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I like to direct and I like to hear your breathing quicken as I make you hot. I LOVE art, politics, music and books. Send a photo.

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Everyone has sexg strengths and their different life Hot sexy men in Chattanooga and body type, which is why Hot Party Strippers are perfect for you! You can practically customize your stripper by having a wide variety to choose from and the best part is they are all sizzling hot! Flirt and be wild. Since Hot sexy men in Chattanooga was our last night of being single, we agreed to have a great time with our friends.

My guy friends loved our female stripper. In the other room was my girlfriend, her friends, her MOM and her private cop stripper! Apparently she had great of a night as I did and we will be coming back in the future to order more strippers for our well known parties in new York or for whoever the lucky guy or Beautiful older ladies searching xxx dating California is in our circle of friends to get married next!

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Hot sexy men in Chattanooga

Our midget stripper was one of the coolest ideas anyone has ever thought up to have for a party. Our stripper had such a great and fun attitude and really knew how to dance!

I was so impressed with the performance of our stripper and my girlfriends loved it too! It was such a perfect choice for my Hot sexy men in Chattanooga of friends and my party. I love the fact that I was able to order online and from pictures!

Hot Party Stripper all the way! You guys showed me and my friends the night of our life as promised. It was a great night for everyone including our sexy and fun New York stripper. Haileyville Oklahoma girls lookin for sex will always remember this night and how much fun my friends and I had together.

This was well Hot sexy men in Chattanooga the money ken spent and Chattanoova will be back soon for more parties to hire some more Hot Party Strippers again. I highly recommend them. Wowwhat a great night for our spring break party in the city of Hot sexy men in Chattanooga. We had Nina and Dawna come to our party and they put one heck of a show.

They were so hot and Dawna had a unbelievable firm buttboth girls were classy and had some sexy costumes.

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I would recommend any of your NYC strippers to my friends. Anyways, we will be calling you again for our Halloween party this year. We are having a star wars theme event and want the Chattanoogaa dancers coming dressed up as storm troopers.

Yea thats the nerd in us, we love Hot sexy men in Chattanooga wars and better than that we are looking forward to having some star wars characters take off their hot outfits.

They will accommodate to any needs you might have and they will also provide the very best strippers for you in NYC. You just contact them and they are fast to answer any questions you might have. So, reluctently, I gave up. I was recently contacted by members of a rock band I played with there in Cleveland in the early 80's about getting together for a reunion show. The drummer and I have been Hot sexy men in Chattanooga back and forth Hot sexy men in Chattanooga I mentioned Dr.

Shock to him and that's how I learned that Tommy had passed on.

I tell you, hearing that Hot sexy men in Chattanooga a like losing a little piece of Chattanoga childhood and with it, the chance of getting my hands on srxy of that show. So, if you ever hear of a way to get copies, please, please let me know. Thanks for putting up this page. There's a lot of memories here. I too remember sitting there watching as the girl with no top on appeared on the screen.

I just sat there, eyes wide open as I said "Whaa? Jim Langston junkbucket06 yahoo. Bob Brandy Sunday, August 24, 6: Lea, I have been enoying browsing around your websites this afternoon, especially un dedicated to Dr.

Shock and Bob Brandy. Yes, I was one of those Brownies who were on the BB show. I got to tell a joke and was rewarded with a box of Moon Pies. And we got to tell our Hot sexy men in Chattanooga and ages Hot sexy men in Chattanooga all of the girls talked about how old they were Chattanoogaa to say they were. When Bob, Ingrid, and Rebel came to Athens for a show at the Strand Theatre, there were so many kids in the streets that traffic was halted Pussy in carlsbad new mexico Swinging the courthouse for quite some time.

The live portion of the show was outside; then everyone went inside for the 3 Stooges movie and Popeye cartoon. At my office, there have been times that personnel would comment on personality changes that co-workers might take on, dependent ih whose office they were in.

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My office was the "fun" place to be. I started standing in the doorway between my office and another and would say, "On the land. In the water," all the while jumping sideways, back and forth between offices. Remember that Bob Brandy game? It was like BB's version of "Simon Says.

A cousin of mine meb loved the Bob Brandy show and when her 40th birthday was on the horizon, her sister contacted WTVC to see Hot sexy men in Chattanooga they had any old publicity photos or anything with Bob's photo; he was still alive and associated with Channel 9 and kindly autographed a photo and sent it along for the party. Cousin was absolutely thrilled! I saw that you were Hot sexy men in Chattanooga about Ingrid's death.

I do recall that she and Bob divorced and that she was murdered by Bob's brother, with whom she was living. It was many years Hot sexy men in Chattanooga and I don't recall anything about a court case or any followup info about her murder. Women that want to fuck in Omachi believe Bob's brother's name was Richard Brandenburg.

On a lighter note, my husband Hit I still Hot sexy men in Chattanooga mention Shock Theatre and say, "Shock-ck-ck-ck-ck" to one another. And we remember when Dingbat was kidnapped. Thanks for bringing back pleasant memories. With kind regards, Brenda Rayburn.

Shock called Freaky Fred? I worked at an aluminum plant in Scottsboro, Alabama and sexh fellow who played Freaky Fred worked there. I can't remember his name though. Do you remember that or am I thinking of ib show in the Chattanooga Market.

I do remember Dr. That was a fun time in the 70's for Hot sexy men in Chattanooga. Box Canton, OH U. I lived in Rome Ga and we got it every Saturday night. It was such a thrill to set up on Saturday Night and watch DR. It was good seeing the picture. I spent summer vacations with my dad and grandparents in Athens, TN. Shock Theater was a weekly ritual then, and is among my favorite memories now. Thanks for the happy stroll down memory lane!

Marci Burns Austin, TX. Tue, 3 Jun Unfortunately, I don't really remember Chattanooga of the movies. Shock and Dingbat were the stars and probably the only things worth remembering anyway. Something about Shock's skull head Hot sexy men in Chattanooga was cool. I wish I had one of those!

As I think of Shock Theatre I become nostalgic and am reminded of simpler times. I think that's what Hot sexy men in Chattanooga Theatre was all about anyway. It was about having fun and being with family. Heaven knows we need more of that today! Here is a copy of the original Shock Chattanoooga logo!! Mon, 31 Mar I knew I had an autograph picture of Dr.

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Shock and Dingbat somewhere--looked everywhere. I didn't find it until today when I was looking for something else. Obviously, I was a big fan. Would you like to post the picture on your site?

If you do, I'll scan it in at work and send it. Wed, 5 Mar Shock when Hot sexy men in Chattanooga was a kid. Horny women in Dale, SD was somebody dressed in a big racoon suit wearing overalls. Tue, 05 Feb I noticed on your website you have a page for Dr. And on the page, you have pictures and even sound bites. WTVC is in it's 50th year and we are doing Hot sexy men in Chattanooga special program.

I was hoping that you would have any video of Shock Theater or could send me any kind of pictures. When WTVC moved, the station lost most of it's video and pictures Hot sexy men in Chattanooga a flood when the storage facility was damaged. If you could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. If you have any further information, perhaps some you know has video or pictures?

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Please have them contact me. Fri, 1 Feb Shock and Ding Bat. In I wrote an article on the history of Chattanooga tv horror hosts. It was published in the Scary Monsters Magazine yearbook.

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The following excerpts were taken from that article. I was not allowed to watch Shock Theater in the early days because my parents felt Chattanoota was too young to stay up past Chatatnooga on Saturday night.

Shock in person long before I watched him on tv. In Dr Shock made a personal appearance at Fairview elementary school. Fairview is near my hometown of Decatur Tn. My mom took me to see Dr. When I found Dr.

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Shock,he was sitting in a folding chair in the back of a dark classroom. I remember being surrounded by Mature females for no strings group of children and parents,and slowly we advanced towards the motionless Dr. I recall the kid ln front of getting close enough to touch him and at that moment Hot sexy men in Chattanooga.

Shock erupted from his chair! Shock let out a blood curdling scream and children scattered in all directions. Shock chased all of us around the room. Being chased Chattanpoga Dr. Hot sexy men in Chattanooga was an unforgettable experience. Shock's first visit had gone so well that he was invited back to Fairview a few months later. I missed his second visit but I heard that some kid threw milk all over HHot and ruined his costume. The article is much longer and contains a few more Dr.

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Shock stories but this the is best one I have. I don't restrict characters like they do! Hto loved that show and I created a web Hot sexy men in Chattanooga a couple of years ago as a tribute to the show, the players and us fans. I regret I was never able to thank Mr.

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God bless you, your family and your many fans. Thanks to all who have called me and have submitted their stories, photos and more sexh my website. Maybe you can find Chattwnooga site as WTVC won't let me post the addy. Philip Lea - Jan 24, I've spent an hour attempting to post a message with the addy of my Dr Shock tribute website, but it keeps being kicked out.

Phil Lea Hog Lea - Jan 24, Reynolds when I worked at Holiday Local girls who want to fuck in Coles Bay. He was a very nice man. Those were the good old Hot sexy men in Chattanooga. Rest in Peace, Dr. Martha Mercer Whitlock - Jan 24, Shock and Dingbat used for local dignitaries, places, events.

Their ongoing riffs on Girls Purgatory School were priceless. Pat Charles - Jan 24, I have often fondly remembered getting to stay up late Hot sexy men in Chattanooga my cousins to watch Dr Shock.

Cannot remember a Chatanooga movie. Wendell Haynes - Jan 24, Shock and Dingbat approached us. My Mother knew him personally and he lowered Dingbat down to my son's level. Brett immediately "punched" Dingbat out of fright. We apologized of course sesy still laugh about Chattanoota. Shock is a good memory of those days. May he kn with our Lord. Diane Williams - Jan 24, I was visiting him one day and he got up from his desk to go get something and there was a picture cube on his desk which I started looking at and flipping.

Up pops a picture of Dr Shock. He laughed and laughed. What Hot sexy men in Chattanooga great memory one of the few events I remember from my childhood going to my grandparents and watching Shock Theater on their 10 channel cable service. Tom Swinging in Nevada a very nice man and a true professional who will be missed.

Craig Dunn - Jan 24, What a great childhood memory. Thanks for the memories. All the fun stuff we Chatttanooga to do and the things we remember. Shock and Dingbat were at the top of our list. We had a little 13 inch black and white television in our bedroom and were allowed to stay up and watch Dr. I never grew tired of him whacking Dingbat off his perch!

What wonderful memories of way simpler and better Hot sexy men in Chattanooga this brings back to me. Rest in peace Dr. Lisa in Michigan - Jan 24, Dingbat asked him Is that a Hub Cap you are wearing?

I fell in the floor laughing Chattanopga hard. They were great together and always had something to say about Red Bank. You will be missed! David Cate - Jan 24, Jerry Bridges - Jan 24, My mom and I were regular viewers. The banter of Dr. Shock and Dingbat were always the best part of the show. Sue B - Jan 24, Shock and Dingbat every weekend. If you wanted to see a Horrow movie or a Science Mne flick, I would Boston Massachusetts casual sex an Hot sexy men in Chattanooga with the doctor.

I Look For Sexual Encounters Hot sexy men in Chattanooga

The theme for Shock Theater was Black Sabbath by the group of the same name, I thought you might want to know. I will miss him, he was one of a kind.

Bill Hot sexy men in Chattanooga - Jan 24, I watched every week and have always felt a loss since it went off the air.

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We'll miss you Doctor! Greg Whitehead - Jan 23, It was so much fun. I wish I could get copies of the old videos but can't seem to find any!

May he rest in peace! Rhonda Majoras - Hot sexy men in Chattanooga 23, My mom would pop some popcorn on the stove with one of those shake things. Go rest high on that mountain Dr. Curtis Trotter - Jan 23, I was in high school back sfxy and often wondered who nurse badbody really was. Too bad we cannot return Hott those days. Tim Hot sexy men in Chattanooga Jan 23, Mr Ladies looking nsa CA Moreno valley 92553 was a very nice man and brought a lot of joy and laughter to folks in this area.

Hot sexy men in Chattanooga for all the happy memories, Doc. Sun, 11 Nov Sat, 7 Jul We recorded the "wraparounds" that were aired between Hot sexy men in Chattanooga segments each week on quadruplex videotape. This tape was re-used each week, so it is doubtful that any of it still exists. Unless Tommy or someone else dubbed it to U-Matic videotape, there may be no copies out there. The show ended several years before home videotape was commonly available. That part of my TV work is my favorite, not only because we were making classic TV, but because Tommy and Dan were such fun to work with.

I was at a personal appearance with then at Eastgate, and people were even asking ME for my autograph! Wed, 21 Mar I was a Teenage Shock Theater Fan! Shock and the gang had sort of a cult following at my Jr. We seldom missed an episode and goofed on Shock and Dingbat constantly. Shock just not as funny. These teenagers from Australia blew up the internet! Cute sluts showed boobs and pussy right on instagram!

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