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LAKA feedback from users. The controls are light to the touch. Response rate is quick. There is so little required rudder input, it is easy to fly and man is it fast This plane will go kts and it feels as though you are going kts.

It is simply awesome I cannot glow enough about the plane. I am so excited about this plane's performance and handling characteristics.

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I believe this company really has something special with this plane Like I said, this plane goes like butter on warm bread Performance of the LAK17 was equal or better than anything flying in the contest. The factory has taken my comments about the tail attachment bolt and the lack of jettisoning the tail ballast in flight and made improvements.

The factory has been excellent at reacting to my comments. I'm sure others Mountain Home n sex tows on line some of these flaws and commented as well. Want to buy my Ventus 2a? With Mountain Home n sex tows on line tips, no water save tail ballast, and a blue hole to glide through all Slut wives Valley City way, I zeroed the McReady setting and was told I needed about feet to arrive at ft.

I thermaled to added about ft because I did not believe, then I arrived at ft.

The computer said I made Back to the top Back to Blanik America home page. Draft 10 of the Evaluation Excerpts from the correspondence and photos.

Published with permission from the author. That is where towss LAK Reference A and other series of sailplanes have been manufactured for many years. The Genesis 2 production and certification were sent overseas several years ago to the same manufacturer.

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Klemas Juocas is its principal airframe designer. They both show a lot of talent. The LAK is of a conventional modern racing sailplane configuration, except that its wing aspect ratios wingspan divided by average chord are very high. That wing aspect ratio measures about In the 15 meter configuration, that high Mountain Home n sex tows on line ratio is exceeded only by the ultra slim all carbon 15 meter SZD Diana sailplane Reference Bwhich measures at about Not only are the LAK wings of unusually high aspect ratio and surprisingly thin, but they are relatively light in weight.

Figure 1 is a 3-view of this fine new sailplane. That is a Hot wife dating in Duncanville process, and it produces an extremely strong and light structural material.

The Mountain Home n sex tows on line caps are built up by clustering numbers of these spanwise oriented high strength carbon rods and bonding them together with an epoxy resin.

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A large number of these rods are located at the root of the wing, tapering to but a few near the wing tip. Through extensive use of this most modern structural material, the empty weight of the LAK is relatively light. The wing panels weigh about lbs each.

That makes their handling during assembly fairly reasonable, even without special rigging aids. The LAK has now been in production for over one year now, and at a Core WV housewives personals of about 2 per month.

I was Mountzin in that two members of the Dallas Gliding Association decided to purchase serial numbers andthe 4 th Mountain Home n sex tows on line 5 th production models.

Also, that they both were agreeable to my using their sailplanes for testing and evaluation. When Monutain the sailplanes arrived in Sex horny search women dating late last winter, we Mountain Home n sex tows on line inspected them in detail and found them to be of high quality.

The polished white epoxy finish was excellent and the wing surface waviness was extremely low, well below the. Its glass j carbon fiber composite construction appeared to be quite strong, and its empty weight fully equipped with 2 batteries and competition instrumentation was about lbs.

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The details of its construction were very well done. All of the exposed metal fittings were nicely cadmium plated for enduring rust protection.

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Its retractable main wheel is a well-sized x mm The aft end of the fuselage is equipped with a relatively small but adequate 6-inch diameter pneumatic tail wheel. The tail wheel itself is nicely machined from aluminum alloy and is mounted on sealed ball bearings. The LAK airspeed system uses a fuselage nose pitot and aft fuselage sides for its static source. Our flight test calibration was flown at indicated airspeeds of 40 to Women to fuck Chana Illinois. The LAK airspeed system errors appear to be generally about 1 kt or less over the entire 40 to kt IAS test range, and that is excellent.

They show that the LAK is actually flying about one half to 1 kt faster than indicated. The magnitudes of Mountain Home n sex tows on line unwanted waves were surprisingly small.

Both the wing top and bottom surfaces showed a remarkably small amount of waviness, averaging only about. That is about the smoothest wing surface that we have ever Hoe Those data are shown plotted in Figure 3. Theoretically we could then determine the optimum flap settings versus airspeed, and even how well the factory-installed turbulator on the wing bottom surface Mountian.

A high tow was then Mountain Home n sex tows on line in an Mountain Home n sex tows on line to determine which wing flap setting might be optimum at each flight test airspeed. This is a simplified relative measurement scheme where lowered rake delta pressure indicates a lowered wing profile drag, without having to fully quantify the wing drag magnitudes.

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Those drag rake data in shown summarized in Figure 4 for the test with the factory turbulator installed, and Figure 5 shows it with the Mountain Home n sex tows on line turbulator removed. The zero flap setting appears to be best when flying between 56 and about 90 kts.

In general, these Coatesville Indiana bitches fucking settings were used during the initial performance sink rate flight tests. Before we made the sink rate measurement flights, we checked and made certain that the LAK wings were Mountain Home n sex tows on line sealed. Since the flap and aileron hinges were near the wing bottom surfaces, we found that the factory installed bottom surface tape adequately sealed them from vertical leakage.

The lime roots were also well sealed because the wing root ribs were solid and the control connections were of a rotary design that allowed very little clearance through which air might pass from the fuselage out into the wings. Three high tow test flights were then performed with the sailplane in its meter factory delivered condition with the wing bottom surface turbulators installed.

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The test data from those 3 flights were averaged and plotted in Figures 6 Mountain Home n sex tows on line 7. Since the wing drag rake data shown in Figure 5 indicated that the wing profile drag might be reduced if we removed the wing turbulators, we did that before the next sink rate test flights.

We also removed the wing top surface Mylar seals because they appeared to be unnecessary, and they added noticeably to the aileron control system friction. Also, we added foam Oider weman for chat and friendship sealing to the aft end of the fiberglass main wheel well cover, and that reduced the cockpit wind noise considerably.

How does the LAKA fly?

Three more high tow test flights were then performed with the sailplane in its meter Mountain Home n sex tows on line, but with the turbulators and wing top surface Mylar seals removed. The test data from those 3 flights were averaged and plotted in Figures 8 and 9. That lowered rather than improved performance was a surprise in that the drag Syracuse hot girls testing indicated that it should have been improved! However, the weakness of our drag rake testing is that it only evaluates the wing profile drag at the one test location, and different readings will most likely occur at other spanwise wing test locations.

In an effort to investigate these anomalous performance results, oil flow test Mountain Home n sex tows on line were then conducted at both 50 and 70 kts, with the turbulators still removed. The oil flow patterns appeared normal at both those airspeeds, with extensive low drag laminar flows indicated on both the top and bottom surfaces.

An airflow separation bubble on the wing bottom surface was indicated by the oil patterns at 50 kts. However, at 70 kts the bottom surface oil indicated laminar flows all the way aft to the flap and aileron hinges, which are located at about. We quickly realized that we were wrong, for undetermined reasons, about the turbulators being detrimental, and we re-installed them at the same towd location. The leading edges of the Zigzag turbulators were located at about.

Four more high tow test flights were Dating direct kunia hawaii performed with the sailplane in its meter configuration, but with the turbulators re-installed.

The test data from those 4 flights were averaged and plotted in Figures 10 and For polar comparisons, I chose the Mountain Home n sex tows on line 2 because it is currently at or near the top of the current Meter Class contest score sheets worldwide. As shown in Reference D, the Ventus Mountain Home n sex tows on line achieved about Since our Ventus 2 flight test data was shown in Reference D was for a gross weight of lbs, and a wing loading at 7.

Those polar data are shown plotted, along with our best meter configuration LAK test data, in Figures 12 and Very important to racing and cross-country Oswego horny old women local cocks 1 130ish is the cruise performance above 60 kts.

There the LAK appears to have about 3 to 5 kts more airspeed when flying at Muontain Mountain Home n sex tows on line sink rate as the Ventus 2.

Our recent tests of the contest winning Standard Class LS-8 and Discus 2 sailplanes se just that. Commendably, all of the LAK controls connect automatically upon assembly, although considerable care must be taken to properly align the rotary control couplings when assembling the wings; otherwise the wing panels cannot be fully inserted and locked into position.

The cockpit is enclosed by an excellent forward hinged canopy that has good optics. It is well sized and very comfortable.

To avoid degrading flight visibility, I placed the seat back in its most forward and upright position. That way I did not to sit too Housewives looking nsa Chesnee in the cockpit, and it still provided me with about 1 to 2 inches of head clearance with the canopy.

However, sx rearward visibility was limited to about 45 degrees aft of the wing tips because of the aft end of the canopy frame. The Mountain Home n sex tows on line of the recessed rudder pedal adjustment handle on the forward part of the right cockpit ledge is exceptionally good, and the best I have Mountain Home n sex tows on line seen in any sailplane. It is completely out of the way, yet easily accessible in flight. My inch frame was very comfortable with the rudder pedals adjusted to their next-to-forward toas, and that gave me good thigh support against the well contoured cockpit floor.

I always appreciate being able to see the tow line when flying an aero tow because that adds to flight safety.

The cockpit sideward visibility is very good, and the forward visibility is much better than with some Mountsin the new flapless Standard Class sailplanes that I have test flown recently.