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Cute 40ish guy at hot naked men women s today

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Let's get this ball rolling. Polyamory and the Multiverse I'm always a little too to reply with photos to postings so I figure I'll let people come to me. But only to your limits.

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Judging from R3's pic dude's got a lovely and average or bigger sized soft cock but really small balls because you can't even see them. Paevey average to bigger size? Thanks for the laugh. He's packing nothing in almost every underwear pic of him in existence.

Not sure if it's true, but I'm hearing Rafe will be involved with drugs somehow when he's back soon. My word, only four full days on lockdown. Things are looking up!

He has his pendulous, double beer can thick somen CGed out of every picture. Jon Hamm turns into a crying baby around Paevey. Bovina moos constantly unless the much smaller Chad stuffs his measly 9 incher into her gaping maw simply to shut her up. And yet RyP remains sweet and humble.

I love how Nina says "she's back". Hell - we never saw her in the first place. She is going to eat the entire show, isn't she?

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Nina storyline will be giving Keeks more airtime. Maybe it will come out that Kiki is Nina's daughter after all. I mean how many fathers did Kiki go thru.

Maybe he's not the type to show off what he's got and wears some kind of minimizing protection. Not every guy who's hung needs to flaunt it to the world. I mean as big as the DOD is if he were gay I'd still not want him. He's not my type.

But honestly, first is what a guy is as a person and how he treats me and others, including animals. The size of his package is just like billions of men around the world including men right here on DL.

I highly doubt underwear model Ryan Paevey is wearing minimizing naker in all of his pictures. Maybe he's shy, Need company at moonshiners Trenton religious.

Maybe he belongs to that little known group of extremely religious Cute 40ish guy at hot naked men women s today models. Okay so maybe it's a group of one, but he's the leader! I'll still take his possibly average size with the rest of the beautiful package it's attached to.

The FB frauen are in a tizzy about the latest development with Ava! It is so fun to read their posts. Nakes would think 42 year old Maura West was Rachel Ames' age the way they're ripping her up about being too old to be 'spectin. Maura is a breeding machine in real life 5 kids and her ATWT character got prego every time the wind direction changed.

I can't believe anyone thinks MW's character can't be pregnant. MW looks great and is only 40ish.

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Today's show was really good. Julian sold out an innocent Ric at the precise moment he and Liz were reconciling. Pretty low down considering Ric's the father of his girlfriend's kid.

Sonny and Ava doing their dance of deception. MW played it really well. MB was his usual snooze fest.

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That sounds exciting, R I think the audience needs to be let in on who PervyLuke is anyway. And then watch Tracy et al figure it out. I have no idea. That name means nothing to me, but up until last year I hadn't watched GH regularly since the late 80s.

If it was ginormous Adult looking sex tonight Buckman no doubt it would be Natalie Dearborn. This horrible writing is not worthy of an elementary school student. And the "stories" are laughable. He has some tough shoes to fill.

Cute 40ish guy at hot naked men women s today I Am Wanting Nsa

Finola playing the Frau playing Anna was Beautiful housewives want sex tonight Minocqua If her performance wasn't submitted for Emmy consideration it would be, well, criminal. What if the creep we see now actually IS the real Luke the mob ties and rapist ways were there from the beginning, after all and the charming, rakish Luke we all came to know and love is really the impostor!?

Talk about a mind fuck! R62, you should be the writer. That would be the coolest twist ever on Daytime or really Cutd any film or nighttime show.

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I hated that they turned Luke into a hero, the mayor at one point for god's sake! Real Luke was the guy we saw rape Laura. Geary has said several times how much he hates boring domestic Luke. Fantastic performance by Geary on Friday. The dialogue was terrible, but he showed that an actor can turn shit into something great.

I really expected them to tell us who NotLuke is, and find myself wanting more. I wish Tracy wasn't such a sitting duck. She's not that stupid. I wish it was wirtten that she knew Luke was up to no good and she was sitting in wait for him Ladies looking real sex Methuen Massachusetts 1844 show his cards.

I also wish that it would be revealed that Julian and Anna were setting NotLuke up in an elaborate sting by setting up Ric. Anyone remember when Luke developed some kind of supernatural power and defeated David Gray with it?

They were in a duel to the death and Luke Cute 40ish guy at hot naked men women s today Gray one last telekinetic push out of the window to his death. Let me get this straight. That has pissed me off to no ends too R I'm the Asian Quarter troll and I have been dying for Brad to have a story about him being from the family involved with that. It would be totally fascinating and I adore the actors who play Brad and Lucas and think they are so hot together.

They should send him away with Serena or Sabrina or whatever the hell her name is. What a waste of both Brad jaked Lucas. She would know immediately that this is not the real Luke. Throw her into this who-dun-it type of story. Of course Bobbie could also be used.

Cute 40ish guy at hot naked men women s today Wanting Nsa

If Bobbie and Luke were allowed to share some story there's no way she wouldn't realize something is up. I wonder if part of the reason that Laura hasn't returned Cuhe to a certain extent Bobbie is not involved in the Fluke story is that they both should figure out Fluke within minutes, esp Laura and the story would end. Genie burnt some bridges during her last stint on the show.

It would surprise me if she'll ever be asked back.

I know her fans don't want to hear this, but Genie has toady overinflated sense of herself and what she brings to the table and Frank was not going to have it. But the storyline they wrote for Laura was crap. So much potential for Laura wasted for those 6 months she was back. And at the same time, Franco was holding the Quatermaine living room set hostage and eating up valuable screen time.

Haven't watched the show in ages. That 'Full Monty' video was just embarrassing. Each actor could certainly pull off being a stripper. Every last one Cute 40ish guy at hot naked men women s today hot. BUT the pans to the audience was sooooo humiliating I never thought about that. WTF strips in front of their parents!

Cute 40ish guy at hot naked men women s today

Schley VA bi horney housewifes That is sick, even for RC. What really cracks me up is wondering if they were in awe of their little boy's dick of death or if only Kiki was impressed.

I wonder if Ava thinks she went for the wrong brother. Ron thinks there was some anti GH bias with the Emmy voters. How are the Emmy voters supposed to vote for strippers and Richard Simmons? If Ron wants Emmys, he needs to watch some of the multiple Emmy winning episodes that Bob Guza wrote over the years. Carly actually wasn't at the nurses ball. Lucas stripping in front of Bobbie and Julian and all his other relatives - hell he was even up there stripping with his Cute 40ish guy at hot naked men women s today Michael.