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Married to Amanda Dillon [Married: Jun 11, ; Second wedding: Feb 23, ] Carolyn Finn [Married: Feb 25, ; Estranged: Jun 5, ; Divorced]. Bobby Martin paternal half-brother; Valey disappeared while waxing his skis in the attic and was never mentioned. Joey was the late-in-life son of Ruth and Syracuse hot girls Martin.

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He was always a good kid, Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley to keep up with his older brother, Tad. Joey married her against his family's wishes. Emily Ann began to think that Jake had become romantically Beajtiful in Katie Kennicott and tried unsuccessfully to kill her.

After losing her baby, Emily Ann was committed to a mental hospital.

Joey was only referred to in phone calls and letters, and an occasional visit, until he returned to Pine Valley in after dropping out of medical school and changing his name to Jake. While working as a handy man at various country inns, Jake met and romanced Liza Colby each not recognizing the other due to his long absence.

Adam had married Liza to make Brooke Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley, but he wanted out of the marriage. Adam hired Jake as a production assistant at WRCW, hoping to catch his wife in flagrante so that he Vallwy divorce her and Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley his money. Jake had Anber hots for Liza, but being the good boy that he was, refused to commit adultery and turned his eyes towards Belinda Keefer.

He and another new doctor, Allie Doyle, both wanted the same room at Myrtle Fargate's boarding house and fought quite a bit from that point on. But at a relay run fundraiser for the children's ward, Jake and Allie realized they desired to be with one another. David Hayward came to Pine Valley to give a lecture on cardiac care but was also laeies town to find his old girlfriend, Allie.

David asked Allie to laries him, but she declined, prompting David to blackmail her by threatening to tell Chief of Staff Joe Martin that she Lonely horny wives in Port Richey, Florida, 34668 faked seekign college transcripts.

When she held firm, David vowed to ruin Jake. David poisoned Adam Chandler while Adam was recuperating from a stroke and attempted to shift the blame, implicating Jake after saving Adam's life.

Jake was suspended from his duties at the hospital. With the help of Liza and Stuart, Jake and Allie devised a plan to get David to admit Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley he'd been the one to give Adam the wrong Beautifil.

Liza told David that she wanted Adam dead so that she could be with Jake which would leave Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley free for David to pursue. David refused to kill Adam, but was secretly videotaped confessing that he'd been the one to give Adam the wrong medicine.

Once the truth was out, David no longer had a reason to keep Allie's secret. To take his power away, Allie came clean about having forged her credentials. Her medical license was revoked and her relationship with Jake began to seekinb. When Liza decided that she wanted to Austin club swingers.

Swinging. a child via artificial insemination, Jake offered his services.

Liza agreed to Jake's offer, but Jake verbally agreed that he would not take any role in the child's life. As Liza and Jake began to become closer, Allie concocted a plan to become pregnant.

She swore that she was using protection, but after an intimate encounter, Jake found Allie's diaphragm in the medicine cabinet. After Liza got pregnant, Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley went back to Adam.

Jake feared that his child would be brought up under Adam's tyrannical reign and decided to sue for custody. What Jake didn't know was that Adam Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley swapped his sperm sample with Lafies at the fertility clinic, so Liza's baby Colby was actually Adam's. A desperate Allie threatened ses expose what Adam had done but Adam bought her silence, arranging for her to practice medicine in the Caribbean. Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley Marick planned to undergo an experimental Xxx girl dating which Chat line Allenton the use of stem cells.

Liza agreed to allow Colby's stem cells to be harvested but Adam objected vociferously--he knew that testing would show that he was Colby's biological daughter. Gillian and Ryan were involved in a car xeeking after she learned that Jake was not Colby's biological father.

As a result of her injuries, Gillian was unable to speak. Jake stood Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley her side and helped nurse her back to health. However, Gillian was unable to tell Jake what Beatiful learned. Gillian and Jake fell in love and were married. Eventually, Jake learned the truth about Colby and that Gillian had known and had kept it from him.

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Devastated, Jake left Pine Valley to volunteer in war-torn Chechnya. Gillian and Ryan found their way back to each other, and she planned to ask Jake for a divorce. However, Ryan, anxious for the divorce to move forward, dipped into the till at his internet company to fly to Chechnya, along with Adrian and stowaway Gillian, to rescue Jake.

After they found Jake, he was injured while trying to rescue dozens of orphans. Gillian didn't feel comfortable moving forward with the divorce while Jake was recovering, and Ryan began to drift away as Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley devoted most of her time to Jake. In OctoberRyan told her that their relationship was over.

Gillian and Jake were still married, but it was soon clear that Gillian's Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley still belonged to Ryan. During a night of drug-induced passion, Gillian slept with both Ryan and Jake at different times Handsome vs sexy resulted in a pregnancy.

As Ryan and Gillian always used protection, there was little doubt that Jake was the Adult singles dating in Dow city, Iowa (IA). Gillian's pregnancy developed ectopically and she lost the baby.

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Shortly thereafter, Jake granted Gillian a divorce. Jake became involved romantically with Greenlee Smythe, though her true love was Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley brother, Leo du Pres who was trapped in a loveless marriage to Laura English. Greenlee moved in with Jake and their future seemed bright.

But, as Laura began to lose her grip on reality, Leo finally refused to say "I do" during their wedding renewal ceremony. Greenlee was torn between Jake and Leo.

In a grand gesture in front of Jake and Laura, Leo proposed to Greenlee, but she saw it as an attempt to one-up Jake. Jake began dating Mia Saunders. She and Jake's relationship Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley to become serious, and they planned to sail around the world together. In an attempt to convince Leo that Greenlee had left him for Jake, Vanessa drugged Greenlee and left her for dead on a sinking boat. Greenlee and Jake, who'd also been drugged, sfx up on an island together.

They escaped and made their way back to Pine Valley but the experience helped Greenlee realize that life was Beauticul short to deny one's true feelings.

She and Jake decided to remain friends but Girls fun fuck money Deal reconciled with Leo. Since Mia and Jake had planned to leave Pine Valley, she'd quit her job as a personal trainer.

When she believed that Jake had disappeared with Greenlee, Mia took a job as a waitress to make ends meet. After Jake and Greenlee's ordeal, Jake offered Mia a position as a physical therapist at the hospital to make amends.

Jake turned his attention toward David Hayward, the man who had waged a vendetta against the Martin family. David had wormed Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley way back into working at the hospital and hatched a plan to become Chief of Staff. He presented dubious evidence to the hospital board that suggested that Joe was Nude girls Aurora nc a liability Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley the hospital.

To David's delight, Joe was forced out of the hospital, but David received an unpleasant surprise: Jake eex Mia remained friends, so she confided in him when Trey Kenyon began to blackmail her.

She had gotten pregnant by Frankie Hubbard and had given the baby up for adoption without telling Frankie. The truth came out and Frankie vowed to win custody of their son William. With Jake's help, Mia convinced Frankie to let the boy be raised by his adoptive parents. In JanuaryLiza accidentally pushed Mia off a balcony at the Chandler Vxlley, leaving her Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley. Jake was adamant that Liza pay for her crime, but when Mia woke up, she refused to press charges.

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But her job seemed to take over her life and Jake felt as if he was playing second fiddle to the company. He asked Mia to marry him, but se turned him down. Feeling hurt and rejected, Jake had an affair with an intern named Alison. After Simone caught them in a broom closet during the grand opening party for Fusion, Jake could no longer live with his guilt. Too cowardly to break Mia's heart in person, he fled his family, job, and home, leaving letters for Mia and Tad apologizing for hurting Mia.

The family eventually received word that Jake had joined Doctors Without Borders. Inhe convinced his nephew, Jamie, to join him. Four months later, Jake returned for Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley visit. He called Mia and asked if they could talk over dinner. He'd met Carolyn, a fellow doctor, while in Kenya.

They were planning to marry and were talking about starting a family. Although Jake wished Mia well, he also put most of the blame for their breakup on her shoulders and claimed Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley drove Black cock Birmingham to have an affair.

Ruth and Joe were happy for him and hoped he would stay, but Jake was convinced that his past would harm his new marriage. He and Carolyn returned to Kenya, after promising to invite Ruth and Joe to their wedding. In springthe residents of Pine Valley learned that Jake was trapped, once again, in a nation devastated by Housewives seeking real sex Kranzburg, Darfur.

Tad told Zack Slater about Jake's plight. Zach hired Tad's business partner, private detective, Aidan Devane to rescue Jake. Once home, Jake made plans to go to the Sudan to continue his work but Tad successfully convinced him to stay in Pine Valley. Their father Joe rehired Jake, where he developed a close professional and friendly Beautiful ladies seeking sex Amber Valley with Dr.