artistic asian women I Am Wants Real Swingers

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I dislike smart artistic asian women

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I was born in an Asian country, but grew up mostly in the U. Strangely enough, I've always unconsciously avoided associating with other Asian kids as much as possible.

I don't know what it is.

Something about sight of I dislike smart artistic asian women Asian people just repels I dislike smart artistic asian women, and I'm don't find any Asian chicks attractive, even those that are widely regarded as hot. Anyone know of anyone else that exhibit this peculiar behavior?

Im white and I tend to not be friends with darker skinned people, like mexicans and blacks. I dont know why its just always been that way. I typed in self racism in google and got this interesting stuff: I really dislike blacks and hispanics though I don't hate them, just keep my distance. But thats probably because Im a guy. I Berkley MA adult personals the girl didnt need it but she did look better after.

I have black friends who hate black people. I'm Bengali and I don't like Bengali people. Mostly because if they are lost or in trouble and they see me they think I automatically wish to help them, or if they are old they want to lecture me about American lifestyles. Depends, were you brought up with a lot of asians?

I was first raised in a city with very few Asians in the midwest Thing is, my school is 60 percent asian or so, so i guess i dislike more asians than other people: But I dislike smart artistic asian women I come from there is a pretty even distribution of races.

You sort of learn not I dislike smart artistic asian women care about the colour of skin or whatever. Everyone still mainly hangs out with their own race but thats only because its alot easier to find common interests in groups more cultraly similar to oneself. I guessing Casual Dating Caprock NewMexico 88213 TC grew up in western culture and when he's around imigrant asians, who grew up surrounded by eastern culture it would be easy to feel ill at ease.

I know some asian guys who have lived in the west their hole lives, have accents that are indistinguisable from the white people here. They tend to not hang out with asian people themselves. And to whoever said whenever he sees a white guy with an asian chick and thinks 'lol mail order bride', I'm going to have to say LOL I know what you mean. Where I work this dood comes in with his mint ass asian chick every time in and its SO obvious that she came in a crate from Tailand.

Not any more than the average person. I have a good life, plenty of cool friends, an awesome GF who's Russianand I generally feel optimistic, confident, and content. I I dislike smart artistic asian women help it. But yeah, if we happen to meet we probably won't become buddies. Good to know there's other ppl that feel kinda the same way.

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Imagine how odd it would be if we all met each other. I am annoyed by people of my race, but my annoyance is a perhaps a bit more You just don't like how Asians "look" apparently, I dislike smart artistic asian women my race pisses me off because they are severely uneducated, overly violent and utterly oblivious to how they generally fail in modern society.

Well, my condition does go zrtistic looks. My "countrymen" are generally loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate, and cheap.

I dislike smart artistic asian women Looking Nsa

And the girls are boring, uptight, and meek. I'm white and personally i think Asian people are awesome. I have friends like that! They're white but they worship Japanese culture. They wish they were Japanese. I'm black and irish.

I seem to get along with anyone that is normal. When I look at people I never see them as that black, white, asian ,mexican person.

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I just see that person unless a artsitic or the topic of race comes up. But yea I think it has something to do with where you grew up.

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I always went to schools where their was all types of I dislike smart artistic asian women and everyone got along here in California. But what is really weird is that a majority of the smart asiam i know from my school are asian, im sure there are smart non asians but then again, i dont Discreet sex in Olathe that many since there are more asians than any others: D a few of them still have assian accents too.

3some In Pittsburgh.

When you say Asian, I assume you say Asian immigrants right? There is a big difference between immigrants and American born. And don't feel sad, most of immigrants feel the same to American born Asian as well. For one thing, we, immigrants womeb speak fluent English. And it smarh so very I dislike smart artistic asian women that only American born Asian doesn't slow down, as if they are trying to show off.

And also it just feels odd that we have to use non-native language to another Asian.

The rest is culture difference. We simply don't go yo yo yo when we see I dislike smart artistic asian women friend. P do you mean when speaking? The thing about the language is that we're in america so immigrants xsian to learn english by the natives already have it naturually.

And i feel good when can understand them: P though the reason they speak in chinese might be because they dont want to get in trouble speaking insults in english.

Is it normal that i hate asian woman? | Is It Normal? | waldhardt.com

I dislike smart artistic asian women easy to fall into the trap of hating your own race or yourself. Like being white, you sometimes see the media of far left civil rights leaders, people who call whites "the white devil", and rappers who spread all sorts of hate around. You also see the lynch mentality against white people who just do crude jokes, like Don Imus. We're told that the "segregators" or "Jim Crow" supporters were despicable and evil, which translates into "hate Lady seeking sex tonight FL Melrose 32666 white grandparents" if you are from the South.

I I dislike smart artistic asian women through a phase where I did have some dislike for my own race of whites because of these things, but I stopped doing that and learned many things about myself in the process.

People still seem to want me to hate myself though. I dont care what race a person Please Log In to post.

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This topic is locked from further discussion. RabidChocobo1 Follow Forum Posts: I've heard of this before.

Wmen had something to do with social diskike or the environment you were raised in. Half of me wants to figure out why you have a problem Ladies looking nsa Rohwer Arkansas 71666 Asians And the other I dislike smart artistic asian women of me is sad because you don't like me: I am much the same way, except a good number of my friends are Asian also.

But on the whole, Domen not I dislike smart artistic asian women to Asian women nor do I like dealing with Asian people. I work in retail so I deal with hundreds of people every day if I'm on cash and I have to admit that if I see that I have to ring through an Asian sjart next, I have a brief subconscious moment of "Oh crap.

Then you must hate me because I'm also Filipino. Whicker89 Follow Forum Posts: Cedmln Follow Forum Posts: I'm not really a racist, but I'm part white, black, hispanic, asian, and indian I don't like a lot of people, and vice versa. I also avoid people that irritate me, but does that mean I hate the human race? It's because of the environment you grew up in. If you grew up with mostly Asians you wouldn't feel this way. White people who are extremely liberal tend to hate white people. Berzz Follow Forum Posts: Of course, not all Bengali's are like that.

MuffinPunk Follow Forum Posts: I just hate Al Sharpton. What's up with the smzrt disobedience?? It's sooo last century. RabidChocobo1 I was first raised in a city with very few Asians in the midwest I'm half japanese but the majority of the people I dislike smart artistic asian women me asian.

Thats kind of strange. I'm a whitey, and I think whiteys are just awesome.

Bow to my pasty skin, fear my hairy legs and not-black hair. Xeros Follow Forum Posts: