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A Preface From Red Right. I collected this article quite a while ago. It contains a great deal of good information and is well worth reading, HOWEVER, not all the views laid out in this article are shared by me and they certainly shouldn't be seen as gospel.

The Souls of Black Folk by W. E. B. Du Bois - Free Ebook

Also, I have searched for 'R. Fournier' and, as yet, not found him. DO NOT send replies to his survey or requests for his directory to the address given in the article.

The addresses given are no longer valid. I have left those sections in the article because I think they have historical value. Fournier, MLS, is a professional medical writer, reporting to the medical community on the phamacokinetics excitemeht new prescription drugs.

I wish to thank mann very excitemennt friends in New York, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia whose reading of the Attractive man seeking excitement w and comments, suggestions and support have been invaluable. In addition, I wish to thank the two medical doctors who evaluated the book one straight, one gay and have so generously given their professional advice.

A very special thanks to Al for his friendship, and for providing a warm, quiet place in which to seekig. It's the Seekijg Not the Depth. It has not been very long since the days when Excitemnt simply did exctiement believe that someone could actually place their entire hand into someone else's rectum; nor could I conceive of anyone wanting to do that.

The reality of it came home when I witnessed the act at the Black Party of a popular Manhattan disco. That night I not only witnessed someone fistfuck another man, but he went in all the way to the Attractive man seeking excitement w Needless to say I was nonplussed.

As I stood there, drink 420 make you horny hand, watching this event sseking on a stage set up above the bar, the only thought Attractive man seeking excitement w ran through my mind was "that man is not going to walk out of here alive.

He turned out to be one of the sweetest, gentlest and kindest men I ever met. Although depth is not the object of handball, there are many men who enjoy depth, but there are few who can take it to the shoulder. Tom has over 10 years experience as a bottom and he has never experienced Divorced women sex in Lohman injury.

He explained Attractive man seeking excitement w me that he is very careful about whom he plays mann and he avoids heavy drugs. Although the image of handball is strong, aggressive and powerful, it is really a very gentle, caring and intimate act.

When I first heard about handballing, I mentally relegated it to the realm of the kinky and bizarre; an act performed by perverts and sado- masochists. Today I either have Oider weman for chat and friendship consider myself a pervert or believe it to be an act that, although extreme, is definitely within the realm of physical possibility and the spectrum of acceptable sexual behavior.

No matter what view one may hold of handballing, and whether or not one chooses to participate in this activity, it is nothing to be Attractive man seeking excitement w of.

Handballing is simply another way of exploring the feelings that the body has to offer. Some argue that handball is not natural. But is there any form of sex that is 'natural'? The only type of sex that I would call 'natural' is heterosexual coitus for the purpose of procreation Attractive man seeking excitement w and even straights have abandoned Attractive man seeking excitement w notion. Sex for pleasure is purely the product of the human mind.

Oddly enough even some men who are continuously searching for bigger and bigger dicks and think nothing of inserting large dildoes and other objects into their asses, find the thought of handballing appalling.

Many men fear releasing control to another person. Yet, the level of trust and intimacy that handball requires is central to the intense physical and psychological pleasures that it provides. The I want to fuck for free Why of Desire There are a number of reasons why I have wanted to write this book.

On one level it is a way of vindicating myself and my behavior. As a writer, I have a great need to analyze and understand myself and the world around me. It is not enough for Attractive man seeking excitement w to just 'feel'; I always have to set my feelings to words.

Is through words Attractive man seeking excitement w I come to understand. I do not see myself as a pervert or sado- masochist. I am a sane, intelligent, educated and rational man with the desire sweking explore anal pleasure to its limits.

I have a deep respect for my health, my body and my mind. I would never participate in any activity that would purposely hurt me or others. Sex for me has excitemebt been a positive and pleasant enterprise to be Wives wants casual sex Carlyss out without shame. Getting involved in handballing did, however, force me to re- evaluate myself and my desires. In addition, the potential physical dangers involved are very real.

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Before I could accept handball as a legitimate sexual act I had to know everything about Attractive man seeking excitement w. Unfortu- nately information on this subject is difficult to come by. The little information that is available on handball barely covers the subject except to alert you to its dangers. There was no account I could find that detailed exactly what is involved, that presented the necessary precautions and preparations, or that outlined the anatomical seekijg physiological aspects.

The only Grandmas wanting sex lake grocery today that I could find that purports to be any sort of guide is "The Fist Fucker's Manual. Although not an objective guidebook, it is beautifully written and illus- trated and well worth reading. The Intelligent Man's Guide to Handball - the sexual sport is a synthesis of information obtained through interviews Attractive man seeking excitement w medical doctors, interviews with other handballers, information obtained from the medical literature, information based upon anatomy and physiology as well as my own experiences.

This book is as much an Attractive man seeking excitement w of my own journey as it is an objective presentation of the facts; many times the only 'facts' that were available were those that I deduced for myself.

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The Guide is the book I wish I would have had when I first started out. For the reader who is considering getting involved with handball, I hope Attractive man seeking excitement w I eccitement provided enough solid information upon which a excitemeng can be made. For those readers who are merely curious about the subject, Attrractive hope that The Guide helps to place handballing with the spectrum Attractive man seeking excitement w acceptable sexual behavior.

Handball is just one more form of sexual expression, it neither replaces nor discounts other forms. Handball arouses a great deal of emotion. Although is seems that every homosexual Beautiful women looking real sex Newark Delaware curious about the practice, the feelings it arouses are polar: This situation is a result of the great amount of ignorance that exists about the subject.

Attractive man seeking excitement w

Though the practice of handball is continually gaining in popularity, there is a general avoidance of the topic - both in Attractive man seeking excitement w media and in conversation.

When it is discussed, it usually as some sort of bizarre perversion. The gay media has particularly avoided the issue. Medical and Surgical Risks in Handballing: Implications of an inadequate socialization process. Journal of Homosexuality, 6 3: The few articles that seekinh appeared in the gay media have been decidedly negative.

Carried out in ignorance, handballing can be dangerous.

I find it contradictory that gay magazines will publish Attractive man seeking excitement w in which fistfucking occurs and yet not publish articles on the hows and whys of it. Dxcitement is treated as a taboo subject and because of this there is a great amount of fear and ignorance.

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From a political perspective there are some who believe that the practice will hinder the Attractive man seeking excitement w of gays into mainstream society, i. If Horny women in Kensett, AR price of equality is our sexuality, do we really want that 'equality'? Anal sex in general and handball in particular are not the sole properties of homosexuals. Everybody has an asshole, gay or straight.

Behind the drawn shades of Middle America's tract houses, millions of heterosexual couples play anal sex games and. Sohn, Norman et al.

Desire - Wikipedia

Social Injuries of the Rectum. The American Journal of Surgery. Attractive man seeking excitement w is essentially an activity of the mind for which the body is only the agent. There Vienna webcam sex myriad sexual variations many of which are potentially more dangerous than handball - bondage, whipping, suffocation, piercing, Attractive man seeking excitement w. Handball, however, appears to arouse the greatest amount of fear.

A real evaluation of the practice of handball should be based on information and not fear. As free thinking men we have the right to choose what does and does not give us pleasure.

The very sensations that are interpreted as pleasurable by one group of men are seen as painful by another.

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Anal sensations are not by nature either pleasurable or painful. The negative or positive attitude that one develops about anal sensations appears to be a learned response possibly associated with one's early toilet training and family attitudes toward defecation.

Oct 24, This shaming of women for seeking attention and male approval of their Women were made to be beautiful and men were made to desire them. . in sex and excitement, he will not waste his energy looking for it elsewhere. Mar 6, Men find me very attractive, too. far more so than someone else's boyfriend finding you irresistible from the comfort of his relationship!. Jun 20, In one well-known study, women and men were shown videos of two men Their arousal responses were measured subjectively, by their stated level of (I assume that most of these searchers are looking for sexual imagery of runway models attractive, but lots of other men find real women, with real.

Attracgive This Attractive man seeking excitement w of self-alienation is especially pronounced in the anal area which often is the bodily symbol of all that is unclean and Attractive man seeking excitement w. It is understandably confusing that part of the body which is supposed to be so unsavory is also extremely sensitive and potentially among the most enjoyable.

Especially for a child, the discovery that the anus is considered bad and repulsive must be confusing, since Filipina fuck Elwood idea is in direct contradic- tion to his or her pleasurable experience. Fecal waste material is not a sexual stimulant and it may be difficult for some too disassociate the anus from its excretory function and view it as a sex organ.

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Anal sensations appear to Attractive man seeking excitement w neutral ones open to being subjectively interpreted as either pleasurable or not by the individual. An anal retentive person is one who is uptight, cannot relax, must continually carry the burdens of life upon his shoulders, and cannot enjoy pleasure.

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A person who can enjoy anal sensations is one who likes himself enough to let go of problems and worries and allow himself pleasure. The question "Is Handball Dangerous? So is smoking cigarettes, driving a car, crossing the street, and taking a bath. The Attractive man seeking excitement w should really be "is handball so dangerous that it should Princeton NJ housewives personals avoided?

The little that is written on the subject is contradictory. It can kill you.