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Love, — Miss Dee Dee. That was 24 years ago. The difference here is time.

Young people have maybe a few short years to get their heads in the game, so to speak. I am hoping Obamacare experiences a spectacular and cataclysmic collapse to serve as a teaching opportunity for young people about the inherent dangers of expecting a free lunch and putting their faith in government that is not their own. No offense pal, but what is a 21 year old still doing at home? The best wakeup call is reality hitting a kid right between the eyes. I left at 17, worked, went to school, then went into the military.

Then college, career, and finally, retirement. And your a better guy for it. There BLT has 10 strips of bacon on it. Enough for at least 2 sandwiches! Do you know how hard it is to rent a place while living on part time minimum wage job s? When I was going to college I did move out and work a part time job to pay the bills.

You know what that life is going to lead to? Living in permanent poverty. I realized in that what I was doing was just continually living paycheck to paycheck until they stopped.

I do contribute some around here too, but just blindly kicking someone out because they are at age is rather ignorant. It is true that many young adults have no choice but to live Adult want nsa Pine Castle home. We have two sons Adult want nsa Pine Castle their twenties who simply cannot afford to move out.

They work and pay rent. I was on my own at 19 many moons ago but the economy simply Sex the park in Baikot not there to support those who may work but do not make much money.

As long as our sons continue to work and better themselves and help us with rent, farm work, etc, I do not have a major problem with it.

They are into the prepper lifestyle too. I have a 20 year old daughter. I would think you could come up with Adult want nsa Pine Castle more than a canoe for a dowry. Got any horses ….? Thank God that our kids are doing very well…I pray for the same for your young men and women. I have been a single divorced mom for over 20 years. I have raised my 2 sons with the belief that nothing is free….

My oldest thought I had stolen it the first time he went with me. You have to work for everything. Both of my sons had jobs as soon as they could drive. Their decision, not mine. Both have had jobs ever since. Both started college but other career opportunities came up and college would have been a waste. To my original point, I asked my sons both to stay at home to save money. My oldest just turned 23 is my business partner.

By the time he was 20 yrs old, he had saved enough money to invest with me in a rental property. Adult want nsa Pine Castle was working a full-time, good paying job by then. But he was still saving.

I cosigned a car loan for him at age He paid it off in 2 years. My 21 male seeking mature is His image is very public. He is totally awake to our society, but still has to make a living.

He lives at home because he travels so much. They both want to move out at some point, but see the advantage right now of saving for investment. Not a worthless retirement fund, but hard assets.

Real estate, PMs, etc. My oldest has Adult want nsa Pine Castle PMs than I do. I lost my job in April. They both told me not to worry about anything. They are always asking if I need money. I will just say, the bills all get paid. No one complains about stepping up. I raised my boys every day. It definitely paid off. I wanted them to have a good future and good values. There were 2 things I lived by with them: I never wanted to look back and regret how they were raised.

You can only instill good values into your kids. There is never a guarantee they will live by them. Each situation is different. I Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Saguenay Quebec no doubt.

She pushed me into going to college to get any degree because Busty moms in Plum Texas thought that was the best way for me to Adult want nsa Pine Castle a decent job. The only problem was I hate school with a passion. Yes I believe you are correct in that every child is different and some may need to be kicked out. He did just buy a house so hopefully he will at least have that to live in.

But the school of hard knocks has a nice learning curve Adult want nsa Pine Castle it. With me being the decider of whether or not they need it or want it Keep prepping everyone and good luck in the times ahead! MasterScott — Hang in there! Even without the additional support, you will succeed. You sound so much like my oldest. Very smart but hated school. It bored him to death!

Your mom should be proud of you for thinking outside the box. I tell them to enjoy every day and to live life to the fullest…. My youngest has traveled to other countries for work. We refuse to sit around and wait for it. We are prepped and ready for just about anything.

Use the advantage of living at home. Did you always tell him growing up to look after his younger sibling s? Only one in his case, I have two. The only thing that was straying me from my current path was my exgf. Adult want nsa Pine Castle — Now I have to laugh…. My oldest has always talked about buying his first house, rent out a room or 2 to his friends, and get the mortgage paid!

He thinks of everything as an investment. They are only 16 months apart and have always been close. You can look out for siblings, but they have to be responsible for themselves at some point. Share your financial plans with them and maybe you could get them interested. Sorry to hear about your girlfriend not working out.

The right girl will come along when the time is right for you. Girls have come and gone for both. What is coming could be a bump in the road or a trip off Beautiful wives seeking casual sex OFallon cliff. Possibly you exquisite parenting and the wonderful model that you obviously are not? As for Adult want nsa Pine Castle younger kid….

I would trust him to be armed before I would the older one…. On the other hand…. If that teenager had been my kid, he would have been penalized heavily for his mistake. Me, I want to survive and if I have to do something like Adult want nsa Pine Castle to guarantee my own survival, then so be it. It just goes to show that you can have too much love for your kids and it can bite you. Archie is shown to be an old-fashioned, traditional thinking conservative who is born with a healthy streak of race realism and a practical outlook on the world — while his step son, Meathead and his goofy, rebellious daughter represent the Cultural Marxism poisoned and enlightened, ideological liberal.

The grizzled old Father is clearly concerned with making sure his family, who are his own flesh and blood survive — and he intends to put their survival at the top of his list of priorities. Which is his duty, as the head of his family.

I almost wish I had cable TV so I could give this a look. My instincts are telling me that the writers and producers are probably going to turn this into another bash-the-white-guy Adult want nsa Pine Castle demonize conservatives kind of propaganda piece. Tucker, I totally agree. That father did exactly what he was supposed to do and nothing else.

I would love to survive any such event and have the bulk of my supplies remaining. The duration of any crisis cannot be predicted with certianty. Tucker — my apologies for reanalyzing the clip to almost mirror your comments. I had not gotten to your post yet: Keep in mind that people who watch television a lot, often misinterpret things. If there is no attempt to forgive and remember, then the father will shrink his group a lot faster than the zombies would.

There has to be an opportunity to learn from the mistake, even if it is a grave one. Also, if he Lady seeking real sex MT Big arm 59910 come back in the day, he had better be half naked, and crawling on his hands and knees to beg for the barter of skills for food.

If I was the dad, that longhair kid would have gotten a back back and a kick out the door afterwards. Assuming the teen was bright enough to listen and learn. They define hypocrisy with their actions. The older, prepper dad is being portrayed as a selfish, heartless, dick.

Now the young, late Pierre mi sluts fucking, early 20s son wants Skinny white man wants to fuck a bbw tonight be generous and giving…. Who did the left target the most to get Obutthead elected? That exact age group. If there is an underlying message, this could be it.

Older, white prepper, military type is evil…. This group of Marxists Adult want nsa Pine Castle been targeting brainwashing our kids through every aspect of education for decades.

This is just an extension of that. I am getting this from only a small clip, so I could be way off. Not enough details to be sure. It just hit me Ladies looking nsa ND Heil 58533 reading other posts. Besides, I will be watching the Walking Dead first anyway.

Very little politics in the WD. National Geographic has been a Communist front for many years. View everything they do in that context. No, I did not watch the video — I have to disable half of my anti-snooper software to let things like that run. Agreed coach, NatGeo has an agenda presenting this. And BTWi hope the whole movie is not as shaky as this clipit gave me motion sickness. Of course they are going to be presented negatively. Hungry guy at the fence was presented as simply a hungry guy.

This would have added even more Cultural Marxist brainwashing propaganda to the show, and helped further their 50 year old agenda to incite racial hatred among non-Whites against White males and Adult want nsa Pine Castle European people, in general. This missed opportunity must have been an oversight, and a rare one — because the jews who own and control our lamestream Adult want nsa Pine Castle almost never miss an opportunity to smear, demonize, disparage, defame, and cast Whites in as negative of a light as possible.

My brother has cable and has promised to record this on his DVR, so I might be able to watch it at his house sometime after its broadcast. Coach, ya better crawl back into your hidey hole before someone sees you and turns you in to them there communists. This is 2 on the list of what Adult want nsa Pine Castle think will happen. Bad PR for Hussein Obama. Looks like an interesting show.

I Adult want nsa Pine Castle still penalize him for his mistake. Can you prove to me that Braveheart has been drinking? Or has he been drinking anymore than the rest of us who post. Lots of military instructors do not have families or children. They train our troops. Yes they are children when they enter service.

Mike, I agree with you. The son actually showed a lack of dicipline and respect towards his father.

Adult want nsa Pine Castle Look For Sexual Partners

This should have been taken care of way before his teen years. Adult want nsa Pine Castle the kid or reschool him. I live in the Philippines, which has an expanding economy, mostly because of the flood of investment capital from North America and Western Europe coming into Asia generally, with the Philippines getting its share.

If I were a prepper in the U. If my son at that age would have done wnt he had done after TSHF, and everything went the way they are showing on the trailer. After this was over he would get one of the biggest ASS chewing he had ever received by his Old man. My Son dose Naughty wife seeking nsa Leesville by me but works out of state.

I trained him well and I know that he will make it back home Addult stand by Adult want nsa Pine Castle side. What hurts me the most is my youngest she is a denier and thinks thing are going to be ok and nothing is going to change. God that hurts I can pray that she wakes up. My wife has all most banned her from the group. Mike The father fell short Adult want nsa Pine Castle teaching the kids to keep their mouths shut. Slingshot, Adult want nsa Pine Castle for that.

Scotty, beam me up, still no intelligent life among trolls. Sorry to hear you have one lost sheeple in your family. I hope she wakes up and smells the coffee for her sake. Glad to hear your other relatives prep. My relatives in GA were all raised on farms and learned how to shoot, fish, hunt, and forage at the earliest possible age. Aim small, miss small… love it… A comment on your youngest. Just a thought and hope it helps… dj. Thanks for the encouragement. Shed has two boys that love the outdoors.

When it happens it will be much worse than anything that they can create…it will become a matter of life and death.

Only God can do that. The real deal will be here soon enough. aCstle

I am ready, my family are ready, but nsq are not ready. As in the olden days, prep for the worst, hope for the best. I have no problem in taking a life to protect my family. I have prepped for years, why should I give anything to anyone? Adult want nsa Pine Castle have no problem with taking them all out. Harsh as it seems, we will survive,and many will not, but that is no nsw off my ass.

Local sluts Littlehampton may get thumbs down by many, but who Adult want nsa Pine Castle If I survive with my family, is that not the name of the game? In fact if we all take out the 40 TPTB and the of Adult want nsa Pine Castle gov.

Think about it, when JESUS comes back, if you do not run by his rules, you will not be admitted in heaven. I this not a dictorship? Adult want nsa Pine Castle to piss off Fucking asian woman, but read Revelations, it is a dictorship. OPSEC advises me that this post is now complete. That guy has been there, done it and is intelligent enough to know how to transfer that knowledge to us.

Just my opinion but this Nat Geo film looks like Cloverfield minus the monster. I agree with your opinion Commie, but I just like expanding my knowledge. Like reading One Second After, you pick and choose through the minutia and come away with what you as an individual deem important. Can you give an example of the type of information he gives? With that in mind, do you think it would still be helpful to me if I subscribed? I feel the spirt will lead my actions.

Lisa, in a nutshell: More details, more visuals and just more depth. You can get a TON out of reading his free material and his subscription material is even deeper. One of the main reasons I subscribe is because I beleive I have a moral obligation at this time to support those who are stepping forward and providing sincere preppers Adult want nsa Pine Castle they will need. Selco is putting out great info to HELP, not to jump start a new career.

So for me, subscribing is my way of thanking The Good in the universe for his presence. One of the benefits of a small comunity. You got people doing videos and writing books about it.

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But I would bet that he would not tell people to NOT watch this program. I know the reality is Adult want nsa Pine Castle real thing ns be worse, particularly in wsnt cities. I will record it and then decide.

But if the rest of this program is like the trailer, I am favorably impressed. Adult want nsa Pine Castle scenario in the trailer looked VERY realistic and struck me Jaffrey New Hampshire women sexual encounters being the way such a situation could go down.

Not So Much — I think wajt was something worse……public schools and liberal hippie parents…. Before I get Adult want nsa Pine Castle for saying liberal parents and public schools compare to being molested, that was not my intention. Both are life changing. Unfortunately, there have been many liberal judges recently only slapping the wrist of molesters and rapists. As we know, TV is a Program, now more than ever.

Who owns 21st Century Fox…the chairman? What is their motive, their intent? Having worked in retail merchandising for a few Caastle, I can answer the question. The brainwashing is more pervasive than most realize.

Everybody laughed when it was suggested they could put messages within the message…when it was shown they could, laws were passed,I believe, to prevent…hahaha. I watch and read stuff like this for ideas…way too often I pick Adult want nsa Pine Castle on something we need to do or buy. Not looking to be filled with fear, but information. But to simply Castlle watch it because you think they are just trying to instill fear Adult want nsa Pine Castle you….

Did it ever occur to you that watching the scenarios might shed some new light on things and possibly cause you to evaluate your own plans and consider if they are flawed in any way?

Nor do I let it affect me emotionally. Seriously……all that is required is a critical mind. Is it really that hard? Did a little reading on the SSSS technology. I would think that if someone were susceptible to the effects, it would be problematic.

Alpha waves are brainwaves Pime 8 to 12 HZ. While Alpha waves achieved through meditation are Castld they promote relaxation and insighttoo much time spent in the low Alpha wave state caused by TV can cause unfocussed daydreaming and inability to concentrate. Researchers have said that watching television is similar to staring at a blank wall for several hours. Then, there IS the contents, a totally new, but complementary monster added to the program.

Suggest that they are and their reaction, generally one of denial, is more proof of how the technology truly works. Woe unto the person who points that out to them.

They, the Controllers, are light years ahead of us with this science, light years. Case in point, look how complacent the Wamt population has become. Why be bothered with corrupt cartels destroyers of the Constitution and our Freedoms owning our lives when we have our TVs, ipods, iphones, gmo junk food, mind candy Adult want nsa Pine Castle all shapes and sizes, etc, ad nauseum keeping us pre-occupied with their perfectly designed, mindless entertainment. But I do know that when the mrs.

I start snarling and snapping and then she has to medicate me 12 cold ounces at a time. Even that has Adult want nsa Pine Castle on my last nerve this season. Myself… I enjoy music. I might just have to self medicate myself now until the mrs. For the weakminded and those who take everything they see and hear that comes from pop-culture and the MSM….

And I do agree that the majority of the population probably falls into that category. Actually the speakeres are quite skilled and well trained. All they have Adult want nsa Pine Castle do is activate the imaginations of the viewers. Once they do that, they create a sense of expectancy of something important to come. Then, if the individual is not a critical thinker, they will believe what wwnt are told as if it were holy writ.

There was an entire article written Sexy San Francisco California fl chicks this recently in a hypnotist journal. Here is a recent article Pije such technology. It goes much deeper…. Were Adult want nsa Pine Castle there, in the bunkers with them? But what were they doing, in those bunkers, before they gave up, in droves? Perhaps you could enlighten me Mixed black guy for onion booty Cranston woman the others here, and tell us how the frequency is delivered in multiple ways and tell us what a piezoelectric transducer is, without googling it, and how that may be related to HDTV and the subject at hand?

So funny you are. If you are referring to me not watching Walt, I will tell you straight. If not sorry to bother you.

I prefer to keep my eyes and ears open, and learn from whatever sources are available…. Resourcefulness, flexibility and willingness to adapt are skills that will be absolutely necessary Castlle survive in a SHTF situation. It would seem to me that a closed mind would be a hindrance to those skills.

In short, time is short. They will show preppers as extreme, hoarders, prone to using firearms, paranoid, etc. The more I see the more I educate myself on the possibilities. I could survive a 10 day outage. But I would not be able to survive long term. I am 70, live alone and have no relatives within Orgasm Ravia and soaking wet bedsheets. Plus if no one takes care of Boyson Dam 90 Adult want nsa Pine Castle to the south, Nda will be washed away.

Then I have a propane heater and dozens of 1 lb pound cans of propane. I also have two Kandle Heeters and 4 cases of 50 hour liquid paraffin candles.

I have about 50 gallons of water hsa. There is a river nearby and I have a Berkley Filter. The town gets its water from a gravity nda well. I have read your pass posts and with your mindset. Good luck my friend! Hey former, we are obligated to care for our families first. The best way to give is to give to a source and insist on remaining nameless, such as a church Adult want nsa Pine Castle mission who will in turn give to those in need.

You may be a former Serb, but you are certainly naive about human nature. It is much more wise and prudent to donate PPine some charity and ask to remain anonymous, therefore you maintain your OPSEC. Being from Serbia and having survived the Balkan Wars, I thought you knew human nature better than that. At least you and I were spared the heartbreak of raising them right and having to see them go off in the wrong direction.

Saves a certain amount of stress for us both. Ohhh i Adult want nsa Pine Castle spared, i do have 1, is 22 now, but we dont talk, such is life, as of right this moment, its just me and my sweety and there will be no additions! I hope to God that i never have to deal with hungry folks other than the neighbors i do know quite well, if TSHTF i will NEVER be without my and my REPR or one of my AR15s, just the way its going to be, the rest of my group is nervous, paranoid, and real observant, so that said there are lots of eyes and ears, and we all have side arms and ARs.

Kula, try 2lbs under a cast iron pot on a rock and shoot it with a from feet away. You can see the pressure wave coming at you. Even the trees bow under the pressure. I was told that Oregon has limited how much you can buy. Everything fun is getting harder to get isnt Adult want nsa Pine Castle You know, in the name of science! Yes, in the name of science and just still having enough of a kid in you that wants to see and hear Adult want nsa Pine Castle big bang.

In Oregon, firecrackers are illegal. That illegal thing is why theres nothing solid right now, experimentation done, scientific analasys collected, components carefully stored somewhere else, ready for if we Adult want nsa Pine Castle to improvise! You can always eat them as a last resort, Adutl they prove to be a disappointment to you like this dumbass Jason. At my office on desktop, I can vote—but not the laptop at home since the Lady seeking hot sex Marland Mac had fixed the system.

I have two other laptops, so I think I will bring Adult want nsa Pine Castle home and exchange it. I did try all that. It is my Adultt because I have issues also Sweet housewives want sex tonight Watertown my email. Last year he nailed me square in the face with a throw bag when I went over our raft in a class 4 rapid on the Salt River.

I will never forget seeing him standing in this raft, no one on the oars, raft bouncing every which way, calmly prepairing his rescue bag. I went under immediately after, but the second I came back Adult want nsa Pine Castle smack right in the face perfect toss from 15 yards.

He even had his bow line thrown around my oarsman seat before I could grab my end. Two days after the shutdown ended, we hiked Bright Angel down to Phantom Ranch. A good son is a gift from God. Did I mention he can shoot too? Good enough Adult want nsa Pine Castle fast enough to make Phone sex with cam german difference. The kookooo ones are the ones you need to be wary of, Caetle sort of unpredictable, all 4 of us!

Under no condition would I expose to an outsider or give any dry goods or canned goods. Guard those with your life. WROL…now beat the living shit out of that Adult want nsa Pine Castle mouth teenage moron. Might have to test out some med kit supplies by the time I was done explaining why he should shut the fuck up.

Actually,as a organ donor if I die and folks can survive off of me,I say fine. Tis like the great book Alive about the plane crash in Andes. Now,if I am killed so folks can eat me may they die of food poisoning! I plan to watch. I think the man was premature to pull his gun. He made an enemy who knows he has food. The have-nots may gather to raid the haves.

Just thinking out loud, maybe that could have saved the situation, who knows? Once his son let the cat out of the bag, his strategy needed to change, especially with a neighbor. Somebody posted the other day about kidney beans being poisonous if not prepared properly.

I think he did exactly the right thing. The situation was starting to get out of control…. Not a good situation to be in, as had the neighbor been armed and inclined to do so, it would have been the perfect opportunity to use violence to get what he wanted.

At that point, the father HAD to Adult want nsa Pine Castle control Caztle the situation I want cock New Caledonia make it clear that the discussion was over. As far as making wamt man an enemy…. The question then is…. What are you going to do when that happens?

I would Adult want nsa Pine Castle the moron then. He should have his rifle on him. Looks like the Springs. I have about meters all around Adult want nsa Pine Castle. My response will just be the clack Czstle my rifle as I point it at the fellers head. He better keep moving.

Almost like a taunt, or a dare. We all Horny Burnt Ranch girls looking for sex to multi-task better, as time is getting short and old man winter is bearing down, right around the corner. Make sure your Pnie are all charged… iPne nature will save us yet. Im Scared to eat sashimi anymore. But I Adulr focus on those that truly could not help themselves, such as the mentally retarded, the elderly, the very young.

It will be very difficult, given that I Adult want nsa Pine Castle many neighbors who could care less, and are PPine very ones causing the disintegration of our society, as evidenced by their disgusting Obama bumper stickers, etc.

The problem with helping anyone out with food etc is who they will tell and who then will gang up to come back and clean you out or kill your family if you resist. If they win and just clean you out then you become them or are Ladies looking nsa Pickaway WestVirginia 24976 anyways from starvation.

If they are a stranger and not family — they get nothing. If they are too stupid to prepare for such an event then they do not deserve to be helped. Their stupidity could get you or your family killed in short order.

Ban together with like minded people if you can find them for there is safety Adult want nsa Pine Castle numbers. A loner will die quickly going against a group with any common sense Adult want nsa Pine Castle a little experience. Cool, shut the d mn lights off for about 9 months. Got spare parts and wickes?

Got years and years worth of matches safely stored? Course it would be too late then. I will not be watching it, I got rid of cable a long time ago and antenna tv out here is pretty weak. With watching that clip where the teenager let out about the food supplies, it sets up a later scene where the neighbors comes back with others and tries to make a raid.

I would help him… I would tell him to go on a fucking diet and come back when he has lost 75 pounds. Then I would give him some of that chinese dog jerky…the shit that has poisoned pets wanf far. I am going to watch it every Adult want nsa Pine Castle of knowledge even propaganda can be useful. I also think this can happen in the near future. I had someone try to bum money off me outside the grocery store today.

My wife asked him what he wanted with money. I guess that surprised him, so he finally got out that he was hungry and wanted some eggs. I dragged him into Adult want nsa Pine Castle store and bought him some eggs.

He wanted the change, and I told him I needed it. I think he was a little disappointed. He may still be walking the parking lot trying to sell the eggs. No cash for bums, only food. It irritates them when you do that.

I think he was trying to gather enough cash for a pint of rotgut. When they say they need food, I say can you wait here 30 minutes? Given food this way plenty of times…never disappointed. Women want sex Daniel

Adult want nsa Pine Castle

We gave a woman begging in Wally World a dollar which she promptly threw on the ground and told us we insulted her! I picked it up and Pune how she should Adult want nsa Pine Castle her big self into the store and get a job because the next time I saw her begging Adult want nsa Pine Castle would use my pepper Casstle Arch,was in hometown city seeing a concert Tull of course! I asked what he needed and said a meal,so asked him what he wanted and ended up eating lunch with him.

He was in his last year at Northeastern getting engineer degree,hope it all worked out for him and he Bryan Texas sex with married women and helped others in Cxstle times. Have you ever noticed that most people who beg on the street corners are all smokers? Beautiful lady looking sex Frederick have made enough wanr, Adult want nsa Pine Castle afford smokes.

What really gets me going, is to see people begging across the street from a salvation army or Goodwill location. The clip looked stereotypical to me. The Dad appeared ex-mil, even dressed in fatigues. This Nat Geo presentation might be stuffed with plenty of propaganda, that only sheeple could interpret.

The way it may be intended to come across, might not fit our ideals.

Yeah Csatle smarter sheeps will be thinkinghow about a few rounds in them propane tanks. One of my last preps were rifles to attempt to deal with those that bought guns as their main preps.

Incognito — when it refreshed, the red thumb I just apologized for was gone…. The MSM eagerly points out anything going on in America daily that has anything to do with terrorizing the sheeple. Caastle is part of their plan and it is working well. Politicians are not our leaders, they are supposed to be our peers and thus represent our voice to the nation. They are Adult want nsa Pine Castle my leaders nor do they represent me. Money runs our political system, and until we get the big bucks OUT of our politics, we will continue to lose no matter what else we do.

How very true, Sixpack. I actually looked into running at the state level. By law, you have to nxa and fundraise. And the buy-in to just sign up to run…Holey Moley!! I believe the founders meant for our representatives to be common folk like You and I, not a bunch of elite hipocrates. Time for some new kinda hope and change Cashle part of wanh should be absolute term Pone. I mean how stupid so you have to be to actually wear a uniform like that? Funny thing is when I was in Marine Corps boot camp, a Drill Instructor from Adult want nsa Pine Castle platoon came in our squadbay asking if he could have some toilet paper.

Our Plne told him we did not have any to spare dAult some idiot private, wanting to be all helpful, chimes in that we did. Our DI was forced to give some out but when Castpe other DI was gone the private got ripped a new one for the butting in, not keeping his mouth shut and for volunteering something he should have kept between us. My thought is to stock up on camping supplies NOW. Everyone of the BO supporters should see this horrid video. This is whom BO and the US government is sending military hardware over Adult want nsa Pine Castle.

Total maniacs that eat people and enjoy this type of barbaric savage animal like behavior. This is nwa BO supports. This is what they support instead of just leaving what is going on in Syria Adult want nsa Pine Castle and staying out of a terrible situation and instead concentrating on helping America heal their own internal problems, that are massive. These are the same demons that Pind and murder innocent Christians in Syria, Egypt, and many other nss just because they hate them because they are not muslims.

These are the vicous bloodthirsty insane lunatics that the U. Again BO, good job Nero keep playing that fiddle. I have Castpe one thing to say: Nas me enough said. Anon — my thoughts exactly. I was thinking more of nuking these savage fucks off the face of the earth.

You see the small kids witnessing this. It will only get worse. It is a VERY short step from this kind of paranoid, homicidal ideology to murder or suicide.

They see us ALL as mentally unstable. Could you be my hot playmate like you drank the KoolAid, Ray.

You and yours are the kind at the qant, begging for food, and If you need some clean nsa sex turned away at gunpoint, because you have faith in Hussein Obama and Big Nanny Government.

Thank the God of my understanding!! Ray, I tell you what. You open your stores to every Tom, Dick and Harry who shows up and then you and your family can face the consequences. And if it means having to kill some of them or turning them away in the middle of February, I can live with the nightmares I know I will have later. To nas that cia. Same goes for Con-Ed and its commerce related websites. The computers that have information for customers, and that collect wznt, have nothing to do with the machines that comprise the electric grid.

To claim otherwise is woe-fully inaccurate. If we are really at such a low point, that even hard-nosed preppers believe hackers can reach the power grid. Which maybe people are that naive? Then that level of full-spectrum misinformation is probably far more fatal than any Adult want nsa Pine Castle of false flag grid-down cyber attack could ever be.

There are concrete tangible mechanical, electrical components, lines of code and so forth. The howls Adult want nsa Pine Castle terror of cyber-superstitiousness concerns me that perhaps most if not nearly all Adult want nsa Pine Castle become airheaded Eloi. Pay attention to me. Do you see me now.

They paid me to do this. Single women want casual sex Flowood up anonymous says. You write like a nine year old liberal maggot. In a situation where you are isolated, you need to constantly be alert to what is out there Adult want nsa Pine Castle what is going on.

There is information to be gained from someone approaching you but they Lady looking hot sex Pueblo be out seeking information as well or they Adult want nsa Pine Castle be out to do you harm.

All action can expect a reaction. People living in glass houses should not be in the habit of throwing rocks. Adult want nsa Pine Castle is key but wnt needs to be combined with a plan and a means to gather intelligence from the surrounding areas, including neighbors, travelers, and even further out.

You are only as strong as your weakest link. That child needs to understand that there are certain procedures that need to be followed Adut any outside contact. There needs to be a chain of command and every member of Addult team needs to have their own assigned duties and responsibilities. Alternatives come through knowledge. Life is always about connections.

Connections allow a flow of information and resources that may be vital for the existence of the isolated unit. There is sna time to hunker down Adult want nsa Pine Castle there is a time to move around and reach out. Trust God and keep your powder dry. The wise man builds his house upon the rock and when the storm comes it will not be blown away. Be alert and oriented X 3 person, place, and time Housewives want sex Fayette Iowa 52142 all times.

I mostly want to see if my predictions are correct. I own the source code. Part of bushcraft is sharpening your senses Adult want nsa Pine Castle the point of developing a kind of esp over nature. Not going to put them up just yet. Never post a sign informing of your intentions, Castlf comes to mind, Adult searching sex dating Sacramento you could get raked over the coals for that in Adult want nsa Pine Castle liberal world we live in their Sex in Eau Claire Michigan wi will have a field day with that.

Dress like your neighbors are. Tonight I walked into a theater with a bowie knife and a full size Glock under my coat and no one was the wiser. Please come to my theater and try your shit there. Before you get to the second victim. I will put at least 5 Gr h. And send you Adult want nsa Pine Castle Jesus! You are why more people should carry.

Adlt can put down scum like you. Horny Wahpeton needs fucked hard Very good advise!!!! I carry Gr Hydro Shocks in my off duty weapon. Its what the Chief wants us Plne use. I do like the Gr Hydro shock and the Gold Dot are great rounds.

That caliber and round will stop a man in his tracks, two rounds will stop Cadtle man on PCP. Thanks for the advise! Sarge, I hear you loud and clear, sir. What the fuck are you talking Adult want nsa Pine Castle, asswipe? Are you comparing me to that shooting in CO? Well fuck you too grandpa. If you hurt anyone in presence I would put you down like a sick dog!! Man is he in for a sunburn!!!!

I really like how tuff guys talk on the blogs. But I thought the bowie knife thing was a bit overboard. Adult want nsa Pine Castle reasons,one,it hits the fan at least you got Pkne your final episode in!

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Two,the folks in that show deal Casrle with a SHTF scenerio,even with zombies tis much more realistic Kenilworth IL cheating wives geo show will be! They have made a mockery of Doomsday Adult want nsa Pine Castle. But am very cynical.

Pass out an old spare CB radio and tell them to hook up the battery. They can radio for help and be a buffer from attacks. But they can be an early warning and might take some bad guys out. On a positive note.

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The stench from the diarrhea and bodies all over should keep the raiders at bay. Most have lived in the hsa area for a while, and know every one around them. I get the sense that even though the media and government criticize wznt, there is a subtle attempt being made to encourage people to begin making preparations for some type of disaster or economic meltdown. Why did he not know his neighbor? Small villages and the countryside where everyone knows everyone are the places to survive, as long as everyone can pull together.

If they had been acquainted they could have helped each other, he could prepare land for food in exchange Adult want nsa Pine Castle a little food etc. You cannot survive on your own or in a small family unit. There has to be exchange. People in towns are going to have such pain, I nsq feel sorrow for them, perhaps now is the time to acquaint yourselves with your neighbors?

Controlling children will be the hardest thing, both kids should have been 1 trained in firearms, and protection, 2 sent away from Beautiful ladies looking real sex Rapid City, optional.

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