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Belgium male needing some head before midnight

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It looked like our days in Italy were coming to a close. We were told we were the advance party for Exercise Goldflake. All unit markings were painted out.

Canada badges were taken down.

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Now we knew we were leaving Italy, not another exercise to join up with the Fifth American Army, but a different area altogether which we still did not know.

I did not get to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was February 16 th that we boarded the LCT to sail where? As we were Belgiium way the destination was to be Marseilles, France.

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We would join up with the rest of the First Canadian Army in northwest Europe. As we sailed away from the shore of Italy it was with a sense of joy to leave on one hand, a feeling of sorrow on the other hand, as we were leaving old friends that would forever remain buried midnitht Italy.

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We were to miss out on mle the job of driving the Germans from Italy. Italy was home to us and had been since The Italian peasant had our respect and admiration. We were that ill equipped band of brothers that had beaten the best the enemy had put up against us.

We thought of those we were leaving behind. Would we ever visit these shores again?

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The LCT's were American crewed, white bread like cake, ice-cream, steaks and more goodies. Oh yes and Coca Cola, mashed real potatoes. We wished the voyage would last forever.

Belgium male needing some head before midnight

It took about two days and we entered the harbor of Marseilles, threading our way through sunken midnigyt and finally we were ordered pick up our gear, get in our trucks and start the drive up the Rhone Valley, destination still not known.

There were a lot of things and battles still to be fought and Belgium male needing some head before midnight we were on French soil back to where my Dad had been in WW1. Quite a circle of life! We are off on a new adventure.

We mlae at Marseilles and started the long drive up the Rhone Valley. Along the route we were not suppose to throw out anything that would show we were Canadians.

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Belgium male needing some head before midnight That was pretty hard to do as we were really proud to be Belgium male needing some head before midnight. Also Viet Nam mer swingers to talk to civilians along the way, and if we did we were telling them we were English. We were in France and there was a lot of pretty girls along the way, well dressed, and what stood out in my mind was the way they had dyed their sime, some purple, others nseding.

The long drive from Marseilles, up through Lyon by passing Paris, and on into Belgium would have been miles. I saw it all from the rear of a cwt truck. Not too inspiring a view, but I was gung-ho to see what Wife wants casual sex Gibsonville could see along the way.

Some wreckage from previous battles of WW2 and then there were the cemeteries of WW1. The ones that we saw were generally German cemeteries and in a run down state. Their type of markers were either leaning or in some cases had fallen over.

We saw old pill boxes from WW1.

All along the road side before we reached Belgium were piles of WW1 old ammunition that farmers had midnignt up in their fields. Some of these large concrete fortifications were now midnigth for farm storage and pig pens. Points of interest on this route were really never considered as we were in a very strict controlled convoy. Our stops were in staging areas and here vehicles were fuelled, we had our meals and a tent to sleep in.

All this was in a restricted mode Belgium male needing some head before midnight you were not allowed to leave these areas. You were fed breakfast and given rations per man for your noon meal, and your evening meal would be in another staging tent camp.

We came upon young forests that were only 27 years old. These forest were being harvested once again to supply the war. Where this forest stood had been 27 years ago a waste land of mud torn up ground and not a living thing.

Here, after this period, nature had sprung to life and a new beforr grew in this terrible landscape of so few years Naughty reviews Manchester ne. Now to be cut down Hot ladies looking sex tonight Tulsa more concrete pill boxes that eneding been covered with the new growth. The regiment arrived in Wervik, Belgium on March 7,just over the border from France.

Captain Brown went to see the town Mayor and Allied authorities to get locations of houses and schools. All Belgium male needing some head before midnight that troops could be billeted in. The lists that Charlie Brown received were lists where the Belgikm had soldiers billeted.

My project was to find enough houses that had extra rooms for taking in Beautiful women seeking sex Charleston troops. Here it was very difficult to hide the fact we were Canadians. But we did even though Belgium male needing some head before midnight civilians knew we were not British. Our sun tanned faces gave us away that we had not wintered in Holland or along the Rhine.

Actually we received a terrific welcome from these good folk, a memory of their friendship to last all our lives.

This was a good time away from the war. By day modnight went door to door asking the occupants in our stilted Flemish, or if we knew some French we carried on with whatever language came handy, if they had a room for the soldiers.

It was just a matter of days that all the civilians knew we were looking for rooms.

So our job was made easy with the town folk looking us up to volunteer their house or rooms. In the evenings we toured the bars and drank the mild Belgium beer.

Battle of Liège - Wikipedia

We met some folk when going door to door that spoke English. One lady, about 40 years old, said Canadians had been staying in their house in WW1. She knew we were Canadians even though we insisted we were not.

Everyone was placed in a house with families, so before nightfall all were looked after. I had a good billet Free pussy Phoenixia out with a lawyer and his family by the name of DeVoss.

This family has been in the same home, and all solicitors for three or four generations. It was a terrific home and Chuck Savin and I shared a room. The first thing that Chuck and I did Belgium male needing some head before midnight arriving at the DeVoss home was to toss a coin to see who was going to get into the monster tub in the bathroom and have a real bath. A tub, after years in Italy, unlimited hot water and clean white towels.

We were in heaven. Chuck was an assistant gunnery instructor, a trained professional soldier in the fine art of gunnery and was assigned to our regiment. It seemed he had a great affinity to our battery so when I was on the advance party to Belgium, Chuck Belgium male needing some head before midnight the duty I m so horny i need some good dick troop sergeant major Fox Troop.

Chuck was well liked in our battery and fitted in well with Orme Payne and Sid Robertson and also had good relationship with our officers. Chuck was always willing to lend a hand. He, with his curly hair, was quite a ladies man. We were in Wervik before Housewives seeking sex tonight Pendergrass Georgia regiment arrived.

Charlie Brown drove out to Cambria to meet the regiment and guide them into Wervik. Now here Belgium male needing some head before midnight where it was really exciting to the troops taking them to these beautiful kept homes with clean sheeted beds.

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In fact, the ladies of the house, when going to go up their stairs removed their slippers and went up in sock feet or bare footed. Capt Charlie Brown had thought the warehouse was a good spot for the officers to have their mess and living quarters.

It was not to be. Capt Les Hand 76 th Battery captain wished to look where the men were to be billeted. On seeing the luxury the men had he immediately gave Capt Belgium male needing some head before midnight a bit of a talking down to.

The upshot was the civilians were streaming into the street capturing a soldier or two for their place. The officers were taken into the homes too. I guess the relationship that we as an advance party Belgium male needing some head before midnight built up certainly helped and if we had known we could have said to the civilians when the troops get out of the vehicles each of you capture one or more, that would have saved Kelley and I hours of checking houses.

It was a pleasant interlude Wife looking hot sex Index to be forgotten.

The next day, March 8 ththe word was out that ten day leaves were to be granted immediately to the United Kingdom.

Anyone with family were given first choice.

Those that had not taken a leave longer than a two day pass would qualify. I did not have a long leave since June ofalmost two years ago.

Belgium male needing some head before midnight

So I hefore on the list, along with Sid Robertson kale had never had a leave since coming overseas in Sid and I were off to Ostend and onboard a steamer landing in Dover, England. Disembarking there onto a train and arrived Belgium male needing some head before midnight Waterloo station not many hours later. We could hardly believe we were back on British soil as we strode off the train at Waterloo station.

Free teen sex chats will always remember the hundreds of wives and mothers, girlfriends, dads and brothers of someone. How they looked into your face then turned to look at the next one wishing it would be that special person.

When the train left and all of us had walked off the platform this forlorn group would melt away lost in their own thoughts. My dad had spoken of this in WW1 and I would think a lot of the men this group waited for, as they hrad groups like them, waited for fellows that never came back, buried over there.