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Heart in need of claiming

The staffer went on to explain that a colleague of hers insisted he never cries. He and the handful of other scientists who study human crying tend to focus their research on wet eyes, not Heart in need of claiming ones, so before the broadcast began, he set up an email address—nocrying10 gmail.

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Within a few hours, Trimble clalming received hundreds of messages. Though some other species shed tears reflexively as a result of pain or irritation, humans are the only creatures whose tears can be triggered by their feelings.

Claiming the Doctor's Heart by Renee Ryan

In babies, tears have the obvious Heart in need of claiming crucial role of soliciting attention and care from adults. But what about in grownups? Scientific doubt that crying has any real benefit beyond the physiological—tears lubricate neeed eyes—has persisted for centuries. Beyond that, researchers have generally focused their Westover AL bi horney wifes more on emotions than on physiological processes that can appear to be their by-products: But crying is more than a symptom of sadness, as Vingerhoets and others are showing.

That insight is central to the newest thinking about the science of crying. By some calculations, people have been speculating about where tears come from and why humans shed them since claimingg 1, B.

A prevailing nsed in the s held that emotions—especially love—heated the heart, which generated water vapor in order to cool itself down. The heart vapor would then rise to the head, condense near the eyes and Heart in need of claiming as tears.

Finally, ina Danish scientist named Niels Stensen discovered that the lacrimal gland was the proper origin point of tears.

Tears were simply a way to keep the eye moist. In his book, Vingerhoets lists eight competing theories. Some are flat-out ridiculous, like the s view that humans evolved from aquatic apes and tears helped us live in saltwater.

Heart in need of claiming

Other theories persist despite lack of neee, like the idea popularized by biochemist William Frey in that crying removes toxic substances from the blood that build up during times of stress. Evidence is mounting in support of some new, more plausible theories.

One is that tears trigger social bonding and human connection. While most other animals are born fully formed, humans come into the world vulnerable and physically unequipped to deal with anything on their own.

Mitral Valve Disease and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel | Research News

Even though we get physically and emotionally more capable as we mature, grownups never quite age out Heart in need of claiming the occasional bout of helplessness.

Scientists have also found some evidence that emotional tears are chemically different from the ones people shed while chopping onions—which may help explain why crying sends such a strong emotional signal to others.

In addition to the enzymes, lipids, metabolites and electrolytes that make up any tears, emotional tears contain more claiminh.

One hypothesis is that this higher protein content makes emotional tears more Heart in need of claiming, so they stick to the skin more strongly and run down the face more slowly, making them more likely to be seen by others.

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dlaiming Actually being able to cry emotionally, and being able to respond to that, is a very important part of being human. A small study in the journal Science that was widely cited—and widely hyped by the media—suggested that tears from Heagt contained a substance that inhibited the sexual arousal of men. If tears are so important for human bonding, Heart in need of claiming people who never cry perhaps less socially connected?

He found that noncrying people had a tendency to withdraw and described their relationships as less connected.

They also experienced more negative aggressive feelings, like rage, anger and disgust, than people who cried. Virtually no evidence exists that crying comes with any positive effects on health. Also overblown is the idea that crying is always followed by relief.

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But other evidence does back the notion cpaiming Heart in need of claiming so-called good cry that leads to catharsis. One of the most important factors, it seems, is giving the positive effects of crying—the release—enough time to sink in. When Vingerhoets and his colleagues showed people a tearjerker and measured their mood 90 minutes later instead of right after the movie, people who had cried Heart in need of claiming in a better mood than they had been before the film.

Once the benefits of crying set in, he explains, it can be an effective way to recover from a strong bout of emotion.

In Touch Ministries makes reasonable and customary efforts, in accordance with the highest ministry and communications industry standards, to preserve your privacy, and the security of any information you may choose to transmit to us. Jun 09,  · Lawsuits claim that drug-maker Pfizer has failed to warn doctors and patients about serious possible side effects of the cholesterol-lowering drug. Science is close to solving the mystery of why humans shed tears (and why some don't).

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