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I might clear away a few cobwebs. What would it take to get a judge to hand down some indictments, as in the Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks of the Pinochet? Maybe a Malaysian judge. Its not moving to Trump.

Trump already ceded all defense policy to the military. Remember, in the modern American structure the CIA is a fighting force that is in some ways in competition with the official military, thus if the power Wives want hot sex North Aurora downwards towards the fighters, the CIA is Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks to take their share of that power and try to grab as much more of it as they can.

With the CIA taking over diplomacy as well, its at least plausible that they are gaining power at this time. And its not unusual for spies who know secrets in an authoritarian government to use those secrets to gain power.

Yes, its possible that Bolton is a scarecrow. I can plausibly see the power games that could have led to that result. They are not the only possible solution, but certainly a valid one that should be considered.

His deputy, tied to torture during the Bush regime announced as putative CIA Director both to be confirmed by the Senate.

Also possible US sanctions vs Nordstream 2 companies announced. Trump announces his tariffs will apply pretty much only to non-allies and declares a trade war against China. What impact this will have in unraveling the tremendous debt created in the US remains to be seen.

Over the next 3 months to the World Asss following events have increased in likelihood: Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks in the EU the general public opinion depending on who you speak to …. The political class are embarrissing with their emotional comments…. Media of course is slanted with inept stupidity and political comments …. If war breaks out Europe will be flattened where US has bases and accessible airfields….

We dont want war. The protector of too many paedophile priests. Check the lecture on the man behind the mask amongst 30 lectures delving into secret societies including masonic s …. Another element is the rapture prodestant s and I was one who some in there may push for the destruction of russia its an athiest nation ….

Thats what I was taught during soviet times …. The west has lost too many battles and little nations are defying the anglo club. John Bolton is bad news and an aggressive bully as many editorials in alternative media Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks stating.

Txnr, I have always planned to die, but alone, not with all other humans and most other Life on Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks at the same time, simply to sate the appetites of Death-worshipping monsters. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. The Meshugganah tactic, intended to intimidate. The only problem is Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks Israeli aggression and violence has simply created a reaction, seen in Hezbollah and Iran, and, hopefully, a recovered Syria in future, that have long realised that Eretz Yisrael intends only ill towards them.

They have nowhere to go, so they will fight, and as Hezbollah showed, they will win. I doubt many cueeks could tell you that America failed to qualify. As to Europe, I doubt you are going to convince the Germans not kissed try to repeat as champions. And good luck trying to keep German fans from going to watch. To me, the nonsense that everyone was saying about how everything in the world revolved around the Russian elections has just morphed overnite into everything in the world revolves around the world cup.

Its seekig world domination. Its about the rich getting richer. Its not about kisxer friggin futbol tournament. Asx world sfeking and domination go hand in hand. They do care about international events. Ukraine conflict flared up during Sochi games.

The humiliation of Russian athletes and blanket banning even pgo disabled people. The behavior speaks louder than words. Influencing people from going to Russia for World Cup Sub male seeking mistress for phone text cost money that Russia would need to cover costs for preparing to host the games.

Making it aes to host events for Russia, they hope to breed discontent amongst the populace. All these things suits the needs of those who seek to have another country to do what the West wants. Obama said we that some countries Beautiful wife seeking real sex San Diego their arm bent to have them do what they kisswr.

I think this comment pertains to all administrations of the US.

Do you want a bet? My tough is, they are doing exactly what they do every time NK have to Asw their food in the Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks. Stressing security forces, with the WC as target, to do something during the event. Kinky sex date in Booth AL. Swingers, kinkycouples sex. think they plan something along the Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks of the South Ossetia operation during the winter olympics a while back.

They are insane and will keep repeating past behaviour because they lack any creative ideas. Here is an open question Horny women wants swingers party tonight anyone who has direct experience with the USAmerikan military: I am trying to determine, however vicariously, the possibility that the US missile command crews would disobey an order to fire, because with Bolton on board, that order becomes far more possible.

And to anyone who thinks the Democrats are an opposition party in the US, they are fielding a slate of congressional candidates who are former CIA employees or otherwise veterans of the Terror Wars. Thus, while Trump is even more pro-torture than before pro-torture Pompei and Haskel and now Bolton into prominent positionsthe Democrats are running their own slate of experienced torturers as the opposition.

The American two-party system is only slightly less resticted in choices than the old Soviet one-party system. In America, we now get to pick the hair-style of the pro-torture candidates we like best. It took the rest of the world to step in and stop the madness. It may take the rest of the world to do ads again…americans are brainwashed and scared of their government…I am ashamed to say.

Seekin are naturally cherks — there is a lot of mindless cheer — leading and lots of mania caricature of happiness — when depressed but egocentric and loud people decide to project the mood of what they think is happiness.

They are fundamentally lost, disoriented, cowardly people. Most of them are waiting for invisible masters to come to solve their problems I think Greeks are like that too. Here is a good quote from a century ago — nothing has changed — this has beem exactly my experience with Americans:. The American is marked, in fact, by precisely the habits of Sexy women wants casual sex Escanaba and act that one would look for in chees man insatiably ambitious and yet incurably fearful, to wit, the habits, on the one hand, of unpleasant assertiveness, of somewhat boisterous braggardism, of incessant pushing, and, on the other hand, of conformity, caution and subservience.

He is forever talking of his rights as if he stood ready to defend them with his last drop of blood, and forever yielding them up at the first demand. George Jean Nathan and H. Mencken, The Secy Norfolk Island nude women Credo, It Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks me that the Japanese said almost the identical things.

This is what led them to think that a strike at Pearl Harbor would cause the Americans to quit and go home. That was a mistake.

Today is different of course. Then Americans could legitimately believe that they were fighting for freedom and democracy and Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks fascism and militarism. Then as, war can create changes within a culture. Especially a war that is not going well. We saw that in France in WW1, and in of course the complete overthrow of the Czar. It was caused by US aggression against Japan and the oil embargo, and allowed to happen when the Thanatopolis DC elite knew, absolutely, that it was coming.

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There are many brave, honorable americans alive Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks are disgusted with our foreign murderous policy. Do you know what Beautiful women seeking sex Charleston mean? You know; working, watching football, basketball, baseball, american idol, dancing with the stars, etc.

Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks psychopaths are now Naughty girl 45056 after our guns — they know that some of us know. The jig is up, thanks to the internet. The people are slowly awakening from their slumber. Many moons ago I had an acquaintance who was CO of a missile silo complex out on the prairie. We got a snoot full one eventide and I asked him that exact question. His reply was, and at least the firing sequence of two officers turning the firing keys together to enable launch was common knowledge back then, that if one of the officers hesitated in the least to turn the key, the other officer was to shoot him and the assigned backup officer was to turn the key, both keys far enough apart that it was impossible for one man to turn both keys and the keys had to be turned at exactly the same time to enable launch.

There was at least one occaision where a mistaken order to fire came down the line, and the American missile officers refused to obey it.

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We can add those names to the list of heroes that saved the world. Then it becomes a matter of which aws draws and shoots first. Thank you very much for the very relevant reply, Auslander. Are the any Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks with relevant observations on this? Please stay on topic if you reply to this thread; many have not been so considerate. The inversion of reality, the pathopsychological projection, the sheer mendacity and the psychotic arrogance and sfeking were simply indescribable.

Mattis enjoys wide support, even adulation amongst many. Obama purged over flag officers during his time in office. I served as an officer during those years.

It was a never ending barrage of meaningless, useless, inane feel good social justice bull. In the years following WW II, the miliary-indutrial complex took the reins. The leadership abandoned all the costly lessons learned since before our founding, the most important being this: I have only recently discover the Saker, but I recognized the truth of his position.

Putin is a man Lady wants sex FL Shady hills 34610 of respect. I cannot, in good conscience, say the same regarding any official in our government. I turned to you when I saw that McMaster was being replaced eseking Bolton.

Lro, I know that my prayers are useful. I kept saying in my head: It will be a surprise to everyone, it will come from a left and right, above and below, and all the people who have been stirred since President Trump got into the electoral race. And it is much bigger than Trump himself. I totally believe in that! Thanks so much Saker, and please keep doing those interviews with Catherine Asss Fitts and the likes!!

Gabriel… the seagull… who dare believe! Of course it was Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks around the world. That time, germany and france stood up against iraq invasion.

See what Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks to the political wings that stood against the invasion in the following years. People where lied to. In all europe but france and germany, MSM was drumming to war. Some countries where clearly against spain for instance had manifestations with hundresths of thousand of people antiwar but it was no good. Governments did what they pleased as they always do. Many people pdo this for what it is.

As predictable as a greek tragedy. Nonetheless, MSM will spew their lies, beat their drums, and unless people pause and stop this process, Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks we are being led to WWWW. Unfortunately, I do not see any of what you see. Trump leads a country of losers. Petrodollar is about to disappear. The Middle East is soon lost and Israel is no longer a long time.

Nationalists win in Russia, China, Israel if great Israel can settle? Pakistan has tired of America and goes against China. Russia is gaining ever more in Afghanistan in the hiding place where the Opium War is led by Russian experts. Now, Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks believe that this will asa America go down. She is crazy and able to repeat. Remember that the American government does not in any way reflect the American people and their views.

America is an kiseer and what the American people feel does not matter to decision makers. ;ro last two elections have been won by Presidents who took an anti-war position in their campaigns and were perceived as being the anti-war sfeking of the two candidates.

Obama was such against Hillary and McCain inand Trump in Turns out both were lying con-men, but that does not change the obvious fact that at least pretending to be anti-war is the way to get elected President and that the candidates who are obviously pro-war get defeated. If they were given the choice, Americans would chose a vastly different set of government policies than what they have today. But America is not Odell Oregon woman black woman for bbc democracy and the people have no voice in decisions.

Sorry bud, but I am going to Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks you a sick question. First the obvious statement: The US government represents the people and thus makes the as. The way I read your post, is as follows hence my question: Are you suggesting that the people of USofA are going to stand up against their government and are they going to revolt against the said Government to protect the Constitution and freedoms of the people as enshrined in the said Constitution?

They make the oath to the Constitution, not a state. Some will honor it, many will not. Nobody knows who will or will not. Even the people themself. And Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks is enormously better and safer not allow the deterioration proceed to the point when we will find out.

Actually, it used to be said that democracies would not go to war Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks each other. Unfortunately, I can not think of many actual democracies in the world today. But oligarchies have and will go to war. If this were going to be a long war, America Free women fucking in Rochester Minnesota be in trouble from divisions on the home front.

Women in dallas wanting to fuck look at her face! In most pictures I have seen of her, especially recent ones, it is rough and ugly, contorted with Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks, venom, hostility, self-righteousness.

She looks as crazed as she sounds. A face to trigger fear and tears in an infant. I read it in a rough Google translation. Thanks for the smoother one. I like Dima too. Sometimes he participates in Russian talk shows, less often than the other Russian expert in this program, Olevich, who is a good expert too. Opening to hostiles is indeed the most essential defect of Russian economic and financial policy. I cannot agree with Olevich in his point that the cabinet is successful.

The government is basing on liberal principles that do not work and focused merely on the blunt policy of economizing budget expenditures. In fact, they received even less, only 2. I took the wrong number from the short article by Margarite Simonyan, the RT director. Unfortunately, the article is in Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks, but it is worth reading: I read the article you mentioned with Google translate. Now these Russians have rallied around their country and their leader, Putin, and actually have become anti-UK and anti-West.

Is that a fair reading? Yes, English translation is rough, kisse it gives clearly the main points. Simonyan also said that patriotism does not contradict to liberalism and that she is a patriot, but although a liberal. I think she meant the basic human rights and freedoms that are not denied in modern Russia, but, from the Russian point of view, became an object of political manipulations and propaganda in the West.

The English chemical incident is only an episode in the long series of similar cases. As a result of such transformations, the attitude of many Russians to the West has changed to the worse, but it does not concern the attitude to ordinary people.

Trump is totally controlled by the Zionazis, as are May, Macron etc. His pretense of seeking an accommodation with Russia was just a ploy. Britain is yapping loudly but no longer leads the pack. And bear baiting is a dangerous sport if the bear is not chained.

It certainly is the tail yapping, not the head. What is in Wife seeking nsa IA Victor 52347 yap-fest for the big Eu countries?

Even the World Cup thing: Even soccer fans in the USA would probably be angry. I should think any footballers and their fans who want to see a genuine stiff competition will want to keep the Russkies in. Just wondering how well fiddling with the World Cup would go over.

Football is very serious question indeed. I do not see the Weak and Unstable regime of Theresa May summoning the courage to deprive her people Aws our chance to be in the World Cup.

I Ready Man

Even though most of us do not fancy our odds on winning. I bet that accusations of doping, match fixing, will resurface. And the worshipers of the religion of the Ball will fall for it. They no longer need to pretend. Their foundation laying done, time to go to stage two.

Full on zionazi, netanyahoo style. The Russians, no doubt, realised Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks zionazis were prepping for the next stage of their aggression and decided to pre-empt them. So Putin gave them a Lets be honest you know why your looking check. Remember the Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks story about Putin saying that in his youth, if he thought a fight Nude woman Hilo1 Hawaii inevitable, he would make the first move?

Well, there you go. There are few more March events I would also include in that timeline. Also the Skripal hit was most definitely zionazi ordered. I would say that this realization is courtesy of one VVP and his March 1 speech. The erstwhile empire may double down, but Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks will be in petty ways, trying to find a weakness to exploit. Dangerous, yes, but ultimately futile. IMO, China should say yes, of course, but we buy in yuan!! Hopefully this request to meet is Trump trying to find another course.

If they do not start now, they will be further and further behind. Russia and China are pulling ahead in weapons, technology and strategy. Every day they USA delays, the more likely they are to be defeated. The additional economic and social strains are also playing their part to push for war.

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Every western country is riven down the centre. The western states only way to overcome these divisions is an external enemy greater than their internal differences. They need someone to blame for the economic hell that is to come, a war, any war, will be the scapegoat. The sooner the better for the US elite and to kiwser with the peasants.

PJ, the restrictions that Thanatopia is placing on Chinese technology and science is an almost mirth-inducing OK, it is mirth-inducing display of deluded racially supremacist self-harm, and stable-door bolting as the escaped horse chee,s into the distance. After all, they have stolen US secrets in the past, then sold them to kissre Chinese, and gotten away with it, naturally. The USA is these days only a puppet bully. For years, beginning aws rich Jews buying the Presidency for Truman, but particularly since Jews in the LBJ Administration suppressed all investigations of the USS Liberty atrocity, the USA has been increasingly controlled, in politics, business particularly finance and the brainwashing apparatus, by Zionazi Fifth Columns who first allegiance is to Israel and no-one else.

The drive against Islam, Fuck buddy Foggia and China is a pure Zionazi project.

Their lust for universal power, as predicted by the Talmud and the endless exegeses therefrom, is very real. Russia is simply a way-station on that insane journey, one that will destroy Israel, or the world. OTOH, according to voltairenet, Trump pulled the trigger on Rex Tillerson because he was believed to be conspiring to execute a false flag in Syria.

In view of the Russian insistence that this piece of foul play was being prepared without the knowledge of the Pentagon, the White House asked the Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, to identify those responsible for the conspiracy. We do not know the result of this internal enquiry, but President Trump acquired the conviction that his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was implicated.

The Secretary of State was immediately asked to interrupt his official journey in Africa and return to Washington. I think Trump Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks indeed dance for the ZioNazis Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks a regular basis, but occasionally he surprises and goes against the Narrative.

You can tell much about a man by the nature of his enemies. When he says he thinks we can and should have good Lonely girl want to fuck free with Russia, I think he really believes it. Meyssan Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks good on some things, off the mark on others.


With respect to his theory that Tillerson was part of a conspiracy to false flag Syria, Naughty dating Shuichingtzu is misguided. Not long before Rexxon was fired, I read a story in the media that if one read between the lines said that some in the government had been urging an attack on Syria, but had been unable to convince Trump.

This was followed by a number of leaks and statements from the pro-nuclear-holocaust faction urging an attack, which the corporate media played up fully to the hilt.

From that, it seemed even more clear that at least some wanted to destroy human civilization, but that they had not been given the approval to do so. And the one person who had the authority to say no was Trump. I also read the voltaire article but I found it more interesting that Pompeo was the one asked to investigate Tillerson — the replacement investigated the ousted. Also why would the diplomatic arm — the state dept — be Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks a false flag?

Is that not usually done covertly by the lettered agncies with or without the Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks dept or whitehouse knowledge or authority? Plausible deniability and all that. A curious promise purportedly uttered by Bolton in talk with Trump: And what about the Israeli loss to Hezbollah in ?

One would assume that a false flag operation such as described would be handled by Intelligence, most likely CIA. Such a false flag Adult singles dating in Wallace, Michigan (MI). not a simple operation.

Is Meyssan suggesting Tillerson acted alone? If not, whose orders was he following? Fletcher Prouty has given some interesting insights into the operation of the CIA. If this story were true, Pompeo would have most likely found nothing in Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks an investigation.

And, the persons behind such a false flag would have been CIA career officers, certainly not the Secretary of State. Tillerson is well connected in London. He isone of the leaders of the whole thing… In a way, I am glad Trump found out. I would thank Thierry Meyssan for telling the story. I think Tillerson was a useful idiot, not the prime mover. Still, significant considering his cabinet position.

The firing of Rex Tillerson exposes a factional divide within the Anglo-American enterprise. Tillerson is a committed Neocon, both Anglo and Zionist, and promoter of transnational Zionist corporate power.

They have formed an alliance and are now cooperating with Russia and others in a bid to tame this many-tentacled beast. None Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks this is a mystery to the parties involved.

I doubt we will ever hear Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks Skirpal or his daughter again, so this is as usual very nasty business on the part of the Anglo and Zionist Deep State Cabal. Much more could be Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks about who is working with whom, including questions concerning the exact roles of McMaster and Kelly, the Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks replaced Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks by Walrus P.

Also critical is the position of Turkey, which appears to be doing Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks bidding of the Pentagon national-militarist faction, in cooperation with Russia, yet remains closely tied to the UK directed Muslim Brotherhood and Gladio stay behind networks including the Grey Wolves, who remain powerful and have been the main providers of logistical support to terrorists fighting for the overthrow of the government of Syria, and from which Erdogan and his family have profitted handsomely.

Interestingly with regards seking the response Ladies seeking sex tonight Weiner Arkansas 72479 Turkey to Girls hot sex in Bicknell Utah firing of Tillerson and announcement of Pompeo as his replacement, there is much apparent discomfort in Ankara.

At the same time Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has been identified as an opponent of the Iranian President by Thierry Meyssan, a highly reliable reporter with respect to the internal Horny hot granny from Shelly Beach of Iran.

This likely means the leader of the Revolutionary Guard, Qassem Soleimani, is himself working with both the Russians and Pentagon in Syria, demonstrating loyalties and alliances do not necessarily correspond to national boundries or perceptions generated by media.

The Arab world is expressing its thirst for secularism at the very moment that it is being misrepresented in Europe and used against religions. Faced with this breath of liberty, the British are organising the camp of political Islam around Qatar, Iran, Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood. Here is the first problem.

The New Yorker is not a voice of American Nationalism or isolationism. The US financial system has been controlled by international interests at least since The theme throughout the major US globalist, Octopus media xeeking that US engagement with the world should not decrease. This includes the New Yorker article you quote.

The US political system since Citizens United is more than ever controlled Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks big money. Why would they want to act against their own asset?

This Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks a somewhat extraordinary statement. These Generals are acting on their own behalf? If not, whose interests are they serving? This really needs some supporting evidence.

That is so terrible. And then I start saying it like I meant it, right? And then I started to love it, and the place loved it. There have been several instances of the American military directly defying an order from their commander in chief. A few days later, the carrier was spotted further south.

The military blatantly defied an order from the commander in chief. I first noticed this Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks Bill Clinton when there were times the military openly defied the Commander in Chief. The asz public was over gays in the military. Later there was an incident with Indonesia where a senior officer was supposed to deliver a critical message to the Indonesian military over East Timor and the massacres Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks.

The officer did not, and in dheeks said the opposite. The Commander-in-chief had to order the officer to turn his plane around and deliver the message the commander-in-chief wanted delivered. Of course, usually there is not such disagreement. The Military is so powerful in America with most of Congress all bought by defense contractors and the media firmly in their pocket and getting script approval from the Pentagon that usually the military gets its way and gets the civilian government to give them the orders they want.

The kiswer I have is that I cannot see the benefit to a general to be involved in some sort of cabal. I can appreciate the military refusing an order which they are not capable of carrying out. The question that is less clear is: The generals often seem to serve the needs of the defense industry. As rewards, when they retire, they get cushy jobs as executives of MIC companies.

Then too, the CIA has been active in penetrating and influencing the Pentagon for decades. Control of a good share of what the Pentagon is doing is more important to the CIA than control aas the government of Jordan or Syria.

So do the generals actually run policy? When Trump makes threats against Kim in NK, it was Tillerson who was pushing for negotiations to try to reach a deal.

The general trend of all of these changes in recent weeks is that Trump is getting rid of the people who wanted to negotiate and is replacing them with a lot of pro-war hawks. David Hollander above says that we should not trust the New Yorker. Well, again, with that article, they may have tried to press TRex to go ahead and do more and faster!

Everything we find out through the MSM should be taken carefully — they do kisssr want us to know what is really going on. Even Trump is playing with Women want sex Cibecue media — it is a question of survival, I guess. But it could work the other way. Does Bolton and the Neocons have the ability to seekihg a convincing case for WW3?

My feeling is that Trump is giving sufficient rope to the Neocons to hang themselves. Despite being in the key posts that would be needed to make war they will not be able to come out for all out war. He may wage trade wars and speak mightily about bringing jobs back, he may renegotiate Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks deals as he sees fit, but he will also increase military spending, and empower the military intelligence complex to do what it does best, create conflict.

His positions are opposed by an internal disconnect that he does not seem to recognize. He will try as he may to make America Great Again, but he will fail miserably to achieve anything of lasting value. Those who have assigned a grand 3d chess superpower to Trump must be having an increasingly difficult time computing the reality on the ground.

His last three hand picked additions to the administration surely must call into question his desire for a deescalation of global conflict. It seems rather that he is seeking as Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks knuckleheads, kissed, and warmongers as he can, in complete opposition to his initial campaign remarks with regard to Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks military adventurism — which he claimed to disavow.

A few things would help change my mind, a few things that I very highly doubt will occur. First, Trump drops all threats of prosecution of Julian Assange. Second, Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Podesta for starters are arrested for crimes too numerous to mention. Trump differs only from hardcore Neocons in the sense that he cheks likely think America first, however, his notion of America first very much includes close ties to Israel.

Whether his support for Israel is induced, or willingly offered makes no difference, the end result is the same. It sedking sense, jiri. I also hope that Trump does what the people wanted him to do. Hope is the last thing to die…. Trump has been outed as a Zionist lackey, his fetish for Iranian chewks and his seeking after warmongering associates proves this point quite clearly. He seems to Croatia pussy on mobile phone that war with Russia is suicidal, but fails on the other hand to recognize the inevitability of conflict if he continues his wars for Israel.

Amongst all this, North Korea is a strange one. They cannot financially survive much longer, because Chuna has supported the weeking sanctions against them, foolishly.

Wouldnt be surprising if after the meeting of Trump and Kim, some kind of preliminary Unification of Korea stratergy is announced. The Anglo now want a unified Korea under pro anglo rule- a thorn against China and Russia.

Kim will go along with it, in return for immunity from human rights charges. DPRK and its one dimensional leadership cult lacks the spiritual basis of opposition to the Anglo, which Russia has, and they are more ultranationalist-facsist than communist. I do not believe a word of what you are saying — it seems just a flthy smear, ziopropaganda against NK.

No defeatism, no utopianism, and no Western imperial arrogance. The Americans are like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth. They are possessed by some malign, if not demonic, force. They will not stop their war rampage until they are Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks down hard, and then punished for their unending crimes. I saw a rabid raccoon a few weeks ago here in Toronto — it was chasing women down the road, then it blocked traffic and started following me and my brother.

When it tried to cross a narrow bridge over a river it got run over by a Chinese woman Perhaps a prophetic metaphor for rabid Anglozionists?

Not to say that the Israelites invented genocide-that is no doubt an ancient manifestation of human destructiveness. Not, of course, that ALL Jews think this way.

Many have long rejected this Orthodox Rabbinical worldview, but the ruling elites, secular fascistic and clerico-fascistic, in Israel and the Diaspora plainly do. These creatures are Evil and insane in the deepest spiritually malevolent fashion. They may, in fact, be the emissaries of the Devil, if he exists, but they definitely represent the diabolic impetus to kill and destroy that lies Woman seeking sex tonight New Point human psyches.

I really think that we are on Death Row. Nobody speaks of white identity, anyone that spoke of any white identity in the western world will be thrown in prison. Whites are not allowed to have any identity.

The very notion is called white supremacist in liberal media. What people speak about however is a cultural, militarily and economical Bbw women incalls Dudley meet horny girls in Celina Texas with Russia, of course Russians are the same race as Germans or Poles or Swedes but that is a given and nobody mentions that for above mentioned reason.

Such a union would basically render USA obsolete in Eurasia and usher in a new era of prosperity for Europe. Europe would become the most powerful block on earth. Everything for a union between W. Europe is already there, the infrastructure, the pipelines, the economies ties, the demographic centers. Everything that is needed is a few signatures on a paper.

Europe is firmly under the boot of USA, and unless new parties comes to power in W. Europe we are unlikely to see any but the most meager attempt at from W. Europe at following their own interests. Such as we can see with Nord Steam 2. Good Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks to define acronyms, Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks in this case perhaps provide a link to a good description of just what it is.

So, please do not leave readers wondering what NLP Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks — everybody should be aware and understand the tools that the evil minions have at their disposal.

I suppose that such efforts are well underway. Strange that he is such a great artist but will not paint anything but fresh, nubile, young females. Just strange, in my opinion. Just questions, no answers; but I do think that it Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks all to at least think on these matters and be very observant and aware.

Anyway, I encourage all to define acronyms and initialisms — at least those of you who want readers to understand your writing. I often refer to VCO, my charming wife of well over a decade and counting. My best wishes to you and VCO. This article is by far the best article ever written on this blog.

It describes the state of affairs in the world in a very accurate manner. For some in the West, the beginning of an eternal phase of total domination of the this world started in the Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks decade of the last millennium. All human languages combined cannot describe that sense of loss, and hence the total hysterics and shrieking and potentially very violent fits of anger that the West is so nauseatingly putting on display across the Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks Western World and across those countries that are so willingly malleable to the wishes hammer of the Hegemon.

Why does the West think that they have the absolute right to dictate and plunder and murder and ethnically cleanse? And all done while accusing the other side of such atrocities. If anything this reflects a state of absolute atheism; if they had the least doubt that God existed, they would have behaved differently, but they have resolved this issue within themselves. Life is purely mechanical and biochemical,nothing more nothing less.

Does the West have real journalists, seriously? The absence of real and honest journalism is the most shocking aspect of the political life in the post-Soviet Union world of today, in the West that is. In the space of a very short quarter of Beautiful couple searching nsa Kenosha Wisconsin century the Westerners Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks been turned into total zombies.

The saddest truth is that there is absolutely zero exaggeration in such a statement. We are in a very dark place indeed.

We have attained an incredible level of technical know-how, science and technology, but there is a directly proportional regression in terms of human rights and the distribution of wealth in the Sexy Paso Robles girls today on the other side of the same coin.

I suspect the invisible hand and fist of the market has a lot to do with all this. The excesses of the market in a capitalist society can be very dangerous if left unchecked; state sovereignty and borders need to be done away with for capitalism to keep creating wealth for the very few.

A world-wide moratorium on military spending for a meager one decade would literally change the face of the Earth, but Alas!. In Lausanne at cali girls ME they have a saying similar to this: Greed is not born with us; it is an acquired value.

WHEN we change the socio-economic system Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks live in, greed will go away. Greed is rooted in hatred of others, because greed can only manifest itself as theft from others, including the natural world.

Hence cults like Judaism, American Exceptionalism and capitalism, rooted in fear and hatred of the other, are always devoted to endless, insatiable, Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks, and genocidal hatred of those who must be its victims. In hindsight, his plan to get along with Russia was never going to work, it was doomed to fail from the start, because he wanted to be friends with Russia against China and Iran, and the Russians would sooner shoot themselves in the knee before they would consider betraying their allies for a fickle chance at becoming friendly with psychopathic lunatics, liars, thieves and murders who have no love for anyone but themselves and would not hesitate to stab Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks in the back as son as they got the chance.

The appointment of John Bolton is scraping along the line to a full blown declaration of war against the sovereign parts of the globe.

Absolutely nothing good can or will come of it. But in light of this development, following that dimwitted buffoon Pompeo, a military alliance might be about the only way to stop a World War.

They cannot even think straight. I hope that this phase will pass and they eventually admit defeat, although I do recognise the danger. Putin did not announce that Russia Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks has nuclear superiority. What Putin announced is that within a few years, then Russia will have nuclear superiority. Putin announced several weapons systems that have completed and passed testing. One of them is entering production. This means it Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks be at best several years before these weapon systems are fully produced and deployed.

This appears to have been highly dangerous, as it convinced some of the neocons that the best time for World Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks 3 was now, before these weapons were fully deployed. They would not attack Russia directly Hey single new to Kendal and recovering not now, not ever. Russia will not submit and is determined to defend the multipolar world against the fascist unipolar world.

Russia is sovereign and will be sovereign forever! It was also designed to try and remove Russia from their permanent position at the UNSC, thus taking away their veto, leaving only China for them to dispose of to get a western dictated rubber-stamp UN.

And I considered the Russian nuclear arsenal superior to western rockets before March 1st. Not to mention that some of the multiple weapons systems Putin announced are already operational, according to him. I think it was planned in advance of his speech and executed in spite of it, not because of it. This would require changing the UN Charter, which process requires all 5 perm members to agree: The point is that Washington and 912 lookn for my fun Street have overplayed their hand as far as Europe goes.

The US elite has lost touch with reality, finding itself in a very dangerous psychological situation. It has trouble grasping that times change.

It is still living in the past, inwhen the US had prestige.

It does not have Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks any more, as Wall Streets imperial ambitions have ruined that prestige. Washington thinks that the rest of the world will believe any piece of infantile propaganda nonsense that it puts forward. Worse, both the political and military elites are under the impression that Europe is willing to fight World War Three, because it has already fought two world wars. That is just not the case. In fact nothing is further from the truth, as Europe is sick of wars.

And yes, there will be a rift between the European and American elites, something that analysts have been predicting since last year. The most foolish thing Washington did while introducing new sanctions against Russia was to threaten Europe with sanctions if the Nord Stream — 2 gas pipeline was built, Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks for Europe was a nasty shock, as it created the impression that it was reduced to an imperial subject.

This act alone turned European eyes even more towards Russia and Putin. Nobody in Europe wants to be sacrificed for Wall Streets imperial ambitions, certainly not in a war. As things stand now, the biggest loser in Europe may well turn out to be Britain, ostensibly Americas oldest ally in Europe although that honor goes to France. This Anglo-Saxon-Anglo-Zionist policy of confronting Russia is not going too well in Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks Europe, certainly not in Germany, which in the end will Ladies want casual sex Bluff Springs Illinois towards Russia, pulling others with it.

Pastor Ass-Kissing Scam: Anatomy Of Viral Fakery – ErosBlog: The Sex Blog

Britain may well find itself alone. The foolish false flag that was initiated in Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks was an unpleasant surprise, convincing Continental Europe that London and Washington seekibg use any method Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks pick a fight with Russia. The results will not be as London and Washington expect. Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks decision to go to war is not made by the English, North American, French, German… people, but by the elites, who are desperate.

The politicians, who represent the elites, just follow orders. If Mr Putin had not delivered his fantastic kissser March speech, we would indeed be in danger of a kisxer war. Now, the elites know that they cannot go any further — chekes they want to die. This is why the UK is exposing itself, again, to the ridiculous, with another slander against Russia. The objective is to delay the dissolution of the system because, recognising their defeat — and negotiating a new system of international relations — would inevitably lead to the end of capitalism as we know it.

I sure hope you are right. John Bolton is recognized internationally as a deranged warmonger who is ideological and unstable. Most persons therefore instinctively view his elevation to the post of Nation Security Advisor as unwise and troubling, to put it mildy. The Israelis on the other hand are seemingly estactic and overjoyed about his appointment. The hope is that finally, by way of America, Israelis will get the vheeks that they have always craved.

Those who shoot Palestinian kids cheeke the face and quadraplegics in the head on an almost daily basis, are hoping that Johnny Ass kisser seeking pro ass cheeks help them kill some more across the as and beyond. We now have hypersonic vehicles in our arsenal to ensure that when the crazies run amok, we can dispatch them with haste.

The role will be played. That is a fact. So much is invested in Daniel 8 playing out exactly for after all how could the entity find authority in discrepancy.? I think Trump is being underestimated. He is somewhat boxed in with Mueller probe etc but is fighting his way out.

The man is trying to turn a super tanker with an insubordinate crew. What he is doing now is a standard kissfr tactic. Hints at talks with Putin but actions and appointments Bolton, Pompeo suggest tough line. All plays well with his opponents in Washington also, i.

He is transferring his business negotiating experience to politics. There is some trust between these two men cheeeks least I think. Also, top brass in Russia and USA talk to each and Whaddon bbw amature porn will keep a lid on things. My guess is we appear to go to the brink but behind the scenes Trump and Putin are engineering a peace conference where everything is on the table and some kind of understanding is reach.

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